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'Souls Assemblage Community Soul: Jan 2013, Feb 2014 Spotlight Soul: Vesper Oct 2011, Feb 2016; Loki Apr 2015; Vicira Sep 2017 SoSuWriMo Champ 2012 - 2018! Collector of Skulls
  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Indiana
  • Birthday: 24 May 1993
  • Joined: 31 August 2011
  • Primary: Vicira Tears
  • If you need something, just ask. I'm a member of the 'Souls Assemblage and a leader of Inferni -- I'm glad to help.

PM — Vicira Tears

  • PM communication is preferred for official correspondence (e.g. commission and adoption inquiries) and other important, "concrete" things that I might need to refer back to!
  • Please try to give your PM a descriptive subject so I can find it among the clutter!
  • If I haven't responded to a PM within ~3 days, please give me a poke on Discord or PM me again.

Discord — Raze#2688

  • Discord is strongly preferred for chatting, quick questions, reminders, and plotting. Most matters can be discussed over Discord; I'll let you know if I prefer a PM!
  • I often mute Discord, so DM me or @ me if you want a quicker response!
  • If I am "available" and don't respond, I am likely away from the computer; I have a bad habit of forgetting to log out.


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  1.   1.  Characters
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    2.   1.2  Inactive
    3.   1.3  NPCs
    4.   1.4  NPCs
  2.   2.  RP Info
    1.   2.1  Plot & Thread Requests
    2.   2.2  Assumptions
    3.   2.3  Replies and Speeds
    4.   2.4  Archival
    5.   2.5  Other Preferences
  3.   3.  Catacombs
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RazeThePostman by Songbird!! ♥

My name is Raze, and I'm addicted to 'Souls (seriously, I have no life)! I'm most well known for being a friendly if awkward staff member, stinky coyote leader, and player of tons of characters! ;> I tend to focus on developing my several characters throughout years of play, while giving them plenty to angst about, of course!

I'm an Indiana college student in my mid-twenties, specializing in front-end web development and working part-time as a dog bather! I have been roleplaying various critters since 2005; I've been a member of 'Souls since late 2011. My hobbies and interests include creative writing, video games (Okami, Skyrim, Zelda, Pokémon, Final Fantasy), drawing, photography, fantasy novels, amateur bird-watching, and collecting skulls!

In real life, I am a very shy person, but I'm far more outgoing online. I'll probably ramble to you someday about my pack of Shih Tzus or complain about my cold hands! I also love to talk about 'Souls, so if you like babbling about characters and plots, hit me up! I'm also glad to answer questions and brainstorm ideas. In addition to giving 'Souls advice, I'm always happy to lend an ear if someone has other issues to discuss -- or just wants to chat.

1.  Characters

1.1  Active



1.2  Inactive

Retired Characters

Future Characters



1.3  NPCs

1.4  NPCs




Cour des Miracles





  • Bark: horse NPC of Lowry. Adopted by Micah after Lowry's death.
  • Hen Wen: pig NPC of Lowry. Adopted by CdA after Lowry's death.
  • Gypsy, Fern: horse NPCs of Wayne. Departed with him.
  • Umut: horse NPC of Levent. Departed with him.

2.  RP Info

2.1  Plot & Thread Requests

  • Feel free to ask for threads always! I might say no if I'm busy, but we can work something out. :)
  • I'm happy to discuss plots through any medium, though I prefer fast-paced brainstorming and hashing out details over Discord, and concrete plans and links over PM.
  • I use flexible thread dating -- you don't have to check with me to date a thread!

2.2  Assumptions

  • I am rarely opposed to OOC endings, pre-thread assumptions, long-term assumptions, etc. Discuss this with me!
  • I am okay with some OOC assumptions; check my individual characters' pages for specifics. Anything out of the ordinary, please contact me first. This includes NPCs, though I am more flexible with some.

2.3  Replies and Speeds

  • Replies may take less than a week or up to two weeks. If I'm slower, check to see if I'm on absence!
  • Gentle, polite reminders or "pokes" to reply to or start a thread are okay after a week has passed.
  • Contact me if you need me to prioritize a thread (e.g., rank or plot threads).
  • I am sometimes open for sprees and prefer to coordinate sprees over Discord. It doesn't hurt to ask me to spree a thread, ever!

2.4  Archival

  • I prefer to start wrapping up some threads if they are more than two months old.
  • If I start a private thread and you haven't made a first reply after two weeks, I will mark it AW.
  • I am not keen on grave-digging archived threads unless they are relatively fresh and/or important to a plot or rank.

2.5  Other Preferences

  • I write shorter posts (~150-300 words) on average. I have no preference on what I receive.
  • Minor powerplay to move a thread along (walking to follow someone, nonviolent touches, etc., within the grounds of realism and reason) is always acceptable. Other forms of powerplay may be allowed on a case by case basis. If you're unsure, contact me!
  • I prefer that you do not use graphic tables. I will ask you to change your table if it's hard for me to read (e.g., poor contrast, tiny font size).
  • I am fine with mature threads and plots. However, for sexually explicit threads, I sometimes prefer fade to black. Additionally, I am not interested in rape plots.
  • I will play Preybot!
  • I will play LASKY, usually canon threads with NPCs. However, I am notoriously bad about remembering LASKY threads and might need poked.

3.  Catacombs

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4.  Guestbook

I did not have one of these before? <_______< Now people can throw things at me, yay!

  • The other half of my bob-tailed OTP~ <3 Ketsuki
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    • You know what's cooler than being cool? Being Raze! - Shann
      • birb's favorite human ♥ - Shann
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    • icanseeyoubreathingdearie - Gen
      • you really are some kind of wiki wizard o___o
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  • You joined on my birthday... It's like we're connected! - Kite
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  • why have i not signed this?? raze thank you for the pebbles but i raise you a small army of husky puppies ~ Ann
  • Officially one of my favorite people ever. <3 ~ Dread
  • SUN SHINING UP ABOVE YOOOOOOOU, something something something TELL YOU I LOVE YOUUUUUUU... Something something. ~ Kiki
  • Razemaster is full of kind things to say!! But don't let her near your NPCs, she might squish ‘em with a house! :P ~ Daniel
  • You filthy gay vandalizing wife of mine D:< how dare you!!!!! - Gen
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