Syndicate Conflict

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  1.   1.  Overview
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Casa Syndicate Conflict

DateMarch 2015 — April 18th 2015
LocationCasa di Cavalieri
ResultThe Syndicate is destroyed. Jazper Rhiannon-Knight steps down as Sole of Casa.

Opposing Groups



Jazper Rhiannon-Knight
Alistair Callow-Knight

1.  Overview

A group of loners centered within Halifax view Casa di Cavalieri's gradual expansion and honorable reputation as a threat to their crime ring. Deciding that the lands of the Knight pack would make a perfect spot to establish and operate a thieves guild, they send spies to try and infiltrate and report back on Casa's defenses followed by a preliminary assault that results in two of their number being captured. Luca Knight, newest member of The Brotherhood is called to execute the prisoners. He balks, however, and the grim task is taken up by Lune Alistair Callow-Knight following a heated discussion between leaders and a member vote. Following the execution, Lola revokes her Brotherhood Oath. She is later returned to the fold by Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. Sylvie Agnès also begins to distance herself from the pack and retreats along with Julien(pNPC) to the Avalon, taking Lorenzo Knight's daughter Ghita with her.

Casa sends their own spies to scope out the crime ring but before a counter can be arranged the Syndicate attacks again in full force. After a brutal and bloody battle every member of the Syndicate is killed by Casa's warriors in an overwhelming victory to Casa di Cavalieri.

Injured during battle, the Sole of Casa decides to abdicate and steps down as a leader, leaving Lune Alistair Callow-Knight as it's sole leader.

2.  NPCs

In total a group of 14 loners descended on Casa with the intention of driving out the warrior pack. All 14 members were eliminated by Casa's defenses.

Loner | Eliminated by
Loner 1 | Executed by Alistair Callow-Knight
Loner 2 Executed by Alistair
Loner 3 | Nadia Ancientfire with help from Pons(cNPC)
Loner 4 | Kira Raine, with help from Alistair and Lola
Loner 5 | Lorenzo with help from Sylvie Agnès
Loner 6 | Veri Secanti
Loner 7 | attacked by Jazper who is then wounded. Killed by Lorenzo, helped by Veri.

Loner | Eliminated by
Loner 8 | Alistair, assisted by Kira.
Loner 9 | Luca assisted by Eros Damaichu
Loner 10 | Lyris Stryder
Loner 11 | Lycaon Nonakris
Loner 12 | Nadia assisted by Sylvie and Sophia Knight
Loner 13 | Lola, gravely wounded by Lorenzo
Loner 14 | Morty assisted by Lola, Pons, Grynn Garcia-Knight and Veri

3.  Timeline

  • March 15 - 31: Loners seem to be trespassing into Casa di Cavalieri territory at an alarming rate. Many of the packs members get into to conflicts with the trespassers.
  • April 13: A small group of Loners test the pack and break into Fort Kingsbury.
  • April 13: Two of the raiding Loners are captured and put on trial, the pack votes for their execution.
  • April 18: After sending scouts to locate the Syndicate in Halifax the pack is preparing for war but is caught off guard with the Syndicate arrive in full force before they are ready!
  • April 20: After failing to defend his pack on the battlefield Jazper Rhiannon-Knight realizes that his body is no longer fit to lead. The Sole steps down from leadership and retires to Midnight Shores to be the official mate of Skye Collins.

4.  Choose Your Own Adventure

Melissa and Stormie decided to try something different for this plot, giving members a few options which would lead to pre-determined consequences.

Choices | Consequence
Trial: 1. Kill/Keep the Loners Hostage | No Consequence
Trial: 2. Show the Loners Kindness, let them go | Loners tell the Syndicate about the Fort and our numbers
Poll: 1. Scout out the Syndicate and get their location | If Trail 1 - Not Successful: Syndicate arrive early before Casa is ready! If Trial 2 - Successful: Casa knows their location and will arrive Halifax catching them off guard.
Poll: 2. Hold the Fort and prepare to defend it | If Trial 1- No information was leaked, Syndicate are down 2 members, Casa is prepared. 'If Trial 2- Syndicate arrive early in full force, find a secret entrance into the Courthouse. Very Severe injuries expected.

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