The Cartel

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The Cartel
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  • Player Count: 8/10
  • NPCs: 4
  • Total Characters: 12/15


The Cartel was a small, coyote-run drug cartel, presently a group of ex-Infernians and ruffians down on their luck, banded together for companionship and survival. They later joined with the Drygrass Posse to form the pack, Del Cenere Gang.

  • Location: Northern Moosehead Lake
  • Icon: Flame
  • Scent: Coyote, smoke, tobacco and cannabis, livestock, Lykoi
  • Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
  • Dates Active: 1 Aug 2018 - 12 Jun 2019

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You have to love yourself a fire

The Cartel was a predominantly coyote-run group comprised of stragglers left in the wake of Inferni's disbandment. Its origins were largely founded in the thoughts and ideas of dissenters under Vicira Tears' rule -- including her own children. As the clan suffered from flooding, illness, and famine, discontent spread. Boone Lykoi declared his desire to overthrow his mother or desert Inferni, but the idea remained only an idea for some time.

On August 1st, 2018, Vicira disbanded Inferni. That night, she unexpectedly abandoned the remaining coyotes, with her mate Redtooth leaving in search of her. When neither returned, the small group (many of whom intended to part ways with the other stragglers) properly banded together. The group was largely nomadic from this point forward - following misfortune after misfortune in hopes of chasing proverbial greener pastures. While they had no true mission, the group remained together out of familiarity and stubborn acceptance as to what had come to pass, striving to keep the remaining pieces of the coyote clan alive in memory and little else. After a stint of wandering the wilderness, intrepid brothers Boone Winthrop and Nazario del Bosque attempted to each pull rank to start directing the band's aim towards intrepid goals and cohesion amongst their otherwise wayward and misfit group, to divisive response. Ultimately, the band dissolved in order to form the Del Cenere Gang.

1.  Positions

The Cartel did not have ranks or hierarchy -- rather, characters were titled by their animal nicknames. The names arose as a joke made by Laurel and caught on, and had the intention of eventually being utilized as code-names when engaging in otherwise underhanded or illicit acts.

El Gallo - Boone Winthrop

The Rooster

Named such for his braggadocios attitude and no shortage of brashness, the Machiavellian Boone earned his nickname through his conduct and overtly stubborn, proud behavior.

El Zorro - Nazario del Bosque

The Fox

Thought to be clever and quick, Nazario was quick to lean into his opportunistic, trickster nature and sticky hands in order to pilfer goods and swindle strangers out of their belongings on trade ventures.

La Paloma - Dahlia Winthrop

The Dove

Whilst hardly as soft as the nickname suggested - Boone gave it to her after growing sweet on Dahlia after she defected from Salsola. Disarming and quick, Dahlia brought new meaning to what it meant to be a dove.

La Alondra - Larka

The Lark

Partly a play on her own name, sweet Larka was taken in by Johnathan and given the nickname to suit her delicate - yet resilient - nature.

La Cierva - Lyssa Fontaine

The Deer

Flighty, nervous, and cautious - Lyssa garnered her nickname after she was found by happenstance, and later sought out The Cartel herself.

El Burro - Johnathan Winthrop

The Donkey

Johnathan's stubborn, at-times-loud, and deprecating personality made for a number of checks that his mouth was not quite up to cash. Much like the imagery his nickname evoked, Johnathan's mouth was about as cleanly as a barn.

El Guyo - Skeleton Key

The Weasel

Look at this man. Quick to smile to diffuse tension and more than a little suspicious at times, the well-meaning Skeleton unintentionally stuck to his nickname surprisingly well.

La Perra - Clover

The Dog

Arguably the least creative nickname - she garnered her nickname for her stubborn attitude and being otherwise designated as the 'fun police', which was, as it turned out, a much more necessary role than anticipated.

La Abuela - Vesper (NPC)

The Grandmother

Whilst not an animal nickname, Vesper was far from your grandma's grandma. Named such for her advanced age, and her experience, Vesper regularly subverted expectations when it came to little old ladies.

El Perezoso - Ronald Winthrop (NPC)

The Sloth

Easy-going and amiable, Ronnie wasn't so much in the business of causing trouble with others so much as he was dissuading arguments or conflict with his friendly, if sometimes lazy, demeanor.

El Halcón - Briarblack (NPC)

The Falcon

Sharp eyed and counterpart to Clover's fun-police, Briarblack got her nickname for her harping and sometimes abrasive attitude. (And, perhaps, a little part to her shrill nagging.)

El Conejo - Hope Lykoi (NPC)

The Rabbit

A drastic contrast to her younger sister, Hope exemplified her nickname with her outwardly soft-spoken demeanor and approachability.

2.  History

After the abandonment of then-Aquila Vicira Tears, the Cartel formed out of the stragglers that remained in the wake of Inferni's disbandment; with the newly formed band packed up, they sought out their first destination: The Dampwoods, which was still somewhat familiar in the wake of the Inferni-Salsola War. Instead of finding solace and bounty, lean times followed the fledgling group, and kept them fruitlessly moving. Over the winter, the band, suffering losses and gains alike, relocated towards Searsport to try their luck in new localities.

With concerns for their safety after Dahlia Winthrop (ne. de le Poer) joined their ranks (thanks to her stint within Salsola), the band relocated once again northwards to their final destination at the Northern point of Moosehead Lake. In the dead of winter, they come upon the still small Drygrass Posse, struggling with a broken-down wagon and looking down on their luck. With promise to help them over a mutual interest in aid and familiarity in their coyote-dominant groups, The Cartel made strives to assist their fresh allies, unaware of the trouble that tagged along on their heel.

As spring emerged, the Cartel and their newfound sister band attempted to put together something of a feast to get to know one another. Members collected, snacks[1] [2] and prepared for a party - [3] [4] [5] though during the dinner, members of the two groups realize that strange occurrences have been popping up throughout nearby territories.[6]

A series of strange happenings started to unfold throughout the following week while members of the two groups investigate. Members discovered a horse, still in full-tack, wandering through the woods,M [7], a camp was discovered, and evidence of fighting in the newly-discovered camp were uncovered,M [8], a dead coyote-looking woman was found hanging from a tree,M [9], a loner was chased off in a rainstorm,M [10], and a wolf was interrogated.M [11] These uncomfortable events all preceded the final horrifying message: Calhoun Escuella's body was lashed to a horse, beheaded, and his head placed in the saddle and sent to The Cartel and the Posse as a warning.M [12] The two groups came together to host a funeral[13], and made further discussion as to what needed done with these unprecedented threats.

Aggressors Solomon James and Pippin Hamer made efforts to set the Cartel's camp ablaze in the dead of night to stir chaos.[14], [15] Driven to act, the duo of bands faced off against their attackers and came to the decision to come together and form Del Cenere for mutual protection against future threats.

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