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  • Species: Wolf or Wolf mixed with Dog or Jackal
  • Family Origin: Russia
  • Surname: Hushhowl, "Tikhiy voy/Тихий вой: Quiet Howling"
  • Archetype (Group): Earlier Generations are more Feral, Later Generations are more Civilized (CdC Influence)
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Warrior, Artisan
  • Genetic Familial Influences: Hushhowl, Attaya, Knight/Stryder, Ad'j/Itou
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  1.   1.  Main Influences
    1.   1.1  Hushhowl
    2.   1.2  Attaya
    3.   1.3  Knight/Stryder
    4.   1.4  Ad'j/Itou
  2.   2.  Family Members
    1.   2.1  First Generation
    2.   2.2  Second Generation
    3.   2.3  Third Generation
  3.   3.  Other Hushhowls
    1.   3.1  Ancestors
    2.   3.2  Non-Blood "Family"
  4.   4.  Defining Features
    1.   4.1  Physical Features
  5.   5.  History
  6.   6.  Culture and Homeland
  7.   7.  Friends and Enemies
    1.   7.1  Family Friends
    2.   7.2  Family Enemies

1.  Main Influences

1.1  Hushhowl

The Hushhowl family line starts with Darkness Hushhowl. Darkness' parents held different surnames, as was their tradition to mix elements of their surname as a gift to their children. This tradition stopped with Darkness and Hartt Attaya's first litter, due to his split from his father and his mother's untimely death and their inability to pass on the information from the tradition and for the fact that the litter was split with Zalen Damaichu's genes.

1.2  Attaya

The Attaya influence began with Hartt Attaya's mateship with Darkness Hushhowl, at the beginning of the Hushhowl family tree in Nova Scotia. It was the Attaya influence that began the tradition of colored markings around the eyes.

1.3  Knight/Stryder

The Knight and Stryder families merged with the Hushhowl family upon the mateship of Night Hushhowl and Remus Knight. Remus brought with him the famed Knight name and has ties with the Stryder lines. Due to the importance of the Knight family within Casa di Cavalieri the Knight name will be carried alongside the Hushhowl name.

1.4  Ad'j/Itou

With Zetsubou's influence on the Hushhowl family, his genes have continued to influence the size and certain particular markings into the mix. Markings such as white spots on the wrists and feet, dark markings under the eyes, and a 'V'shape darker marking on the chest. The Itou side of Zetsubou has introduced Jackal and Reddish Brown coats into the genetic makeup of the Hushhowls, as well as violet eye hues.


2.  Family Members

2.1  First Generation

2.2  Second Generation

2.3  Third Generation

3.  Other Hushhowls

3.1  Ancestors

There is no shared history or open knowledge of The Hushhowl clan before their arrival to Nova Scotia.

3.2  Non-Blood "Family"

  • Wolfe-Denahli Family is very tight knit with the Hushhowl clan within Casa di Cavalieri



4.  Defining Features

General information about features that define this family.

4.1  Physical Features

The first generation of Hushhowls have marked this family as a larger boned and muscular type build. There are rare outliers, such as Day Hushhowl. Dense and plush coats are made for harsh winters and very long hair is not at all uncommon, but shorter hairstyles are not disallowed.


Different shades of Candlelight (#785021) and Eastern Blue (#2481B2) are highly common eye colors with those blood related to the Hushhowl Clan. With dog genes, eyes can be marbled. Heterochromia is common. Green and lavender eyes are a rare, recessive gene; though the gene may be passed on to future generations even if the parents don't have green eyes, it can go generations without showing.

Eye Markings

Colored markings have no relation to rank or family. Can be any color, shape or type. Usually Asymmetrical.


Coats range from black to white and scales of brown or red. Solid white or minimal marked white coats are common, though when coats are heavily marked they are usually agouti or sable in pattern. Some Hushhowls carry a small black dot above the right eye, and silver ears and v-shaped chest markings are also a trend.

Facial Markings

Starting with the Attaya lines, facial markings have become a tradition as Hushhowl children come of age. Included are the current designs that are in use.

Retired Facial Markings

Upon death, facial markings can be used to influence or inspire future markings.

5.  History

The history of the Hushhowl Clan begins in Nova Scotia with Darkness' arrival. He lived a meager nomadic lifestyle until becoming a member of Hartt Attaya's birth pack. The pack had been destroyed, leaving Darkness roaming again, only to stumble upon Hartt as if destiny had chosen their fates to be entwined. From that moment on, despite hardships, pack disbandings and Darkness' uncanny ability to get separated from his family unit, Darkness and Hartt always find themselves together again, to grow their small family in the best way they are able.

6.  Culture and Homeland

  • The Hushhowl name hails from Russia.
  • Darkness having come from Russia at a young age knows little of Russian heritage and culture. He holds onto the language, but that is about all he remembers.
  • Family members are raised as a strong and close knit family unit. They value family above all else, and no member is outcast.
  • Hushowls are not fond of laziness. They are hardworking, aiming to become highly skilled and are proud of what they do.
  • The Yin-Yang Tree of Life is the marker for the Hushhowl Clan; A Symbol of the Duality of life. All family members have it, and it is bestowed on those adopted into the name.

7.  Friends and Enemies

7.1  Family Friends

  • Wolfe-Denahli Family
    • Jace, Honrin, Risa, Quinn, Jacelyn

7.2  Family Enemies

  • Shaamah - For crimes of Murder and Assault against the Hushhowl Family