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Quick Reference

  • Mature themes, OOC ending a thread, and Lasky okay.
  • Powerplay and Metagame accepted within reason (e.g. referring to characters walking together, knowledge of a character's rank in the same pack).
  • Major changes (e.g. death, injury) prefer to discuss beforehand.
  • Contact me through DM or PM for any questions, plotting, or other inquiries.

Active Characters

  • None at the moment! Taking a sabbatical. To be continued~

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I enjoy messing around and mucking things up in the wiki. These days I hand write the code, and I favor simple clear designs. As always, feel free to use my code, designs, and layouts without permission or providing credit.

Happy to answer questions, but if I'm not available, you can also find a lot of great information (and help) on the wiki forum! Also feel free to make minor fixes to my pages, but for larger alterations, please consult me!

I am no longer open for commissions, but please do check out the Optime Templates I've provided for use on 'Souls. I usually participate in the December Secret Santa event.

Unless otherwise stated, all art that I use and display was made by me.

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