Clove (Syzygium aromaticum)

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Common Name Clove
Latin Name Syzygium aromaticum
Icon(s) Cloves
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"Syzygium aromaticum on tree"
By tinofrey (Own work (own picture))
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1.  Description

The clove tree is an evergreen that grows to a height ranging from 8–12 m, having large leaves and sanguine flowers in numerous groups of terminal clusters. The flower buds are at first of a pale color and gradually become green, after which they develop into a bright red, when they are ready for collecting.

2.  Obtainment

Moderately difficult. This sort of plant requires a hot climate to grow -- most of the world's production was centered around the Indian Ocean (e.g., Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia) prior to the apocalypse. Nonetheless, it may be found in the Caribbean islands, Mexico, etc.
Packs: Inferni's D'Neville Mansion Greenhouse has three clove plants

3.  Uses

  • Scent: Subject to restrictions on its use in perfumery, as some may become sensitised to it.
  • Medicinal: Cloves may be used internally as a tea and topically as an oil for muscles. It alleviates dental pains.
  • Psychoactive: Clove cigarettes can be made. The eugenol in clove smoke causes a numbing of the throat.

4.  More

5.  'Souls

  • Though it usually cannot be grown in 'Souls climate, Inferni kept a few plants in its D'Neville Mansion greenhouse.
  • Enkiel Lykoi smokes cigarettes made from clove

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