Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum)

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Common Name Chrysanthemum
Latin Name Chrysanthemum
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"Chrysanthemum morifolium 小黃菊"
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1.  Description

Perennial flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae which are native to Asia and northeastern Europe. They were widely cultivated in gardens by humanity.

2.  Obtainment

Very easy. It is introduced and naturalized in much of North America.
Packs: Salsola has a pack garden, in which they also grow Chrysanthemum as a medicinal plant.

3.  Uses


  • Chrysanthemum leaves are steamed or boiled and used as greens.
  • Yellow or white chrysanthemum flowers of the species C. morifolium are boiled to make a sweet drink.

3.1  Repellent

The flowers are pulverized, and the active components called pyrethrins, contained in the seed cases, applied as a suspension in water or oil, or as a powder. Chemicals in Chrysanthemums attack the nervous systems of all insects, and inhibit female mosquitoes from biting. When not present in amounts fatal to insects, they still appear to have an insect repellent effect.

4.  More

5.  'Souls

  • Tasha Takekuro sometimes uses Chrysanthemum flower crowns
  • Hey, did your character do something cool with this plant?

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