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It is mandatory to read over our relevant joining information before attempting to join!

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Del Cenere Gang's off-board outpost is an estimated 16 miles from Portland and operates as its own trade post. Long-Term aNPCs are moved to Palisade.

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Del Cenere has an active Discord group - Links are in our Acceptance post, or PM Leadership for your invite!
Only present or past players of a Del Ceneren character may join the DCG Discord Chat.

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    1.   1.1  Prerequisite
  2.   2.  Joining Procedure
  3.   3.  Border Maintenance and Trespassing

Del Cenere Joining Policies and Information

Reading this introductory information is mandatory before attempting to join, as it pertains to important prerequisite guidelines, policies and information to bring players up-to-speed as to expectations of conduct within IC parameters.


Frontiersmen, farmers, rustlers, traders, disenfranchised, the morally gray

1.  Culture

Characters do not need to adhere to Del Cenere's Archetypes (in fact, we like to see players rise to the challenge!), though characters that vary more severely out of the status quo may find difficulty in assimilating into Del Ceneren culture. These include but are not limited to: Wolf sympathizers, pacifists, moral puritans, habitual freeloaders, etc.

Characters are expected to uphold the status quo of hierarchy and Del Ceneren ideals.

» For more information, please see our Culture page.

As hard work is culturally highly valued, rank ascension is based partly on the acquisition of Occupations or positioning within Syndicates to prove their worth and ethic towards community.

» For more information, see our Occupations and Hierarchy pages.

1.1  Prerequisite


Del Cenere is a group of predominantly Coyotes and Coyote-dominant hybrids, with exception for dogs and low-content wolfdogs. As such, all prospective members are generally are coyotes, coydogs, coywolves, coyjackals, dogs, wolfdogs, et al. Del Cenere has a strong anti-wolf bias. As such, wolf visitation is largely limited and prospective members must be below 50% wolf to join their community. Dog, wolfdogs, jackals, and jackal hybrids and others are rank-capped at the Enkindled rank and prohibited from holding ranks in the Ashen Ring or above.

  • The only current exception to the 50% rule are previous members of Inferni who were on good terms upon Inferni's disbandment. If your character falls beneath this exception, please reach out to DCG Leadership for further clarification - approval is on a case-by-case basis.
Visitor Expectations

Despite their strong biases, visitors are permitted within Charmingtown regardless of species. Wolves and wolf-heavy hybrids, however have additional stipulations and restrictions on their visitation:
→ Outsiders are welcome in Del Cenere's borders, unless otherwise stated, and are only permitted in Charmingtown unless otherwise stated.
→ Outsiders who are Wolves or High-Content Wolf Hybrids are only permitted two days' stay within Del Cenere, before they must leave for at least two weeks before returning, unless otherwise discussed with Leadership.
→ Outsiders who exhibit violent or otherwise disruptive behavior may be subject to being barred entry to Del Cenere entirely.
» For more information, check the Trespassing section.

2.  Joining Procedure

For Coyotes and Coyote Hybrids

Members ranked in the High Echelon and Above (El Elegido and up) may greet, welcome, or invite prospective members to join Del Cenere, provided they fall within prerequisites.

Within Charmingtown

  • Prospective Joiners should seek higher ranked members to express their interesting in joining.
  • Prospective Joiners should be able to relay information in regards to their skillsets and worth to the Gang and be willing to submit themselves to interview.

At Borders

  • Prospective Joiners may not cross the border without permission.
  • Prospective Joiners must send up a greeting call and meet a Del Ceneren for assessment.
For All Other Species

Only El Camino (Leadership) may greet, welcome, or invite Non-Coyotes to join Del Cenere, provided they fall within prerequisites.

Within Charmingtown

  • Prospective Joiners must arrange a meeting with El Camino at The Ugly Coyote.
  • Prospective Joiners should be able to relay information in regards to their skillsets and worth to the Gang and be willing to submit themselves to interview.

At Borders

  • Prospective Joiners may not cross the border without permission, and may even be expected to keep respectable distance.
  • Prospective Joiners must send up a greeting call and await El Camino for assessment.
Once Accepted

Fresh Ashen members may not be entirely free of scrutiny once joined up and are subjected to the expectations of their fresh rank of Unkindled. This role within the Gang serves as an introductory one - as well as a form of probationary period within ranks. This period lasts two months minimum, unless extenuating circumstances dictate otherwise to exalt the fresh Ashen to a new state of notoriety. Until promoted into Las Brasas, Unkindled members:

  • Are restricted as far as housing. They may only reside within the Trailside Inn, or a camp within Charmingtown's borders
  • May not hold Occupations nor hold rank in Syndicates
  • May not venture deeper into packlands without supervision or escort from members ranked Las Brasas and above
  • May be expected to work more 'grunt' tasks (i.e.: mucking stalls, sweeping buildings, or other small maintenance tasks)

Once promoted from the Unkindled rank, Ashen cannot be demoted back to Unkindled unless they fully sever ties with Del Cenere, and rejoin later or an exception is made for punishment's sake.

3.  Border Maintenance and Trespassing

  • Effigies: Scarecrow-like sentinels, usually comprised of remains draped on a wooden post or stake; made to look like figures standing guard over the borders. Effigies are usually a skull (non-species descript), a makeshift “ribcage” (if not an actual bone one), and some kind of clothing or decoration (or both), and decorated with ash or paint for luck. Each effigy is meant to be unique - to copy someone else’s effigy is an insult.
  • Ash Markings: Used almost exclusively for intra-pack communication and amongst scouts. Ash markings, given their impermanence, generally indicate a fresh patrol along trails and will scrawl symbols against trees or rocks as a form of shorthand to communicate their findings, or to encourage other scouts to deviate towards a different trailhead.
  • Ties: Dyed leather or cloth straps may be spotted hanging from tree branches, generally to notate a trail.
What Constitutes Trespassing?

Note: Wolf-heavy hybrids and Wolves are subject, more often than not, to higher scrutiny for conduct at Del Cenere's borders, regardless of intent.

  • Malicious, or intentional defacing of ties or an effigy
  • Lingering in silence at the border, or otherwise showing behaviors of 'casing' the territory
  • Breaching borders without escort or permission (outside of Charmingtown)
  • Cover-marking (scratching, urination, or other acts of vandalism) at the border
  • Disrespect of Ashen Scouts or attempts to antagonize Ashen Members as an Outsider

Individuals found guilty of, or suspected of, trespassing on Del Cenere are to be chased off, harrassed or attacked and may be subject to being barred of visits to Charmingtown.

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