Spotlight Soul 2011

1.  Winners

1.1  January 2011 - Sky Katruk

  • Sky Katruk (Sky) been majorly plotting a lot on her character and has been open and receptive to new plots, not to mention... she's nearly made 100 posts in total this month alone! Her writing style is very engaging, and according to her leaders, she helps to make Cercatori D'Arte a wonderful place to roleplay. She is actively working toward a co-rank in the pack and engages her fellow pack-members with interesting threads and plots. Great job, Sky!

1.2  February 2011 - Jace Wolfe

  • Jace Wolfe (Jace) has been a member of 'Souls since fall of last year, but it's only recently as she has joined up with Phoenix Valley that she's really gotten into the community! She seemed to struggle for a while as a Loner, but now that she's integrated with a pack and has several friends and thread partners, she's started to get really involved! It's a wonderful change of pace from the first few months she was a member -- Jace, we're glad to have you!

1.3  March 2011 - Selene D'Angelo

  • Selene D'Angelo (Sylvey) of Anathema is a long-time member of 'Souls, and she's extremely active within her pack -- not only does she pick up joining threads, she helps her leaders with their plans, plots, and in general. She works hard in her rank and makes an effort to make herself available to other players for plots. Keep up the awesome, Sylvey!

1.4  April 2011 - Ookami

  • Ookami (Sammy) of Phoenix Valley has been working hard to integrate into the Phoenix Valley pack since first joining. With consistently phenomenal post counts for every activity activity check, Sammy also works at making all kinds of threads with others in the pack, involving Ookami with many post-Snowstorm reconstruction threads as the long-term recovery effort continues throughout 'Souls. Keep up the great work, Sammy!

1.5  May 2011 - Io Berlin

  • Io Berlin (Rose) of Inferni has been extremely active since first joining 'Souls -- she's been consistently one of the top posters in Inferni since joining up with Io! She has gotten involved with other members of the clan with regards to plots and threads, and even recruited a member -- Aslan, played by last month's Spotlight Soul, Sammy! Rose has made positively giant strides in improvement since joining 'Souls. Keep up the great work, Rose!

1.6  June 2011 - Alae Sidhe

  • Alae Sidhe (Shae) of Ichika no Ho-en has been extremely active since first joining 'Souls -- her post counts are quite pleasing to her leadership each month, and she provides interesting and fun plots for her character, Alae, who has some spirituality training rather unique to the 'Souls universe. She has been consistently engaging former Dahlia de Mai packmembers with plots and fun threads, and is likely to continue to do so within Ichika no Ho-en!

1.7  July 2011 - Evelyn Wood

  • Evelyn Wood (Aly) of Cercatori d'Arte has been extremely active in July, participating many fun threads and plots (building the caravan, helping her packmates paint and build, helping a packmate out of a tree when he was stuck) and Kite/Aly's always up for a thread with her. She's also pretty keen on doing the new thread prompts and was the first one to start asking for other people to help her with them!

1.8  August 2011 - Tawny Wagner

  • Tawny Wagner (Cait) is currently a very active and outgoing member of Ichika-no-Ho-en, bringing merry change into the pack with her presence. She has several plots well underway, and the character has even brought 5 llamas into the game with her! She’s a soft spoken, shy personality with a hoarder problem and is frequently offering fun and intriguing threads for anyone in need of some worthwhile action!

1.9  September 2011 - Aeron Ganesa

  • Missing

1.10  October 2011 - Vesper

  • Vesper (Raze) of the Loners is a posting machine! Although still somewhat new to 'Souls, Raze has extended her character out to others openly. Her character Vesper is also a fun and realistic character and her posts are a joy to read. She is involved in many plots, which is much harder to do as a Loner, and so Raze is pretty rare in having a Loner character nominated to Spotlight Soul, let alone winning it! Congrats, Raze, and keep up the good work!

1.11  October 2011 - Ayasha

  • Ayasha (Becca) is now officially awesome! Ayasha’s come very far since she joined the pack. As an eager scout of the pack, Ayasha can pretty much be found everywhere, and the character has a lot going on for her. She’s helpful and caring, and one of the most active characters in AniWaya, with many fun and diverse plots to entertain the reader.