Spotlight Soul 2019

1.  Winners

1.1  January - Kaeli Blacksun

January's Spotlight Soul is Kaeli Blacksun (Hydra)! Kaeli is a perfect example of a strong character comeback -- this past month especially she has been kicking butt in Salsola, taking up the difficult position of an older warrior with treasonous inclinations against the growing tide of youthful loyalists. Her fraught interactions with other members of the Family are becoming more curious by the minute, and her interesting take on pack politics makes for a refreshing and challenging change of pace. We can't wait to see what happens to her in the new year!

1.2  February - Milos Parhelion

February's Spotlight Soul is Milos Parhelion (Mandi)! After his years in Krokar, poor Milos was forced to witness the destruction of his home and soon found himself and his daughter the unwilling prisoners of a cult preaching the end of the world. Most horrifically, Milos was forced to participate in events leading up to a murder. It was only after this gruesome act that he and his daughter were reunited and, remarkably, freed. While they seek out the remains of their pack and family, we have have our fingers crossed for a happy ending!

1.3  March - Cottongrass

March's Spotlight Soul is Cottongrass (Emmett)! Having recently joined Mistfell Vale, this guy is trying to settle in with his packmates and looks to have made a few friends already too! While he doesn't have it easy being a Non-Luperci, Cottongrass has a sweet disposition and charming personality that certainly helps overcoming such a hurdle.

1.4  April - Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi

April's Spotlight Soul is Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi (J)! As accusations towards him in regards to Salsola's Inquisition are ramping up, Till finds himself an easy target. Is he involved in the curse supposedly afflicting Salsola, or are other characters using this as an opportunity to remove a thorn from their side?

1.5  May - Grievous Eternity

May's Spotlight Soul is Grievous Eternity (Mel)! Ever since he proposed to the strict and no-nonsense Paladin of Salsola, Idrieus, this loverboy has pulled out all the stops to prove his devotion and worthiness as a partner, as well as shown his loyalty to his Kingdom. From training and working with the new livestock gained from Krokar's disbandment, to patching the injuries of his packmates in the wake of SL lacking a true healer, to working to solve the mystery of the Sanctum murders, Grievous may be a quiet man, but, he's by no means an inactive one!

1.6  June - Inara Ailurus

The Spotlight Soul for June is Inara Ailurus' (Bear) of The Shoal! In spite of tragically losing her second pack and navigating the hardships of loner life, Inara has blossomed into an expressive and confident young woman. Since discovering Biff's Bar, where she currently dances for the patrons, Inara has spent more and more time away from the base camp she shares with her adopted family. In recent weeks, Inara returned home injured and this has created tension between herself and one particular individual: a young man she grew up with who she has developed romantic feelings for. Inara's development has been a joy to follow! What direction will life take her next?

1.7  July - Aldora Knight

The Spotlight Soul for July is Aldora Knight (Nat) of Casa di Cavalieri, who eagerly participated in the recent mystery-rescue event. She also has been very hands on with helping Eros work through if he belongs in Casa or not, through multiple interesting threads leading up to her saving Luca's life. Aldora has also acted as a guide for newer members, including helping Theodora understand Casa's culture more and find suitable mentors for her skill development, and bonding with Cidro over their love of singing.

1.8  August - Zuri Acidic-Trombetta

This month's Spotlight Soul is Zuri Acidic-Trombetta (Salena). Perhaps one of the most well known faces within her pack, Zuri recently had her first children with her mate and has been helping members old and young alike. Zuri has been working on training her rather unique companions, bats, for the benefit of the Vale as well!

1.9  September - Alejandra Sanctus

Our Spotlight Soul this month is Alejandra Sanctus (veldt). Alejandra has been a busy slave servant of the Greygrief House since her unfortunate arrival to the Thistle Kingdom, where she was spared her life, but at the cost of her freedom. Having come from an old enemy of Salsola, Alejandra has done her best to keep her Boreas ties a secret from her fellow Salsolans, however, her romantic and secret involvement with the House's enemy, Till, might do her in all the same if she is discovered! She's not satisfied with her life beneath another's rule, but she best be careful with how she rebels against her masters! In Salsola, the payment can be steep!

1.10  October - Lyssa Fontaine

Our Spotlight Soul this month is Lyssa Fontaine (Ruby). Ambitious and dedicated, Lyssa Fontaine has certainly been proving her worth within Del Cenere! Always one to try and make friends, her presence among the Gang is refreshingly optimistic and endearingly sweet. But don't take her outgoing personality for weakness! This brave and hardworking gal can hold her own, often traveling outside of the Gang's territory to establish positive relationships with members from neighboring packs, and her principles have made her one of the first Ashen to achieve an Occupation among the Gang. Go, Lyssa, go!

1.11  November - Clementine Salcedo

The Spotlight Soul for November is Clementine Salcedo (Lorraine). A young woman with noble roots in her Salsola, Clementine proved the depth of her ambition by usurping a fellow packmember. She has been encountering new faces both in and outside of her pack, and looks to be establishing trade connections. We're certainly curious to see where her plans take her next!

1.12  December - Athras Eryn

The Spotlight Soul for November is Athras Eryn (Stormie). The second-in-command of New Caledonia has been up to all sorts of things, especially following his appearance at last month's Diplomacy Summit. Even strange disturbances haven't stopped Athras from eagerly spreading word of the new settlement, especially around pretty faces. He and his King have embraced other displaced remnants from fallen packs even if they've already gotten their people tied up with questionable allies.