Diego del Bosque

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By Nina!

Diego del Bosque is a fire-dancer from Ceniza Valley. Intrigued by tales of lands beyond, he set off with his companions to find some place new, a search that ended in March 2016 when they reached Inferni. Diego was quick to establish himself as a culture-keeper, spreading his homeland's traditions and values in addition to learning and preaching those of Inferni's — something he considers particularly important for the preservation of the clan's heritage and for the welfare of its people.

Friendly and well intentioned, Diego takes pleasure in spreading joy and making others laugh — oftentimes to the point of being annoying.






OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 21 Feb 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Mate: —
  • Co-rank(s): —
  • Etymology:
    • Forename: teacher (Spanish)
    • Surname: of the forest (Spanish)
  • Pronunciation: dee-EH-go, del BAHsk
  • Epithet: —
  • cNPC: —
  • Minor NPCs:

Pack Information

Assumptions and References

Plot Opportunities

Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Hearing Diego chattering away to others about Ceniza Valley culture.
  • Seeing him applying ash markings to those who ask him.
    • Feel free to also reference him having applied ash markings to your character, as well!
  • Watching Diego practice his pyromancy or fire-dancing.
  • Diego would love to earn the Performer and Bard co-ranks. Help him out?
  • Diego will happily teach your character about pyromancy or fire-dancing.
  • Want to learn about Ceniza Valley or its culture, Diego is your guy!

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Species: All coyote. Diego essentially looks like a big desert coyote. His coat takes after the rich colors of his Mexican subspecies.
  • Fur: Short and bristly with a bushy tail.
    • Optime Hair: Diego does little with his mane when in Optime form, keeping the somewhat wavy tresses at shoulder length.
  • Facial Features: He has large triangular ears and a tapered muzzle; his face is all hard, sharp angles that some might consider handsome -- or deviously wily.
  • Build and Size: Muscular and athletic, if trim rather than burly, he obviously cares very much for his body. Though unusually large for a southern coyote, he is unremarkable compared to a wolf.
    • Lupus: xx lbs (xx kg) — xx in (xx cm)
    • Secui: xxx lbs (xx kg) — xx in (xxx cm)
    • Optime: x ft x in (xx in) (xxx cm) — xxx lbs (xx kg)
  • Humanization: Moderate to Low. Diego wears plugs in the base of his ears — usually antler or horn — and adorns a loose leather belt around his hip with deer hooves dangling and clacking form it when performing. Otherwise he prefers to forgo clothing so as to make shifting more convenient.


Sandal (#B19A72)
Potters Clay (#956135)
Pickled Bean (#623C1D)
Coffee Bean (#2E1D10)
Tango (#EE8413)

Color Distribution

  • Fur: Potters Clay with Sandal and Pickled Bean markings.
  • Markings:
    • Sandal undercarriage, extremities, face, and saddle.
    • Pickled Bean ears, saddling, and tail tip.
  • Eyes: Tango
  • Optime Hair: Pickled Bean
  • Nose and Pawpads: Coffee Bean

1.2  Gallery

By Raze!By Raze!By Raze!By Raze!By Raze!By Raze!

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1.3  Alterations and Wardrobe



Ash markings

  • Old burns have seared fur in places like his arms and chest.
  • He has many small, superficial scars on his body — small nicks from hunting accidents, some bites and cuts from fights.
  • As per the customs of his home, Diego applies ash markings daily.
    • The most common of these are facial stripes accenting his eyes, and bands around his wrists and ankles for dexterity.
    • He often asks a clanmate to apply a pawprint to his chest or shoulder (depending on his form).
    • The largest of his scars have been darkened with ash to appear more distinct.




  • Plugs made of antlers or horn.
  • Belt made of leather.
  • Deer hooves to hang from his belt.

2.  Personality

  • Diego is very friendly -- exuberant, talkative, and well-meaning, he is all about community. He makes it a habit to get to know everyone, especially those overlooked by others, and won't take no for an answer. Though he can seem shallow (prioritizing small-talk and flitting from person to person, schmoozing), he also deeply cares about the well-being of his clanmates. He's always the first to try to brighten someone's day, whether it means pulling a prank or just sitting to talk to them.
  • Unfortunately, Diego is also insufferably arrogant and somewhat of an idiot. He's like the class clown and dumb jock tropes had a baby. Convinced of his own superiority, he often fouls up his thievery or pranking by stopping to tease the victim -- allowing them to kick the crap out of him. He craves popularity and is attracted to flashy things because of this -- his pet coati an example.
  • His philosophy is work hard, play harder and while he pulls his weight in the clan, he seems much happier goofing off.
  • Diego is very devout and believes strongly in the ideals of his community -- old and new. He thinks that the bond between clanmates is what keeps the clan strong, and that respecting the power of the unknown (represented by the "wild gods" like fire) leads only to success. He genuinely believes that his divination and performances help people, and so he'll never stop believing.
  • Diego has no form preference -- once he shifts for a task (performing, hunting, sleeping), he doesn't bother shifting back. Part of this is because he is a slow shifter compared to an Ortus; most of it is cultural belief. One has an equal chance of seeing him in any of his three forms.

2.1  Interaction

  • Speech: Loud and usually bright, with a wide range of octaves depending on his mood. Diego is very expressive in his speech and often talks a little too quickly.
  • Scent: Smoke and ash, coati, Inferni. The smell of his companion often catches others off guard.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: TBD.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Friendly and exuberant. TBD.

2.2  Details

  • Sociability: Extroverted, submissive but exuberant
  • Values: Wit, adaptability, tradition, hospitality, respecting nature, flashy belongings
  • Vices: Arrogance, thievery, rashness, greed, materialism
  • Motivations: Adoration from others, materialistic wealth, proselytizing
  • Fears: Loneliness, poverty, restraint, snakes
  • Biases: Friendly to dogs and coyotes alike; pesters wolves but doesn't hate them. Will reflect values and biases of community based on tradition.
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual, inexperienced, affectionate.
  • Spirituality: Adheres to Cenizan beliefs, believes in and practices osteomancy (divination by fire and bones); dances in celebration of fire.

3.  Skills

  • Culture-Keeping: Diego is a self-proclaimed shaman and partakes in most of the spiritual practices of the Valley -- and he's especially happy to explain his beliefs. He holds tradition in high esteem; he keeps history and spreads the ideals of his clan as well as his own.
  • Performance: A fire-dancer, trained in spinning poi, Diego uses performances for ritualistic purposes as well as to bring the community together. He's a bit of a jester and uses his pet in his "acts," hoping to brighten others' spirits.
  • Thievery: He isn't particularly skilled at stealing, but he attempts to steal things a lot. Diego uses deflection and quick, bold action to steal things, and he's often bringing random things back to the clan, with or without an angry trader in tow.

4.  Relationships

  • Laurel del Bosque: Though they don't have a drop of blood in common, Diego refers to Laurel as his "brother" -- though he sees him more like an uncle or father. The older man gave him the gift of the Luperci virus and invited him into Ceniza Valley's community when Diego was a loner, eventually adopting him into the "del Bosque" family.
  • Fang Espinoza: Diego loves to push Fang's buttons, but he doesn't really need to work at it; his idiocy annoys her enough. She often treats his burn wounds and gives him a hard time, but they look out for each other.
  • Ignacio Rivera, Candela Espinoza, Trinidad Casales: All acquaintances/friends from Ceniza Valley that Diego gets along with and shares various interests with.
  • Joaquina del Bosque: An honorary "sister," Diego and Joaquina were both adopted into the del Bosque family. In Joaquina's case, she was fleeing an abusive past, and so Diego tried to watch out for her. He is one of the few men that she trusts and gets along with.
  • Vesper: Diego respects Inferni's leader well enough, but she also scares him a little bit. He's not sure what to think about her not-so-secret relationship with Fang, but he sure as hell likes to give them shit and make jokes about it behind their back.
  • Vicira Tears: Vicira terrifies Diego, in a so-scary-it's-kinda-sexy sort of way. She is not afraid to manhandle him and abuse him, so he mostly avoids her but also doesn't really say no if she asks him to dance at a party.
  • Jehan de l'Or, Clover: Due to Ceniza Valley's view on dogs, Diego gets along with the pair of Outsiders more than most Infernians might. They're fun-loving and are interested in his culture (Clover especially), so they're good friends. Diego admires Jehan's thieving past, and enjoys teaching Clover about the Valley's brand of shamanism.
  • Virue: Virue is his little buddy! He encourages Virue to wear his ash markings and watches out for him.

5.  History

A group of Cenizans, led by Diego (the dreamer) and Laurel (the brains), decided to leave the community for lands and opportunities beyond. Diego, always excitable and idealistic and intrigued by stories of coyotes beyond the Valley, came up with the idea and managed to convince several of his friends to make the journey with him.

Some of their companions struck off on their own or were temporarily separated, but the three coyotes reached Inferni -- which they'd heard tell of from passersby -- in March 2016.

5.1  Threads

pNPC Threads

  1. one will spread our ashes ’round the yard (March)
    Diego and his companions join Inferni.
  2. there's a jet black crow droning on and on and on (March)
    Diego's coati harasses the Inferni ravens, much to Vesper's chagrin.
  3. catch me if you can! (March)
    Diego plays chase with Gypsy, Vesper, and Laurel.
  4. I wish upon a star that it might fill our dreams with dust (March)
    The Ceniza Valley coyotes celebrate the appearance of the red star, a good omen.
  5. So I hit my low, but little did I know (May)
    Vesper scuffles with Diego to show him his place -- before they are interrupted by some strangers.
  6. Black and bay, sorrel and gray (May)
    Diego and Vicira meet another southern coyote, Shikoba Whiplash. They have fun mostly at Diego's expense.
  7. a lo largo de la vida, con este ruido horrible (June)
    Diego, Laurel, Jehan, and Virue hang "racket-makers" on the borders and generally have a good time.
  8. Trading in my Devils, counting my blessings (July)
    Fang tends to some of Diego's burns.
  9. [M] get them drunk on rose water (September)
    Diego celebrates fellow Cenizan Trinidad's arrival with drink and fire; they're joined by Jehan and Clover.
  10. [M] they about to see us glow (September)
    Diego practices spinning poi while hanging out with Trinidad.
  1. a desire to enjoy the world (September)
    Fellow Cenizan Ignacio Rivera and Diego (along with Hocico) check out one of Inferni's newest foals.
  2. They were spinning in circles with the moon in their eyes (October)
    Inferni celebrates Devil's Night along with their anniversary. Diego has a blast: tending to the bonfire, dancing (sometimes on people), smearing and tossing ash, and telling fortunes.
  3. A crest of deafening colors, songs, and rays (October)
    Diego exuberantly joins in Inferni's group howl.
  4. The sky broke like an egg into full sunset (January)
    Joaquina, one of Diego's honorary "sisters" from Ceniza Valley, joins Inferni. Diego puts in a good word for her and her maned wolf pups to Vesper.
  5. Daylight robbery (January)
    Vicira accuses Hocico of stealing her bag, and Diego defends him until the real culprit, Candela's coati, shows up.
  6. [M] with their feathers stripped away (January)
    Diego tells Vicira that her mother has been rescued.
  7. The dead mouths it costs to be alive (March)
    When Joaquina is missing, Diego and the maned wolf pups suspect that her brother has something to do with it. He and Vicira prepare to look for her.
  8. and the fourth for madness (March)
    Diego and Vicira find Joaquina to take her home -- when Fidel Alvarez attacks.
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