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This code was lovingly pilfered from Mandi!

  • Gender: Female
  • Where: East Coast
  • How Old: Gran
  • Joined: ~August 2014


PM — Lilia Salcedo

  • PM communication is strongly preferred for plots and anything you want me to remember.
    • It may take me a few days or longer to reply to a PM I've read. Thank you for your patience <3
    • Reminder PMs are encouraged!

E-mail —

  • You can e-mail me if you don't have a forum account.

Discord — San#4855

  • This is my primary chat client.






Hello 'Souls! I am your bumbling neighborhood GranSan, and living proof that all you need is tenacity to make friends! I'm like a cult movie: very cheesy, very cringe-worthy in a lot of ways, but I am full of heart! Also, my special effects are extremely dated. As is my musical taste.

Anyway, I am a person that has made and continues to make plenty of mistakes, which is why I am so happy to help you with anything! I learn the hard way! 8) Let my bumblingness not be in vain and ask me questions that you might have!


  • I was a subleader of Krokar from 2015 to March 2017.
  • May 2016 - March 2017 I was a 'Souls Janitor Maintenance Aide and a Moderator!
  • I stepped down from my roles because life changes! I hope to make Souls a bigger part of my life again when everything settles down. <3
  • I am currently just a regular old-timey player now, but feel free to ask me questions or say Hello!
  • I played Semini as my primary from August 2014 - December 2017! She is my longest played character on an RP ever, and was just 10 posts shy of 600 posts (not including lasky!) I will miss her always!


  • Most of my codes are variations of preexisting templates, but if you see something you like, by all means, take what you need!
  • My favorite wiki thing to do is formatting! My least favorite wiki thing to do is actually write the content 8(
  • If you ever have any questions about the Wiki, please don't hesitate to ask me or post in the Wiki Collaboration forum! :)


1. Lilia Salcedo

Family of Salsola

2. Character

Rank of Pack


Future Characters

NPC (y/a/cNPC)

Off Board NPC Onubans


Dead or Replayered

  • None!


Posting Information

Reply Times

  • I am slow. Replies can be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.
  • During sprees, expect an hour to an hour and a half replies. I am a slow, slow person.
  • I tend to prioritize plot-related threads, and don't always reply oldest-to-newest because of this.
  • Feel free to nudge me for any reason!

Ending Threads

  • OOC endings are OK!
  • No grave-digging except for important threads!
  • If you haven't replied in 2 weeks, I will archive, make AW, or nudge for OOC ending.

Requesting Threads

  • Always open, but can't always do them right away!
  • Plots/Thread ideas in mind are preferred over meet and greets.
  • I also welcome bouncing around ideas!


  • I am NO LONGER plotting romance for my characters. I cannot guarantee commitment at all.
  • I can't guarantee commitment to long term plots. My characters will change as things happen to them.

General Roleplay Information

IC Interaction

  • My characters are liable to act/react in a thread outside planned parameters. If this unpredictability bothers you, I might not be the best partner for you.
  • For deaths or major injuries or major conflicts, I prefer that you discuss with me beforehand.
  • I do try to do light research into topics before writing about them, but if you are experienced with something and notice a blatant misunderstanding/issue on my part, I welcome polite constructive criticism over PM.

Mature Material

  • I will write light violence and light sexual themes.
  • I prefer fade to black or reference later.
  • I will not write rape scenes or brutal gore/violence.
  • I will not write mature themed threads with under age (under 18) members. Sorry!
  • I don't care if someone else writes mature material. You don't have to censor yourself!
  • I do not need trigger warnings, but please keep in mind board rules.

Lasky and Other

  • I will do Canon Lasky, especially scenes from character histories or related plots featured in my lil worldspace, Onuba.
  • Lasky is lowest priority on my thread response totem, but sometimes I have the highest muse for it. If a thread dies, I'm sorry. 8I


  • I generally accept minor powerplay. My preference is that you GO AHEAD and write the PP, and I will PM if anything is out of order.
  • Depending on player preferences, I may write minor PP in order to move a thread along (eg. mentioning both characters walking).
  • If I write or do something that bothers you, please do not hesitate to let me know politely over PM.
  • Please post whatever you want in the OOC section. I don't mind OOC chatter. C:
  • I prefer text tables, or tables with big fonts and easy to read content.


  • San is a thief... Stealing my OOC template... Ah, just teasing! (I stole it too.) San is super great and an extraordinary artist! ~Owl
  • San is a great artist and an awesome writer it is no fair <3 WHO DID YOU SELL YOUR SOUL TO?! ~ Raze
  • apparently san is a character of mine... one that i've killed off, nonetheless! how could i do such a horrible thing to such a terrific person? <3 Lorraine
  • A "beautiful tropical fish" you say?!?! *blushes* I love you haha! <3. ~X-tian
  • So... did it hurt when you fell from heaven? *eyebrow dancing* - Cheshire
  • Poppz loves San like a fat kid loves a cupcake. - Poppinz
  • Are you a parking ticket? 'Cause you've got fine written all over you. - Kitty(steals chesh's cheesey pick up line idea)
  • san is my hetero* life partner * terms and conditions apply Lorraine
  • howrude I have not licked this page -licks- Gen
  • And now, back to your regular scheduled programming of "Heavy Breathing" - Alaine
  • soon :) - Mel
  • Hi ilu soulmate ~Amanda3
  • San, omg, you are a perfect soul and I love your funny types and beautiful worbs and scribs you make the wacky webs a better place ilu!! Thanks for being cool as heckie? - Ann
  • San is kinda perfect and has gained another stalker. - Pablo
  • how bout you and me go play some bingo together sometime, then we can go share a malt at the drive-in -Lin