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Delphine Haskel is the daughter of Galilee, born in the settlement of L'Autre Cour alongside two siblings.

Theirs was a peaceful childhood, with frequent visits to the seaside and their relatives in the Citadel. With the aid of family and neighbors, Galilee raised her children to be as wild and bold as she was, telling them tales of Cour des Miracles and its heroes -- including their grandfather, the late Skoll Haskel.

They grew up fearing nothing and wanting for little, until they reached shifting age and their universe opened up a little more. The wonders of Portland and the wide, wild world it represented tempted the adolescents, and Galilee was forced to acknowledge the fact that she'd need to let her children loose eventually; all she could ask was that they keep each other safe.


Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 2022
  • Birthplace: L'Autre Cour, Maine
  • Etymology:
    • Delphine: dolphin; of Delphi (French, Latin)
    • Haskel: wisdom; God will strengthen (Yiddish, Hebrew)
Physical Description
  • Sex: Female
  • Pronouns: she/her
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolfdog 1
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1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


Though shorter than her siblings, Delphine makes up for it in bulk. She has broad shoulders and well-toned arms and legs, with a healthy amount of muscle and fat both on her solid frame. She has small, wedge-shaped ears and a shorter, broad muzzle with big teeth.

She is a sandy coloration, with darker blue-grey markings on her nape, dorsal area, front limbs, and tail -- as well as a dark mask on her muzzle. Streaks of white break up this coloration, accenting her eyes and cheeks in distinct stripes, and dappling the blue. Her eyes are fierce gold, a throwback to her maternal grandmother.

  • Speech: Husky, boyish, casual, confident. Fluent in French.
  • Scent: Sea-salt and sun-baked sand, bay mud, eelgrass, fish, Haskel.
  • Physical Expression & Quirks: Rough-and-tumble, very physical in displays of both affection and anger. Punches/cuffs others out of affection. Displays a big, fangy, shit-eating grin.


by Raze by Despi

1.2  Personality

Summarized: Bombastic, hot-tempered, friendly, goofy, competitive

Delphine is a boisterous firecracker, with the volume and physicality of the ocean itself. She throws herself whole-heartedly into everything she does -- to prove to herself and the world that she can. Though she gets riled up and angry easily, she is generally a nice person and is a good, if sometimes overwhelming, friend. When she isn't trying to win, she doesn't take herself too seriously and loves to make jokes.

To be interpreted and fleshed out by adopter!

  • While she's intended to share many of her mother's personality traits, Del can have complex feelings about this. Does she resent being compared to Galilee for some reason, or does she take pride in it? What if she falls short of the things she aspires to be?
  • Her fiery temper could be a source of conflict. Does her anger come from witnessing injustices in the world? Is she just easily frustrated? If she channels her anger into aggression, does she pick fights, and is it easy for her to make enemies? While I'd prefer she not be evil, she could go down a darker, more violent path depending on how this is approached.
  • Up to adopter!
  • Delphine is likely to enjoy physical activities, such as fighting, spear-fishing, and swimming, that she can throw herself into. (She might not be as good at those things as she hopes, though.)
  • She is likely to partake in vices like soft drugs.
  • Scholarly pursuits are not likely to come easy to Del; she is likely to find these things difficult or just boring.
  • Up to adopter!
  • She is equally likely to choose a more submissive partner, or enjoy the tension and competition that comes with an equally dominant one.
  • Delphine was raised with watered-down belief in the Abrahamic god and the concept of good and evil; his observation of religious concepts is probably relaxed.
  • Delphine could drift away from this belief, connect with other deities, or develop more complex feelings about it.

2.  Relationships

  • Parents: Delphine is very much her mother Galilee's mini-me, inheriting many of her bombastic traits and tendencies. As such, Lee seems more like her friend than her mother sometimes -- but when they do butt heads, the fallout is intense. Del struggles to understand some of Lee's choices or, really, more than her surface-level presentation.
  • Siblings: She and Apollo are partners-in-crime, co-owners of a single brain cell, finishing each other's bits and getting each other into trouble. Del knows Pyrrha cares, but she sees her sister as the "fun police" and is often resentful of her "parenting."

1 68.75% Wolf: Eastern Timber, Common Gray, Arctic, Italian, Mackenzie Valley
31.25% Dog: German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute, Belgian Malinois, Doberman Pinscher