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  3.   3.  History
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  • Date of Birth: 20 June 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Non-Luperci
  • Ex: Falcon
  • cNPC: —
  • yNPC: —
  • Minor NPCs:

Pack Information

OOC Assumptions

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Pack History

  • Duration: 17 January 2019 to 17 April 2019
  • House: Hawkesond
  • Ranks: Ironpath (1 March — 17 April)
    • Bronspath (1 February — 1 March)
    • Crowstooth (17 January — 1 February)

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics



  • Species: A purebred and obvious Arctic Wolf with his small ears, short muzzle, short legs, and his double coated, weatherproof coat.
  • Fur: An owl’s nest; a permanently messy, flyaway, and fluffy owl’s nest. Cottongrass’ fur is long, thick, double coated, and weatherproof with long, coarse exterior guard hairs and a dense, soft, wool-like undercoat. He grows a second layer of fur during the winter which is then shed in the spring.
  • Facial Features: Boyish, masculine, and representative of his heritage. He’s got a big head with two small rounded ears, a short blunt muzzle, and bright expressive owlish eyes.
  • Build and Size: With an average height and an above average weight, Cottongrass is a beefcake with broad shoulders, a barrel chest, short, stocky, powerful legs, large paws, and, of course, a soft tummy.
    • Height: 32 in (81.3 cm)
    • Weight: 90 lbs (40.8 kg)
  • Humanization: Low to nonexistent. Cottongrass lives a largely non-humanized lifestyle as a non-Luperci.

Best represented by Dag at Tiergarten Schönbrunn

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Speech: Suspendisse imperdiet nisi mauris.
  • Scent: Warmth, sweat, grass, dirt.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Curabitur vestibulum ligula non efficitur placerat. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Fusce mattis nec augue quis pellentesque. Quisque viverra magna at placerat euismod. Cras varius sem tellus, semper dignissim ex cursus et.

2.  Personality

2.1  Ideals


Energetic, childish, emotional, sensitive, insecure, intense.

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Eager, but also confused
  • MBTI: ESFJ (The Caregiver)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
    • "Will never betray a friend and enjoys having close friends."
    • "Will take actions to aid others during times of crisis, even if unprofitable to do so."
    • "Believes everyone should be treated fairly and kindly."
    • "Feels guilt when he commits a wrongdoing and will seek to right his wrong."


  • Adventure
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  • Horses
    • Having been stepped on by hooved animals many times in the past, Cottongrass distrusts, dislikes, and fears horses. Why anyone would keep one for fun is a mystery and horror story rolled into one.


  • Likes: Owls, stories, adventuring, exploring.
  • Dislikes: Horses, commitment, responsibility, expectations, serious conversations, restriction.


  • Species
    • While not malicious, Cottongrass sees wolves as the ‘default’ species, with dogs being weird wolves that don’t like being called wolves.
  • Non-Luperci
    • All non-Luperci (or even those just temporarily four legged) are his friend until proven otherwise.


  • Homosexual
    • Primarily attracted to men, Cottongrass is a sucker for wolves and wolf hybrids with soft, kind, and intelligent personalities.


  • Somewhere between Animistic and Agnostic.
    • Raised with his grandfather’s (or ataatatsiaq's) traditional animistic beliefs which have since been simplified into the idea of good and bad actions, with bad actions resulting in bad luck.
    • While he believes there is a higher power out there—whether it's the spirits his ataatatsiaq told him about, or something else entirely—he doesn’t know the specifics. (And doesn't like thinking about it, thank you very much.)
  • Superstitious
    • Cottongrass genuinely believes that he is cursed with bad luck and that he did something when he was younger to deserve it. Because of this, he doesn’t do much in terms of breaking or lifting the ‘curse.’


  • Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs
    • As a non-Luperci, Cottongrass has little interest in drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

3.  History

3.1  2018

December 2018

Arriving on the east coast in early December, Cottongrass is quick to meet new faces and make new friends, notable among them being Falcon. The two are quick to bond over the story of the qalupalik, and after an unpleasant encounter in the woods, Cotton spends the night in Mistfell Vale with the coyote hybrid, furthering their budding friendship.

Later that month, Cottongrass continues heading east with the goal of finding new stories to share with the coyote. During his journey east he meets and eventually befriends Cidro Amato de la Peña after the two meet during chaotic rainy night, and is even charged by a moose, only to be saved by the very beautiful and handsome Cedric Stryder.


  1. I'll Get the Old Door in the Face (05 December)
    Cottongrass follows the scent trail of Tamara de le Poer. She tells him to leave. He does.
  2. Early Morning, Take Me Over (08 December)
    While playing in a stream and diving for rocks, Cottongrass is startled by Iosif
  3. Rather Be Making Memories (09 December)
    In Camp Gagetown, Cottongrass meets Falcon. The two are quick to bond, with Cotton talking about the qalupalik.
  4. Some Birds Aren't Meant to Be Caged (11 December)
    Wandering east, Cottongrass decides to climb a tree and meets a curious crow—Dogmeat
  5. And Some Just Won't See the Light of Day (13 December)
    While exploring abandoned ruins on Grand Lake shores, Cottongrass meets someone unpleasant...
  6. Wonder Just How We Ended up Alright (13 December)
    Running from his strange encounter, Cottongrass bumps into Falcon and stays the night in Mistfell Vale.
  7. Sit Back and Wave Through the Daylight (14 December)
    After spending the night with Falcon in pack territory, Cottongrass heads out. He's stopped by Ares Knight.
  8. I’ll Let the Cold Teach Me What to Know (17 December)
    Now in Seabreeze Brink, Cottongrass accidentally startles Cidro Amato de la Peña. Chaos ensues.
  9. Call Me a Reckless Wrecking Ball (18 December)
    While trying to slide, Cottongrass faceplants. He meets Nayavota Denahlii.
  10. If Storms Are Breaking over Great Escapes (19 December)
    Cottongrass upsets a moose. Cedric Stryder comes to his rescue.
  11. Who Will Save a Little Warmth for Me (23 December)
    While exploring the Halycon Mountains, Cottongrass meets Esqueleto Zenon and Zebedee.
  12. I'll Rebuild, I'll Rebuild Every Ounce (26 December)
    Cottongrass gets lost in Halifax. Good thing Auspicium is there to rescue him!
  13. So Pick up Your Battering Ram (28 December)
    Cottongrass meets Ceridwen Armistice, who tells him about the history of Luperci.
  14. You Liked the Quarterback (30 December)
    Cottongrass and Cidro Amato de la Peña talk boys.
  15. And Then the Sun Came Crashing In (31 December)
    Sitting in a tree and bored, Cottongrass takes to doing his best owl impressions. He meets Risa Rivera.

3.2  2019

January 2019

Returning west—Cottongrass unsuccessfully flirts with Sineria, befriends Malfoy D'Angelo, and is greeted by a pregnant and angry Saga D'Angelo while loitering on the outskirts of Mistfell Vale looking for Falcon.

Falcon and Cottongrass are eventually reunited, with Cottongrass explaining his absence. The two kiss, and Cottongrass is invited to join Mistfell Vale, and officially joins on January 17th, 2019, ranked as Crowstooth. Within his first month, he meets Posey Prior, who he calls anaanatsiaq—grandma. He also befriends one Nyla Silas.

The month ends on a strange note...1


  1. Makers Must Have Kissed in Cosmic Dust (01 January)
    In Shallow Hills, Cottongrass goes sledding in the snow.
  2. Give It, Give It Time (11 January)
    Back in Northern Tides, Cottongrass unsuccessfully tries to flirt with Sineria, but ends up giving relationship advice.
  3. Swim or Drown, I'm Just Glad I Tried (12 January)
    On the Wabanaki Coast near Mistfell Vale, Cottongrass meets and befriends Malfoy D'Angelo.
  4. We Wouldn't Be Seen Dead Here in the Day (13 January)
    Loitering near Mistfell Vale's borders in search of Falcon, Cottongrass gets an angry Saga D'Angelo instead.
  5. Too Many Miles for Being so Terribly Young (14 January)
    Cottongrass falls into a shallow stream. A little coyote girl named Rozenn 'saves' him.
  6. The King of Nothing at All (15 January)
    Climbing abandoned buildings in Saint Croix Highlands, Cotton meets Yvonne. Things don't end on good terms.
  7. Waiting for You to Bring Me in from out the Cold (16 January)
    After a month apart—Cottongrass and Falcon reunite. A kiss is shared, and Cottongrass is invited back to Mistfell Vale.
  8. Gather My Attention It Was All for You (17 January)
    Cottongrass joins Mistfell Vale.
  9. And Your Eyes Were Filled with Tears (20 January)
    Cottongrass meets Posey Prior.
  10. You're Something Different (21 January)
    Days after joining Mistfell Vale, Cottongrass finds a friend—Malfoy D'Angelo!
  11. To Search and Find and to Explore (27 January)
    Exploring pack territory, Cottongrass meets a new pack member, Nyla Silas, and befriends her.
  12. Tired of Love, Just Wanna Go Home (28 January)
    Cottongrass is bullied by an ermine. Nyla is nearby to come save him, however!
  13. We Danced with Monsters Through the Night (29 January)
    Cottongrass sees an owl. Cottongrass ropes new pack mate, Alfie Brown, into seeing owls with him.
  14. [M] When the Night Was Full of Terrors (30 January)
    There's something in the woods of Mistfell Vale...

February 2019

After less than a month in Mistfell Vale, Cottongrass is sorted into house Hawkesond as a Bronspath!

He interrupts Falcon, who's preparing for a show and they talk about their childhoods.

Later on, while getting a breath of fresh air from Mistfell Vale, Cottongrass meets a man and his dead father, where things don't go well when Cottongrass believes the man's father is a demon.


  1. a herd of shepherds to herd the sheep (01 February)
    After less than a month in Mistfell Vale—Cottongrass is sorted into house Hawkesond as a Bronspath!
  2. Didn't They Tell Us Don't Rush into Things (02 February)
    Cottongrass interrupts Falcon practicing for his show. They talk about their childhoods.
  3. They Came Again in the Night (03 February)
    Leaving Mistfell Vale for a breath of fresh air, Cottongrass meets a man and his dead father...
  4. 2021, Will You Think About Us (04 February)
    Cottongrass and Malfoy D'Angelo talk ghosts and other stories, like snowstorms and thunder and lightning.
  5. Future Needs a Rewrite (26 February)
    Cottongrass meets a very tall woman. She's named Raydiance Stryker, and she's new to Mistfell Vale.
  6. The Troubled Spirit (28 February)
    While out and about, Cottongrass meets a man repairing iron tools. He's scared of their horse.

March 2019

Spring has sprung! Cottongrass helps his friend Nyla patch a hole in her roof and is gifted a satchel for his efforts, which he wears with pride. (That and he doesn't have the hands needed to easily take it on and off..)

While out and about, Cottongrass meets Theodora, who he is immediately fond of, as well as a fellow non-Luperci, Tolkien! Oh, and her grumpy friend Solas.

Cotton, Falcon, and the coyote's friend, Aenan Pyr, venture out when they hear stories of possible human sightings. Cotton's newly gained satchel ends up stolen, as well as Falcon's cloak, and Aenan's bandolier full of fish hooks and bait.

Later that month, Cottongrass and Falcon make it official between them, when the coyote hybrid mistakenly believes Cotton is seeing both Malfoy, Nyla, and him. Cotton is quick to tell him and assure him that no, there's no one else, just him.


  1. You've Covered Many Miles Now (01 March)
    Near the borders of Mistfell Vale, Cottongrass meets Karria Featherwright.
  2. I Don't Know About You, but I'm Feeling 22 (03 March)
    Spring is on its way! Cottongrass helps Nyla patch a hole in her roof, and is gifted a satchel.
  3. Dreaming of Spring (07 March)
    Cottongrass meets Theodora! He tells her about Mistfell Vale.
  4. like spitting embers (09 March)
    In the middle of the night, Cottongrass meets Tolkien, a fellow non-Luperci! And Solas.
  5. Deep into the mountain sound (15 March)
    Aenan Pyr, Cottongrass, and Falcon go looking for hoomans. They get more than they bargained for.
  6. [M] Leave This Blue Neighbourhood (21 March)
    Cottongrass and Falcon make it official, between them, sort of.

April 2019

With spring comes changes. Cotton meets an old friend while exploring in the woods near Mistfell Vale, and Falcon has his own news for him.

In the end, the pull of adventure with a forgotten friend proves too strong, and Cottongrass makes the (admittedly abrupt) decision to leave Mistfell Vale and return to his life before he came to Canada's eastern coast.


  1. Hearts go astray, leaving hurt when they go (17 April)
    The pull of adventure is too strong, and with it, Cottongrass runs.