Indian Tobacco (Lobelia inflata)

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Common Name Indian Tobacco, pukeweed
Latin Name Lobelia inflata
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"Indian Tabacco"
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1.  Description

It is an annual or biennial herbaceous plant growing to 15–100 centimetres (5.9–39 in) tall, with stems covered in tiny hairs. Its leaves are usually about 8 centimetres (3.1 in) long, and are ovate and toothed. It has violet flowers that are tinted yellow on the inside, and usually appear in mid-summer and continue to bloom into fall.

1.1  Obtainment

Common -- native.


2.  Uses

  • Psychoactive: Lobelia inflata has a long use as an entheogen. The plant was widely used by the Penobscots. It can be used fresh, or dry. The most potent part of Indian Tobacco is the seed as it contains the most lobeline, the main ingredient which gives the plant its pyschoactive property. A common misconception is that when smoked it yields a euphoric "high" like feeling, when it actually produces a more relaxant like effect.
  • Medicine: Native Americans used lobelia to treat respiratory and muscle disorders, and as a purgative.
  • It is an emetic substance (causes vomiting) -- Indian Tobacco is also known as "pukeweed."

3.  More

4.  'Souls

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