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  • Discord: Alaine#7917
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ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Hello loves, my name is Alaine (pronouns: she/her). I am from the tiny continent/island known as Australia. It's in the middle of a bloody great sea and far, far away from the majority of soulsters, meaning that I take over the boards whilst most of you are in bed dreaming sweet fanfic dreams. Thanks to the scientific mystery of timezones it also means that I exist within a time-space continuum, in which I am in the present AND in your future. I am in everything. I am Alaine.

I suppose I've been around for a while now. When I'm not being a leader of the best pack ever, Salsola, I work as a Senior Graphics Designer at a training firm. I also do freelance illustration work in my tiny amounts of spare time!

I first joined 'Souls with the character for which I am the namesake, Alaine Winters - but most people recognize me these days as the co-creator and co-leader of Salsola with my later characters, Sirius Revlis and Lokr Revlis. I am now currently active with Lokr's daughter, Elphaba Revlis, who is a total spookfest honestly. If you're interested in the Revlis line, why not check them out - There may be characters available for adoption.

Another thing you might see my name plastered all over is Airgid Gleann. The Silver Valley is my brainbaby, and with a lot of help from various wonderful 'Souls citizens it is slowly coming to fruition. Please go check it out if you have any interest in all things celtic/wiccan/pagan!

On a side note, I also draw things a lot, and people seem to like giving me money for this. I very much appreciate it, though am not always available for commissioning depending on my RL workload. Please check my Commissions thread if you are interested in seeing if I am accepting commissions.



Check here to see if I am open for commissions!
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Art by Raze

1. Elphaba Revlis

The Boss of Salsola

♀ Hybrid

Revlis bloodline, Eternity bloodline

NPC: Maugrim Revlis

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