Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

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Common Name Lemon Balm
Latin Name Melissa officinalis
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"Lemon Balm"
by Garitzko (own work)
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"Lemon Balm"
by hitomi (flickr.com)
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1.  Description

A perennial herb in the Mint family. The leaves have a gentle lemon scent, related to mint. During summer, small white flowers full of nectar appear. These attract bees. There are several varieties -- one with a stronger citronella scent, lime scent, strong lemon scent, etc.

2.  Obtainment

Common. It was a very common herb in human gardens prior to the apocalypse and can therefore be found growing wild in various areas. It will seed itself prolifically and can become a nuisance in gardens.


3.  Uses

  • Medicine: Used in herbal tea for its sedative effects, helps to calm and induce sleep; has anti-cold and anti-flu properties. It is claimed to have antibacterial and antiviral properties (it is effective against herpes simplex).
  • Scent: The crushed leaves, when rubbed on the skin, are used as a repellant for mosquitos.
  • Edible: Lemon balm is often used as a flavouring.

4.  More

5.  'Souls

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