• Gender: Female ♀
  • Location: Georgia, USA
  • Birthday: 22 September 1992
  • Joined: 01 May 2012
  • Primary: Laurentius Astora
  • Contact information for Pabs here:

PM — Laurentius Astora

  • PM is strongly preferred for 'Souls related conversations.

E-mail —

  • E-mail is somewhat preferred for any reason; I frequently check my e-mail.

Discord — CoLyTh#1302

  • Discord is strongly preferred for any reason; I check in frequently and am always signed in

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Heyo! My name is Courtney, though I am known through-out 'Souls as Pablo, or more commonly Pabs. I'm currently 26 years old and I live in the Atlanta area. I joined originally back in 2012 with Percival Teach, before returning shortly afterward with Harvey Butler. Afterward, I played Basil Butler in attempt to drag out that family drama, but soon lost motivation. After a hiatus, I'm back at it again with my boy Laurentius Astora. Let's rock and roll. I am currently trying my best you guys. >:C

Due to my anxiety and introverted personality, I may seem stand-offish or uninterested. Please be aware that this is not the case, and I very much enjoy conversation and inclusion in events. While I am not as active in general as I was before, I still care very much for the 'Souls community and would love to have the pleasure of getting to fellow members more!
I kinda tend to be easily intimidated, but I always appreciate conversation! I also often lurk/stalk threads (both IC and OOC) heavily and admire from afar. :')

Hobbies include reading, drawing, and playing video games. I also play Magic the Gathering, and my personality can be summed up by simply stating that I'm a blue player.
I absolutely adore dinosaurs (my favourite is archaeopteryx), Marvel (especially Spider-Man), and space. I love science fiction and post-apocalyptic genres!

My sense of "humour" is exceptionally dry and typically self-deprecating, and while it translates even worse over text format, please be aware that majority of the time, I am simply attempting to be funny and mean no offense to myself or others. :')

1.  Characters

1.1  Active

1.2  Inactive

Future Characters

Retired Characters

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  • NPCs (Species)

2.  RP Info

2.1  Plot & Thread Requests

  • You may contact me any time for thread requests; if I am unable to accept them, we may plan for future threads.
  • I'm fairly lenient regarding plots, so feel free to offer any ideas.
  • I will not typically date threads, but I am not against adjusting dates to better fit a timeline.

2.2  Assumptions

  • OOC endings are acceptable, as long I am made aware of how it is concluded.

2.3  Replies and Speeds

  • My replies are varied, but I like to reply within a couple weeks (slow replies).
  • I often read replies and forget to reply. Feel free to remind me of a thread if you feel it is necessary!
  • If you need faster replies to a certain thread, please PM and let me know. I will make it priority.

2.4  Archival

  • I will not archive threads until an ending has been established (either IC or OOC).
  • Gravedigging is acceptable upon request.

2.5  Other Preferences

  • I typically aim for replies with at least 200-500 words. As long as your reply has sufficient content, I am not picky about word count.
  • Minor PP (powerplay) is acceptable and typically does not need permission.
  • Major PP will require permission, but is generally acceptable after discussion.
  • Though I will roleplay mature themed threads, I prefer a 'fade-to-black' approach for sexually explicit plots.

3.  Guestbook

  • baby needs snack of cleaner Despi
    • three eyed metal husband Despi
    • daddy like a pretty baby!! Despi
  • *choke* YOURE FEMALE?! I always thought u were a dude, I sorry :( <3 - Sammiie
  • Pablo is the coolest! :D ~ Raze
  • J's stolen apple ;.; ~ J @ September 19, 2013, at 08:55 PM EST
    • I, J, hereby claim my undying love for Pablo. She is mine. And you guys can't take her away from me @October 22, 2013 at 06:15 AM EST
      • *touches because he can* - J