Spotlight Soul 2012

1.  Winners

1.1  January 2012 - Frodo Silvertongue

One does not simply... win Spotlight Soul, unless one can fool armoured polar bears and own a daemon pet rat. So, congratulations to Frodo Silvertongue for winning Spotlight Soul of January! After returning to Aniwaya, Frodo has kept himself quite busy! He’s a helpful and kind individual commonly found spending time with and assisting new and old acquaintances, whether it be drinking a cup of tea or hunting. And after a little beating from Inferni, he has also started to develop his fighting skills. Frodo has proven himself a ridiculously active character since re-joining, and involves himself at every opportunity, both in the pack and otherwise. A worthy carrier of the ring, indeed.

1.2  Feburary 2012 - Aeron Ganesa

Congratulations to Marie, winner of Spotlight Soul for February 2012 as Anathema's Aeron Ganesa! She's recently attained a master rank within her pack, and Aeron is played as an extremely loyal and highly motivated character, a great asset to her pack! Aeron has been involved in various group activities, starting her own, and seems to always have time for more Aeron plots and threads -- and all this from an adopted character? O: Way to go, Marie, and keep up the great work!

1.3  March 2012 - Ciara O'Callahan

Congratulations to Candace, winner of Spotlight Soul for March 2012 as New Dawn's Ciara O'Callahan! She's very active ICly and very friendly OOCly. She has also been 2nd top poster two times in a row in New Dawn now. She's also one of the few who has earned a New Dawn moon, took part in the New Dawn thread prompt, is earning a co-rank in the pack, and has just found a mate. Congratulations!

1.4  April 2012 - Alma

Alma (Shemonster) has been extremely active in Inferni, alongside providing an interesting archery subplot for her pack. Alma's character has gotten involved with various aspects of Inferni, and we're eager to see more from Shemonster! Great job. :)

1.5  May 2012 - Ismeme

Despite joining Casa di Cavalieri not too long ago, Ismeme (Courtney) has been outstandingly active (almost 300 posts in just two and a half months!) and has been eager to participate in fun and interesting plots with others within her pack. She also offers to help out the leadership of her pack, all the while making CdC an awesome place to roleplay! Congrats and great job, Ismeme!

1.6  June 2012 - Palaydrian Soul

Palaydrian Soul has been a very active member as of late in New Dawn. Not only has she been threading and having plots with members of her own pack, she also has traveled out to Casa di Cavalieri to receive training from the warriors, and has offered up multiple threads with fast posting for all! Combined with awesomely detailed posts, Palaydrian is a great Spotlight Soul! Keep up the awesome work! :)

1.7  July 2012 - Niernan Stormbringer

Although Niernan Stormbringer (Djiacamo) is new to Vinatta and the board, he has been all over the place, and has been recognized as the top poster in the pack! Niernan has been involved in all of the pack threads in Vinatta, is always up for a thread with a fellow pack mate, and does a great job greeting joiners at the borders as well. Keep up the awesome work, Niernan!

1.8  August 2012 - William la Chemin

Willam la Chemin (Sylvey) a recent joiner of Inferni, has been keeping the leaders on their toes with an abundance of thread prompts, pack game points, and interesting plots as well! Willam is an interesting character, with her own culture and faith, and is described as being the most active member of Inferni at the moment, as well as replying to open threads, pack prompts, and generally being an awesome example of a new joiner to a pack. Great job, Willam!

1.9  September 2012 - Saqui Utina

Saqui Utina (Shawchert) has not been a member of AniWaya for very long, but she has contributed greatly to the tribe! From teaching others to harvesting crops, she has been quite involved in all kinds of fun plots and ideas (including a hurricane plot involving Town Hall and securing all the livestock - and even breaking her arm in the process!). Overall, Saqui has been a very active and fun member to have in AniWaya!

1.10  October 2012 - Kenna Foxleigh

Kenna Foxleigh (Westy) has recently been a great member of Cercatori d'Arte, forging friendships within the pack and exploring the outside as well. Not only has she been very active in participating in fun plots, she has helped rebuild the stables and round up the animals of the pack as well! Overall, Kenna is a great member to have - great job, Kenna!

1.11  November 2012 - Ciara O'Callahan

Ciara O'Callahan (Candace) is this month's Spotlight Soul, and she has earned it! Ciara has been very active in New Dawn, and has had fun, neat plots whose threads are really interesting to read. She also participates in various pack-wide plots and prompts with the other members of New Dawn, making her a wonderful addition to the pack - yay Ciara!

1.12  December 2012 - Characters