The Rolling Hills Horse Herd

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The Rolling Hills horse band is still a petite group of roving equines descended from the remaining animals of Inferni - they are still establishing to the localities around the Phosphagos Foothills, and can prove elusive if only due to their very diminutive membership. Given the small populace, the horses in this area are liable to fall victims to poaching, predation, or succumbing to the elements. These animals are under no custody, and there is little preventing them from being rounded up by experienced Luperci, if they can be found - seeking out the herd can prove difficult given the group's minimal numbers roaming over a large swath of territory, and capture may prove difficult due to their fully feral nature and limited-to-no interaction with Luperci making them exceptionally skittish or even potentially aggressive towards perceived threats. For the most part, if Luperci are present, they will take evasive action and make themselves scarce.

These horses are currently not monitored or supervised by any pack, band, or individual, and have remained undiscovered at current.

If your character intends to capture one of the wild horses listed below, please be sure to edit the Wiki page to include relevant threads and reflect any changes to the bands. If you have direct questions about this process, or want to confirm that your plot follows realism guidelines, contact the 'Souls Assemblage.


1.  The Rolling Hills Horses

Descendants of the remaining stock of Inferni's horses, the Rolling Hill horses' base stock has been allowed to breed without Luperci intervention and have taken on larger traits to standard feral breeds, shaping these animals into thick, sturdy and rather large-bodied individuals with mildly refined features. They are long-legged, and thickly muscled due to influence from draft blood, and well-accustomed to cold, rugged climates with thick, dense coats to combat the winter season and cooler Halcyon climes and combating chilly weather cycles blowing in off of the Atlantic.

If permitted to continue to breed on their current trajectory, it's anticipated that the Rolling Hills Horses will slowly trend towards homogenized shapes suited for coastal highland climates and boreal forests. 1 Without luperci influence, the horses have, and will continue to, trend towards a similar phenotype of:

  • Refined hooves with slight feathering at the fetlock.
  • Powerful and thick shoulders and hind quarters.
  • Well-balanced and even proportions.
  • Straight profiles and rounded, refined noses.
  • Small, fur-lined ears

2.  Bands

Currently there is only a single established band among the Rolling Hills Horses. If allowed to prosper and expand, others are likely to develop naturally over time. Every few years, it's not uncommon for 'bachelor' herds to form from cast out stallions after they have matured.

Individual bands are named after various minerals native to Nova Scotia.

2.1  Iron Band

These horses frequent ranges from the southern Halcyon and the Phosphagos Foothills in warmer seasons, and stray closer towards the Quartz Shoreline when the temperature drops in search of grassland forage throughout the winter.

Population: 7 Individuals

Population Changes
  • 2022:
    • Migrated from the Primeval Memories territories after continued seismic activity.
    • The herd gains three individuals from the Bay Horses after seismic activity scatters populations. The young stallion takes over the little band.

The Iron band is the foundation stock of the Rolling Hills herds. As such, they have some variance in their appearance, though not much - they commonly throw larger sized mealy bay horses with minimal markings, and individuals in this band seem to share an exceptionally quiet demeanor. Influence from horses from the Drifter Bay herds has presented an alteration to the foundations of the Iron Band, introducing single cream dilutes and leg markings to an otherwise homogenized looking group, as well as subtle variance in the appearance in refinement that has curbed certain heavier-set and subtle influences of draft heritage blended with a wide array of landrace grade horses.

  • Size: Medium to Large
    • Height: 16-18 hands (64 - 72 in | 162.5 - 182.8 cm)
    • Weight: 1200 - 1700 lbs (544 - 771 kgs)

Likely Foal Yield

Base Coats

Bay (Common), Chestnut (Uncommon), Black (Rare)

Markings and Modifiers

Modifiers: Pangaré (Common), Single Cream Dilute (Rare), Flaxen (Rare)
Markings: Facial Markings (Uncommon), Leg Markings (Uncommon)

by Despi
  • Birth Year: 2020
  • Coat: Black
    • Markings: Star, rear pastern

Observable Personality: Young, nervous, and inexperienced - but defensive of (and devoted to) the herd. Readily charges perceived danger and frequently makes threats with zealous head-shaking or kicking. Motivated and spirited.

Origin: Ghost band of the Drifter Bay horses. Relocated after seismic activity from 2022, and seized control of the herd.

by Despi

Birth Year: 2018
Coat: Buckskin (Golden)

  • Markings: Blaze

Lead Mare
Observable Personality: Vigilant, energetic, and attentive. Wary. Has promise as a lead mare, and possesses good survival instinct. Her incredibly alert nature makes her formidable as a look out, and her exceptional careful disposition directs the herd from potential hazards.

Origin: Ash band of the Drifter Bay horses. Relocated after seismic activity from 2022. Took over as lead mare via seniority.

by Despi

Birth Year: 2019
Coat: Pangaré Seal Brown

  • Markings: None

Observable Personality: Wary yet unflappable. Confident, perhaps due to her large size and somewhat intimidating stature with which she carries herself. Calm and observant, this mare is less liable to dart without at least sizing up the potential threat thoroughly from a safe distance.

Origin: Descended from Inferni horses.

  • None!
by Despi

Birth Year: 2019
Coat: Pangaré Chestnut

  • Markings: Stripe

Observable Personality: Curious and energetic, yet bellicose when confronted. Seems temperamental and has a very high likelihood of kicking, lashing out at, or charging threats. She prefers to stick very close to the herd as it moves.

Origin: Descended from Inferni horses.

  • None!
by Despi

Birth Year: 2020
Coat: Flaxen Pangaré Chestnut

  • Markings: None

Observable Personality: Watchful and overly cautious. Spooks easily, and is flighty as a result - this horse is exceptionally fast, and exceptionally crafty. She is something of a nervous wreck.

Origin: Descended from Inferni horses.

  • None!
by Despi

Birth Year: 2020
Coat: Pangaré Bay

  • Markings: None

Observable Personality: Careful and sheepish, this mare occupies the more lower rankings in the band's pecking order. Yields her space to the other mares, but sticks close to the group. She is watchful, alert, and seemingly very patient.

Origin: Descended from Inferni horses.

  • None!
by Despi

Birth Year: 2021
Coat: Bay (Mahogany)

  • Markings: Snip, rear sock, rear pastern

Observable Personality: Intelligent. Inquisitive. Mildly belligerent, and expressive with her ears and flagging her tail when alarmed. Her high energy and drive gives her an almost sunny, playful disposition, though certain aspects of her temperament suggest she might have an aggressive streak. She has a proclivity to head shake, nip, and act out when her patience wears thin.

Origin: Smoke band of the Drifter Bay horses. Relocated after seismic activity from 2022.

  • None!
Yearlings and Foals


3.  History

This herd ventured from the Primeval Memories territories as the land began to fall away due to tectonic unrest. As the seismic activity only increased, and resulted in further upheaval and the continued loss of territory, what remained of the defunct pack Inferni's horses scattered in the aftermath. The youngest descendants of these horses grouped together to form a splinter band, and found their way through the Halcyon mountains before establishing on their southern border near the end of 2022.

3.1  Threads

Please remember to add any interactions your characters have with this herd here using the following template:

* '''[[Thread:----|Time]]:''' What happened. (with ''[[Characters/Characters]]'')


Horses migrate from collapsing territories on the outer peninsula - what remains of Inferni's horses scatter to unknown fates, while their descendants migrate south along the Halcyon Mountains, and establish a new territory in the Phosphagos Foothills.

Scattered horses from Drifter Bay make their way down early in the month, and join up with the young horses.


Brief synopsis of what happened this month

Brief synopsis of what happened this month

4.  Footnotes


1 See the Pryor Mountain Mustang, and the Exmoor Pony for living examples of horses which influence this landrace breed.

Artwork on this page is courtesy of Despi, unless otherwise indicated in the hovers! Their feral-grade horse template can be found here.

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