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Joined 'Souls in April 2019! I am a high school teacher in Canada and love anything creative. Besides writing, I enjoy cross-stitching, knitting, painting, and colouring. Also, I am a big nerd for anything Marvel, Pokemon, Nintendo, Harry Potter, dinosaurs, and anime in general. Contact me if you wanna thread :)

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  • Slytherin
  • Musician: Saxophone, Piano, Ukulele
  • I have a yorkie poo named Ollie and a leopard gecko named Kiwi
  • Melissa is my roommate ;)

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Active Characters

Brannon O'Neil

Junior Cadet of Casa di Cavalieri.

Brannon had grown up quite happily under his loving adoptive mothers' guidance, with a lively den of siblings.

After discovering his father was responsible for the killing of the late Lune, Brannon's happy and carefree demeanor changed considerably. Now Brannon was always worried that others were comparing him to his father and so he became reserved and moody.

With help from his mentor Aldora, Brannon has worked quietly to prove himself as a respectable member of Casa. While he is not adept at sparing yet, he trains seriously as he prepares for his First Blood.

Lyssa Fontaine

Enkindled of Del Cenere Gang.

As a founding member of DCG, Lyssa has risen to the title of The Diplomat. She works hard to maintain pack relationships while keeping the pack safe at home.

An overabundance of trust and naivete during her younger years has lead Lyssa to become more cautious and pessimistic. Heartbreak and loss have plagued this woman's journey as she tries to find herself all over again.

Other Characters

Inactive Characters



Eskasoni Poitier

His mother fled his birthplace with him and his father at a young age after a confrontation about how they practiced their spirituality. Shortly after, he and his mother got split from his father in hope of covering double the ground to find a new home. After months of searching for him, he was never found, his mother saying that he was most likely dead. Raised solely by his mother, the young pup grew up living the words of the Creator and practicing his faith, while also being told stories of his father's acts of heroism.

At six months he had his Naming Ceremony, were he was gifted the name Eskasoni, meaning "where the fir trees are plentiful". Now a man, Eskasoni lived his truth by being one with nature, just like his mother. The two of them were never apart, until one day she said she needed to leave, promising to be back soon after the Lunar eclipse.

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