Spotlight Soul 2020

1.  Winners

1.1  January - Remy Debois

The Spotlight Soul for January is Remy Debois (Draiko)! Ah, youth! Clumsy paws and pudgy bellies! But not all has started out so kindly for our dear Remy - his traumas leave him with night terrors and deep complexes. Taken into the fold of the Tejada family, he's started down a path to healing, but what does the future have in store for this pup?

1.2  February - Evelyn de le Ulrich

The Spotlight Soul for February is Evelyn de le Ulrich (Mads)! Improving the reputation of her noble House, Evelyn's prowess, skill and influence grow rapidly by the day. She started to make a name for herself by attending the trade convoy to New Caledonia, and under the careful guidance of her mentor Grievous her mercantile abilities are blossoming. Evelyn is no wilting bog flower, and her pretty face belies a strong spine and sensibility, as shown when she fearlessly assisted Spartacus in chasing off an aggressive Outsider who trespassed on crown land. The hierarchy of Salsola is a steep, vicious climb, but we are excited to see Evelyn's star on the rise!

1.3  March - Kalypso Savoy

The Spotlight Soul for February is Kalypso Savoy (Gen)! She has risen quickly through the ranks of New Caledonia since joining and has forged relationships that are complicated and twisted - just like her secret heart. Kalypso has been especially driven and active in pursuing her goals with ambition and protecting her new home with zeal. She's making the most out of her life as an ex-Reine!

1.4  April - Daniel

The Spotlight Soul for March is Daniel (Vida)! Son of Mistfell Vale's Ursarchon, he fled on stolen horse to the coyote-run gang to seek his own life and strengthen his reputation, with nary a lick of sense behind the motion. His impulsive nature, his bravado, his very panache has allowed him to fit a snug little niche among Del Cenere; just as rough, crude, and intrepid as the rest of them. He recently became one of the Gang's Lawmen, and his road to achieving his status as a Bounty Hunter sure looks like an interesting one.

1.5  May - Wally Sherman

The Spotlight Soul for May is Wally Sherman (Noah)! An up-and-coming member of Mistfell Vale, Wally has been making his face familiar around the pack. After defending his home from attacks by loners, the path of defense has called to Wally, who traveled to compete in the Casa di Cavalieri tournament. We love reading about Wally's continuing adventures (and his fun accent!) and are eager to see where his path takes him!

1.6  June - Calrian

The Spotlight Soul for June is Calrian (San)! He's met all sorts of traders and other faces from the region, and picked up a few to join The Troupe along the way. After facing a bloody incident and the dramatic, emotional aftermath, Calrian is doing his best to hold the band together in order to get their upcoming enterprise -- La Estrella Roja -- launched.

1.7  July - Mistfell Vale

This month, the Spotlight Soul goes to the entirety of Mistfell Vale. After two years, this little pack saw its fair share of adventure and notable characters. Congratulations, MV, and thanks for being a part of our rich history of unique packs!

1.8  August - Toraberā Tanaka

Our Spotlight Soul this month is Toraberā Tanaka (Smike) of New Caledonia! He is a welcoming and familiar face for Caledonians and many beyond the realm. Ever since he joined the pack earlier this year, Tora's picked up several co-ranks, helped his packmates in their endeavors, and gotten involved in a juicy romance drama involving his ex-leader, Kalypso. A constant top-poster in the pack, he's been helping co-lead the stables construction with Kadir, working on a personal quest, and being the best dad he can be to his six new puppies!

1.9  September - Luca Knight

This month's Spotlight Soul is Luca Knight (Melissa) of Casa di Cavalieri. He started out as an upstart, a troublemaker, and tail-chaser; not someone one would have thought to be synonymous with the word "leader." However, under Alistair's tutelage, Luca grew and came to lead the Cavalieri. With his wife, Lyris, at his side, his leadership skills were perfected. His respect from his followers was insurmountable. He was loved by his pack, but it was his love in return that eventually brought about his undoing.

Luca's fall from grace resulted in the murder of his own, and, for the first time, his leadership was, truly, questioned. His untimely and mysterious death has left his pack torn, shattered, and wondering...had he actually been onto something?

1.10  October - Hosea Courtright

This month's Spotlight Soul is Hosea Courtright (Pabs) of the Del Cenre Gang, who has been phenomenally busy getting tangled up on all sorts of juicy drama both inside and outside the ongoing pack plot in Del Cenere Gang. Will his romantic entanglement lead to further trouble? :O

1.11  November - Woodsmoke

This month's Spotlight Soul is Woodsmoke (Scott). Originally a loner, Woodsmoke traveled throughout the wilds of 'Souls territory for some time. While her experience and feral ways kept her going, the birth of her daughter and threat of a harsh winter led to Woodsmoke joining New Caledonia. Her skills as a hunter have made her a valuable addition to the pack, and her face is becoming a familiar one.

Will Woodsmoke be able to keep to her old ways while raising her daughter and adapting to life in a pack? We're excited to see how this character continues to evolve!

1.12  December - Tattersall Valentine

The final Spotlight Soul for 2020 is Tattersall Valentine! Puppies are often tough to write, but little Tate involved in some shenanigans in Salsola that have made for great reads!