Lilia Salcedo

by San

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  1.   1.  Personality
    1.   1.1  Summary
    2.   1.2  Traits
  2.   2.  Interaction
  3.   3.  Appearance
    1.   3.1  Basics
  4.   4.  Relationships
    1.   4.1  Family Relationships
    2.   4.2  Family: Salcedo
    3.   4.3  General Relations
  5.   5.  History

Lilia Salcedo is a Princess of Onuba, the daughter of Salvador Salcedo and niece to Rafael Salcedo. She is named after her deceased aunt, whose tragic and untimely death resulted in the exile of her uncle. Following a visit from Rafael and Stannis de le Poer in 2016, Lilia insisted that she journey to Nova Scotia with him to learn swordsmanship, which she believes is her true calling.

She was present at the first attack which marked the beginning of the Second Boreas War, but she did not participate in the fighting at her uncle's behest. She continued to train with Rafael up until he lost his right hand during the final battle. Since then, she has transitioned to training with Indra Winters, who is a close friend of the Salcedo family, and Neith Heiwa, an intriguing man who also uses a rapier.

Although she was forbidden from participating in most of the skirmishes in the Inferni and Salsola War, Lilia was forced to take matters into her own hand when she heard of Neith's capture. She and Indra successfully execute their plan to rescue Neith from Inferni, and are later hand-picked to ride with the Boss into the final battle.

Lilia is currently ranked The Family of Salsola and holds the Milite job.





Player Info

  • Family: Salcedo
  • Birthplace: Onuba
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: Innocence, Purity (Latin)
    • Last Name: Willow Tree (Latin)
  • Nicknames: Lilly
  • Pronunciation: lih-lee-ya sahl-sey-do


Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

The Family (November 2017)

Salsolans may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Lilia accompany her uncle, Rafael Salcedo
  • Seeing Lilia sparring or practicing sword fighting

1.  Personality

1.1  Summary

Much like her father Salvador, Lilia has a natural charisma that allows her to get along with most types of people. She has a tactful way of delivering her opinions such that few ever get offended, even if her viewpoint challenges their own. Her calm and affable mien would seem at odds with the violence of swordplay, but she is anything but docile in a bout. Lilia harbors an untainted and deeply passionate love of the sport, and it is her dream to someday be a great swords-woman.

Lilia is a Princess of the Salcedo family in Onuba, and as such was raised with high expectations and the societal concerns of ranking, lineage, and rigid gender roles. As a bright and ambitious young woman, Lilia determined to create her own vision of the world and thus her own identity in it. She does not reject the femininity expected of her, nor does she accept the masculinity denied to her, and refuses to label herself in any way except by her actions.

Lilia receives great support from her family and overall had a pleasant upbringing. She approaches life with the same love, warmth, and respect she received growing up, and she is said to be very appreciative of even the smallest things.

1.2  Traits

  • Demeanor: Humorous, Charming, Witty, Affable
  • Outlook: Positive, Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extrovert
  • Quirks: Lilia is an EXPERT-LEVEL gift giver and if she takes a shine to someone, she will lavish them in presents. She will also give small gifts to friends whenever she sees them.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
Driven to right injustice
Value both personal freedom and adherence to laws
Will never attack an unarmed foe and will never harm an innocent

2.  Interaction

  • Speech: Lilia is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English (Common Tongue). Lilia has a faint Spanish lilt to her voice when speaking English, though she will sometimes playfully emphasize her accent, especially to roll her 'r's.
  • Scent: Salcedo, willow, lilies

3.  Appearance

3.1  Basics


  • General

Tall and willowy, Lilia embodies the grace and fatal beauty of her chosen weapon, the Rapier. She moves with a calm, confident air and possesses all the poise of a Court-born woman. Her humanization is most prominent in the way she wears her long hair, which is often in elaborate braids or updo's that keep it from falling into her face. She is rarely without clothing, and her attire mostly consists of flowing fabrics, typically a dress of some shade of light purple. She mostly forgoes jewelry due to its tendency to get in the way, though she collects necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other baubles anyway (they are too pretty to pass up). She bathes frequently to maintain the softness of her thin coat, and perfumes herself with local flowers, which she also tends to wear in her hair. In colder temperatures, Lilia will don form-fitting fur dresses and a cloak of white wool.


Coloration and Palette

  • Nose: Fallow (#c19d76)
  • Paw Pads: Blue Zodiac (#3a3c4d)
  • Claws: Fallow (#c19d76)
General Colors
Pale Brown (#977353)
Martini (#7c6867)
Akaroa (#bfaf9d)
Gallery (#ddd7d5)
White Lilac (#e0e0e2)
Eye Color
Deep Lilac (#8b44b5)
Medium Orchid (#b164d4)


73 lbs (33 kg)
28 in (72 cm)



130 lbs (58 kg)
38 in (96 cm)



145 lbs (65 kg)
5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

Optime (Preferred)


4.  Relationships

4.1  Family Relationships

  • Rafael: Lilia grew up hearing stories (and rumors) about her infamous uncle, but took them all with a grain of salt. When she finally met him, she was instead impressed by his skill with the sword, and decided right away that she would rather learn from him than stay in a stifling society that denied her many of the activities she preferred to do. Thirsty for adventure and a chance at becoming the great swordswoman she has always dreamed of being, Lilia pushed her father until he finally agreed to let her return with Rafael to Salsola.
  • Violeta Rose Soul: Lilia immediately embraced Violeta as a member of her family. She feels that they are similar people and that they share many interests, both superficial and deep. Although her uncle deeply opposes putting Violeta in any circumstance even resembling danger, Lilia has begun to train Violeta in secret, at her request.
  • Maribel & Rita: Lilia has always acted as the neutral party between her two sisters, who don't always get along. She is very close to each of them and shares an affectionate, caring relationship with them both. They are her best friends.
  • Mateo: Lilia and Mateo have a slightly competitive repartee, but for the most part Lilia adores her brother and teases him with her love.
  • Salvador: Lilia absolutely loves her father and he absolutely loves her. They get along famously.
  • Emiliana: Lilia cherishes her mother and shares a deep understanding with her that seems more like a good friendship than that of a mother and daughter. Though Lilia knows her mother desires for Lilia to conform to the expectations of their family, she has only ever encouraged and supported Lilia's interests.

4.2  Family: Salcedo

by marriage: Violeta Rose Soul

Art by Nina, given by Lorraine

4.3  General Relations


  • Indra Winters: Lilia became acquainted with Indra after Rafael lost his right hand. Intrigued by the enigmatic woman, Lilia vigorously sought and eventually achieved friendship with her. They began to train together and have only grown closer since. Lilia feels immense fondness for Indra, though she has not examined the type of affection it is.
  • Neith Heiwa: Neith is another of Lilia's sparring companions. She is delighted by his company and desires to learn more about his life, and him.
  • Stannis de le Poer: Lilia came to know Stannis while returning with her uncle to Salsola. She grew to be very fond of him, and lovingly refers to him as "Uncle". Her secret mission is to find out what he misses from his homeland the most and acquire it for him.

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

  • Elphaba Revlis: Lilia was left with a distaste for the other Revlis daughter after the incident with her uncle. She believes that Elphaba should have taken more responsibility for her uncle's well-being following his loss, as is custom in Onuba when similar incidents occur. She carefully hides her displeasure, however, as she perceives Elphaba to be a dangerous person.

5.  History

2017 Threads

January - September

At the end of 2016, Lilia arrives to Salsola and is welcomed by the first attack of the Second Boreas Conflict. She manages to settle in despite the war, and begins training with her uncle in-between his Milite duties. She meets several notable persons in Salsola, and attends her first Last Supper. Following the loss of her uncle's right hand, she begins to train with Neith Heiwa. A mysterious young woman also arrives from overseas and begins hanging around the Salcedo household. Lilia observes her encouragement of her uncle, who had fallen into a depression, and takes an interest in her. They eventually begin training together.



The outbreak of the Inferni-Salsola War provides Lilia with the opportunity to test her mettle. She and Indra spend more time sparring together. When she hears of Neith's capture, she and Indra devise a plan to rescue him and are successful, despite minor hiccups. The fighting culminates to a final battle in Drifter Bay, and with very little training in mounted combat, Lilia is thrown from Maximo's back when they are attacked. Her injuries prevent her from defending herself adequately, and she is rescued by Indra. In the days of her recovery, she and Rafael have a fight that is, unbeknownst to her, a challenge of rank. When she wins, Rafael reveals his plan to retire and start a family with his wife.


  1. a mind without purpose will wander in dark places
    Salsola, with Indra Winters. Lilia and Indra train in the moonlight
  2. you'll hear your sister sleep talking
    Salsola, with Ondine Heiwa. Lilia seeks a Seer's help with her conflicted feelings about the War.
  3. (m) stand by you, walk through fire
    Inferni, with Indra, Ros, Neith, Antioch. Lilia, Indra, and Ros go to Inferni to rescue Neith and Ask Fylgja, and are attacked by Antioch on their way out.
  4. (m) of rage and glory, come clear my lungs
    Drifter Bay, with Salvia, Indra, Vesper, Fang, Clover. The final battle of the War, Lilia is dismounted and attacked by Clover. Indra comes to rescue her, but suffers a major injury as a result. Meanwhile Salvia kicks ass.
  5. your blood, your bones, and your ghost
    Salsola, with Rafael. After days of healing and rest from the battle, Lilia goes to meet her uncle only to be attacked by him. She is forced to use her wits in order to defeat him. He reveals that it was a final test and that he means to pass his rank onto her and retire from fighting in order to have a family with his wife.
  6. (m) world-wrecked, they seek only oblivion
    Salsola, with Indra. An injured Indra seeks out the Salcedo home, much to Lilia's surprise.