Drifter Bay Horse Herd

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  1.   1.  Bay Horses
  2.   2.  Interference
  3.   3.  Bands
    1.   3.1  Smoke
    2.   3.2  Ash
    3.   3.3  Ghost
  4.   4.  History
    1.   4.1  Formation
    2.   4.2  Threads

Salsola and Inferni established this semi-wild herd of horses in 'Souls, following the Boreas Conflict in 2012. They continue to watch over the herds and maintain them.

1.  Bay Horses

Most are mustang-type horses of the American southwest; they are smaller in size but extremely hardy. A few larger draft crosses are apparent in the herd, but no horse is of purebred origin. They are all grade horses (a horse whose parentage is unknown, unidentifiable, or of significantly mixed breeding) as with most creatures that were formerly selectively bred by humanity.

Additionally, as the starting stock of the Bay Horses was of variant breeds, there is a great deal of variation between one individual and the next. There is also no selectivity in wild horses allowed to join the herds -- should a wandering mare join with one of the bands, Inferni and Salsola do not interfere. Therefore, the Bay horses are essentially being allowed to develop as they would, forming a "landrace" of horses most suitable to the Maritime provinces.

Nonetheless, some dominant features are present throughout some members of the herd, and may later' become omnipresent in future progeny:

  • Average size of 13.2–15.2 hands (54–62 in / 137–157 cm) in height, 700 to 800 lb (320 - 365 kg) in weight. Some bands are typically larger than others.
  • Stocky, muscular, and athletic -- generally with a "rugged" sort of look.
  • Small, refined heads.
  • Thick coat, long manes and tails. Can be differentiated from most of the other typical wild horses in 'Souls by this feature -- their long hair is very thick and silky.

2.  Interference

All adult horses are branded.

  1. Salsola and Inferni do attempt to protect their herds from other packs, with varying degrees of success. Obviously, as the herd roams outside of the patrolled borders of each pack, "poaching" by other packs, Loners, etc. does occur.
  2. Inferni and Salsola frequently attempt to release new blood into the herd. They prefer to release mares; when a stallion is released, Salsola and Inferni confer together to choose which stallion should be captured and replaced.
  3. Inferni and Salsola both take young colts and fillies in the springtime; the breeding population is left alone, for the most part.

3.  Bands

The herd is made up of three primary bands, each occupying a piece of territory between Salsola and Inferni north to Halcyon. As time passes, more bands may form and spread out from this area.

3.1  Smoke

  • About: The Smoke herd has the largest stallion and the largest mares, hopefully to produce a larger second generation -- thus far, this looks promising. Both of the colts foaled in 2012 have become rather large already. The smoke herd does have a have a rather low variability in probable color, however -- buckskin is likely to make up the vast majority of this herd, save for an introduction of new blood.
  • Likely Foal Colors: Buckskin (high), palomino (medium), smoky black (rare), gray (rare)
  • Range: The Smoke band remains close to Inferni's westernmost border, frequently seen along the coastal areas of Drifter Bay and into the border of the coyote pack. Their experienced stallion sometimes leads them close to the mountains and the fertile grazing along the foothills of the Halcyon Mountain peaks.


  • Fall 2012: A dark bay mare joined up with the herd.
  • Winter 2013: A few foals were born, likely holdovers from when the Boreas wolves rode these horses.
  • Spring 2013: Rémy Lebeau releases a mare to join the herd.
  • Summer 2013: Two foals were born.
  • Spring 2014: One foal was born.
  • Fall 2014: One foal was born.


Name Age/DOB Color Other Icon (© Alaine & Aadi)


-- ~2002 Perlino Experienced, older


-- ~2004 Flaxen Chestnut
  • Dominant
  • Foaled Palomino Jan 2013
  • Foaled Buckskin May 2015
"Flower" ~2007 Chestnut
  • Has avoided the stallion's interest or refused him thus far
-- ~2009 Bay
  • Will readily approach familiar Luperci who bear apples or other such treats.
  • Foaled Buckskin May 2013
-- ~2006 Bay
  • Foaled Buckskin Jan 2013
  • Foaled Buckskin Sept 2015
-- ~2007 Dark Bay
  • Joined the band in October 2012.
  • Foaled Buckskin Sept 2013
"Catin" ~2007 Dapple Gray
  • Broken; very head-shy.
  • Foaled Dapple Gray March 2014
Oriana ~2012 Palomino
  • Formerly owned; has since gone feral.
  • Foaled Buckskin Tobiano Nov 2014


-- ~March 2014 Dapple Gray Filly -- unbranded
-- ~November 2014 Buckskin Tobiano Filly -- unbranded
-- ~May 2015 Buckskin Colt -- unbranded
-- ~September 2015 Buckskin Filly -- unbranded

3.2  Ash

  • About: The hopes with the Ash herd is to produce a quick, sure-footed horse. These equines typically have the sleekest appearance of the Bay Horse bands. They have a somewhat varied coat coloration probability, with buckskin and bay bearing the highest probability.
  • Likely Foal Colors: Buckskin (high), bay (high), smoky black (medium), black (medium), palomino (rare), chestnut (rare), gray (very rare)
  • Range: These horses range through the flatlands between Inferni and Salsola and are frequently seen around the Sunflower Sunsets area.


  • Winter 2013: A few foals were born, likely holdovers from when the Boreas wolves rode these horses.
  • Summer 2013: One foal was born.
  • Spring 2014: One foal was born.
  • Late Winter 2016: A horse was captured by Salsola members.


-- ~2010 Smoky Black Inexperienced and young, but very fast


-- ~2004 Silver Dapple Bay
  • Dominant
  • Ambitious, strong-willed, aggressive
  • Foaled Buckskin Jan 2013
  • Foaled Silver Black Aug 2015
-- ~2002 Black
  • Foaled Buckskin Jan 2013
  • Foaled Smoky Black Sep 2015
-- ~1999 Bay
  • Large scar over her flank
  • Foaled Black May 2013
-- ~May 2013 Buckskin
  • Introduced into the herd after the foal round-up in Spring 2014.
  • Foaled Smoky Black Jan 2016


-- ~Sept 2015 Smoky Black
  • Filly -- unbranded.

-- ~Jan 2016 Smoky Black
  • Filly -- unbranded.

3.3  Ghost

  • About: The "Ghost" band has the highest variability in coloration and consists of sturdy horses, many of the original stock showing vague elements of Oriental-type horse heritage.
  • Likely Foal Colors: Bay (high), amber champagne (high), gold champagne (high), Chestnut (medium), bay dun (medium), classic champagne (rare), black (rare), bay (rare), red dun (extremely rare)
  • Range: The westernmost horse band generally tends to remain close to the Pictou River, sometimes venturing to the coast and into Salsola's territory. They are wary of most Luperci and quickly became the most feral of the three herds.


  • Winter 2013: A few foals were born, likely holdovers from when the Boreas wolves rode these horses.
  • Summer 2013: A foal was born.


-- ~2006 Gold Champagne Striking, very pale in coloration -- an experienced leader, particularly vicious in defense of the herd


-- ~2006 Dark Bay
  • Dominant
  • Foaled Black ~Jan 2013
  • An older equine, smart and experienced.
-- ~2006 Bay Dun
  • Foaled Gold Champagne ~Jan 2013
  • Foaled Bay Dun August 2015
-- ~2006 Flaxen Chestnut
  • Foaled Bay ~Jan 2013
  • Foaled Flaxen Chestnut ~Jan 2016
-- ~2006 Flaxen Chestnut
  • Foaled Bay ~Jan 2013
Specter ~2009 Black
  • Foaled Classic Champagne ~Sept 2013
  • Foaled Bay Sept 2015
-- ~Jan 2013 Buckskin
  • Introduced into the herd after the foal round-up in Spring 2014.


-- ~Sept 2015 Bay
  • Filly -- unbranded.

-- ~Jan 2016 Flaxen Chestnut
  • Colt -- unbranded.

4.  History

4.1  Formation

The Boreas Conflict occurred, pitting Salsola and Inferni against a group of anti-coyote wolves. After some months of struggle, the packs were able to vanquish their attackers, leaving them free to loot the spoils. As the Boreas wolves had many equines of good stock, Salsola and Inferni's leadership (Ezekiel de le Poer and Sirius Revlis) came to an agreement regarding the horses. Some would be taken by each pack as spoils, and the rest would be released to roam between their two pack territories, over the Drifter Bay. The pact included provisions for the horses' future care and protection, design and application of the brand, and the later recapture of horses by both packs.

4.2  Threads

  1. True Heroics Must Be Carefully Planned (And Strenuously Avoided) (25 Jul)
    Vesper defends the Drifter Bay horses from a poacher, with a little help.
  2. M sarcastic saviour (11 Aug)
    Vesper defends the herds again.
  3. Forever Free (8 Nov)
    Helotes Lykoi tracks and observes the drifter bay horse herds.
  4. through the ghost fields that remain (1 Jan)
    Draugr Helsi checks on the horses.
  5. steal these peaceful hours all away (12 Jan)
    Salvia Eternity checks on the horses, and warns a loner about them.
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