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About Me

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Hello, my name is Alaine! I am an Aussie, meaning that I take over the boards whilst most of you are sleeping. I've been around for an awfully long time, having first joined over a decade ago with my namesake character - since then I am best known for co-creating the infamous Salsola pack, where I still lead with an ancestor of the OG leader Sirius today!

Pronouns: She/Her
Activity Status: Moderate
Joined 'Souls:

1st: 21st December 2010
2nd: 20th March 2013

Location: Australia


Private Message: OOC Account
This is the best way to contact me. However, please PM the Salsola OOC account with any questions regarding Salsola!

Discord: PM for handle
If I am showing as offline, send me a DM regardless - sometimes I lurk while I work on things.

Due to time zone differences, Discord is not the most reliable way to contact me. For anything more serious than general chatter about threads or characters or plots etc, please send me a PM.


Commission Studio Thread

Check here to see if I am open for commissions!

In Game

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Roleplay Info

Threads & Plots

  • Requesting: I am not always available for threads, but if I do not currently have a thread request up, then feel free to reach out and ask!
  • Plotting: If you have an idea for a plot with one of my characters, let me know! If the plot is likely to involve Salsola as a whole, be sure to PM the SL Account instead.
  • Priority: As a pack leader, I give priority to threads that require a leader character's involvement over generic meet-n-greets. If you need a leader character in your thread, please let me know :)


  • Reply Times: I normally only reply to threads on my weekends, unless they are priority/spreed. If it has been more than two weeks since my last reply to our thread, and ours is a priority (pack or plot related) thread, please reach out and let me know!
  • Gravedigging: I will only ressurect archived threads if they are pack priority/plot related.
  • OOC Ending: If you would like to OOCly end one of our threads, that is no problem! Just let me know so that we can discuss a suitable ending for future IC assumptions.

Content Restrictions

  • Mature Content: I will write moderate violence and moderate sexual themes.
  • Powerplay: Minor powerplay (such as non-violent touch, or walking together) is fine by me, as it can keep a thread flowing smoothly. Players who I've had multiple threads with can usually make larger powerplays in threads. I personally see prominant powerplay between writers as a sign of trust, and it must be earned. If you aren't sure, just ask!
  • Assumptions vs Metagaming: For reasonable assumptions that your character/s can make about one of mine, please check out their individual wiki pages.



Art by Alaine

Elphaba Revlis
If I was you, I'd run - If I was you, I'd hide

♀ Wolf-dominant Hybrid
The Boss of Salsola


Art by San

Malik Amaranthe
Sunlight over me no matter what I do

♂ Complex Hybrid
Bard of The Troupe

  • cNPC: ---


Art by Kiri

Morrow Larue
Remember the pact of our youth

♂ Dog-dominant Hybrid
The Family of Salsola

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