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27 Jul 2013






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75% Mexican Coyote
25% Mexican Wolf



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1.  Appearance

2.  Personality

Fidel has always been twisted by design. Growing up in a household with an abusive father and a hate-filled mother did him no good and shaped him into what he is today. Corrupt, obsessive and very misogynistic, Fidel see's very little in the way of worth when it comes to women.

His only ideal with them is that they are to be used as he sees fit. The authority of a woman is the same as being told what to do by beasts and there is a distinction between beasts and what they are. Charismatic and manipulative, he has a slyness to the way he reacts to most situations. Trespassing is not against his rules or code of conduct, neither is taking someone against their will if he feels the desire to.

He's never been fearful to raise his hand against a woman and you can see him as somewhat narcissistic in the way he handles himself.

His only reprieve in this world was his sister, born of the same litter, Liliana Alvarez who later changed her name when she moved to a place called Ceniza Valley from their home in Paraguay. He has been shown to have very little respect for life in general and tortured his sibling for running away from him by killing her companions and making her eat the remains.

3.  Relationships

The only important relations in Fidel's story are his parents, Santiago and Sofia Alvarez, and his litter-mate Liliana Alvarez, also known as Joaquina del Bosque.

4.  History

Fidel was born to Santiago and Sofia Alvarez in a province of Paraguay with litter mate, Liliana Alvarez. Growing up in a family that was, for the most part, abusive shaped Fidel into the worst kind of canine, prone to dangerous acts of obsession and desire toward his sibling. His father was the initial support of such action and most was learned from the only male role model in his life till everything changed. His brat of a sister took off after becoming pregnant with his child and he followed her shortly behind, eventually finding her in Ceniza Valley.

After killing her friend, Soledad, her companion, Asray, and her javelina while making her watch, he forced her to eat what remained as punishment before beating her. Unfortunately, she escaped again but not without leaving a trace that he followed thereafter in the direction of Nova Scotia. While the cold and temperamental weather certainly drove a wedge in his plans, he's made headway to her home, Inferni.