Spotlight Soul 2013

1.  Winners

1.1  January - Axelle Napier

Axelle Napier (Sammiie) She's been very active in Anathema, pitching ideas to leadership as well as getting thoroughly involved in the pack's plots and workings - not to mention getting involved with interesting individual plots as well. Axelle has proved herself to be a fun, active, and unique character to have in Anathema - congratulations, Axelle!

1.2  February - Sebastian Auditore

This month's Spotlight Soul is Sebastian Auditore! He's been an incredibly active character around Casa di Cavalieri, as well as travelling all over 'Souls to other packs and plotting with them as well as being a great example of a good pack member. As a character, he really stands out against the rest - all the other Cavalieri members think so too! ;) Three cheers for Sebastian (Scotty)!

1.3  March - Maxen Ganesa

This month's Spotlight Soul is Maxen Ganesa! Crys has been doing awesome since rejoining 'Souls -- she's involved herself with plots and has offered assistance to her leaders. We're glad to see Crys has found her footing within 'Souls, and we're excited to have her for a long time to come!

1.4  April - Chloe Taregan

Chloe Taregan (Zita), since joining AniWaya in December, has been extremely active in the pack, replying to lots of threads and developing fun plots with the members of the tribe! She's volunteered to take a trip to the Outpost to trade for items, is a crafter who has been working with characters to teach them how to make weapons and other items, and even participated in AniWaya's game of Anejodi. Hooray for Chloe!

1.5  May - Alister Callow-Knight

Alister Callow-Knight (Stormie) is consistently one of the most active characters in Casa di Cavalieri, along with being extremely welcoming to new pack members. Additionally, Stormie is always one of the first to reply to pack threads, and involves herself in pack plots!

1.6  June - Carya Aston

Carya Aston (Adel) has not been around 'Souls very long, but in the time that she has, she's been a superb member - not only has she been very active in posting (with an adopted puppy no less!), she loves to participate in pack events, plot fun things with others in advance, and make Vinatta a great place to roleplay in general! :)

1.7  July - Priam Nothing

This month's Spotlight Soul is Priam Nothing (Cheshire)! Having joined the Clan just three months ago, Priam has been very active within Inferni, participating in lots of fun plots and threads with the Clan's members. He has been steadily climbing up the ranks as a Caligatium, interacting within the pack and making friends along the way. Go, Priam!

1.8  August - Lola

Lola (X-tian) is Spotlight Soul for August. She's been very active in the pack, receiving two co-ranks with one being an ambassador position, and has even been replying to tons of all-welcome threads within Casa di Cavalieri. Overall, Lola is really engaging herself and being involved in the pack - congratulations, Lola!

1.9  September - Sequoia Exultare

Sequoia Exultare (Aadi) is Spotlight Soul for September! She's been replying to things in the Requests forum consistently, gifting her pack-mates, and much more! She is a generally helpful person, having also contributed a few times in the Help and Questions forum. In fact, Aadi just became a leader of Sangi'lak! Congratulations, and a very happy September to Aadi! ;)

1.10  October - Lyris Stryder

Lyris Stryder (Ann) is Spotlight Soul this month! Ann has been very active despite having a full school schedule, and she makes strong efforts to branch out and thread with other roleplayers. Her leaders describe her as "going above and beyond" -- great work, Ann!

1.11  November - Judas Poer de Aika XIII

Judas Poer de Aika XIII (Lin) has only just returned to us, but she's already blazed onto the scene with intricate plots, unique and awesome characters (but we expected that from her after Razekiel and Jefferson!). Lin has involved Judas with a number of awesome plots, and we're super glad to have her back!

1.12  December - Ombre

Ombre (Sylvey) has been in Inferni's top posters the last two months and she just earned a co-rank as well as her third tier Immunes title. Sylvey is always participating in thread prompts, pack threads/activity, and replies to things in Thread Requests constantly. She seriously helps keep Inferni active! Thanks, Sylvey!