Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis)

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Common Name Goldenrod
Latin Name Solidago canadensis (genus)
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"Solidago canadensis"
by Matt Lavin (
Creative Commons: Some rights reserved

1.  Description

A native herbaceous perennial wildflower. Flowers are small yellow heads held above the foliage. It is found in a variety of habitats, although it is not shade tolerant. It typically is one of the first plants to colonize an area after disturbance (such as fire) and rarely persists once shrubs and trees become established. It is found neither in very dry locations nor in waterlogged ones.

1.1  Obtainment

It is very common. It can be found sprouting throughout 'Souls territories, especially in the Ashes and Ashes territory.

1.2  Uses

  • Medicinal: Goldenrod is used in a traditional kidney tonic by practitioners of herbal medicine to counter inflammation and irritation caused of bacterial infections or kidney stones.
  • Livestock Feed: Sometimes browsed by deer and is good to fair as food for domestic livestock such as cattle or horses.
  • Honey: Honey from goldenrods often is dark, spicy, and strong due to admixtures of other nectars.

2.  More

3.  'Souls

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