Community Soul 2018

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  1.   1.  Winners
    1.   1.1  January - Mandi
    2.   1.2  February - Ketsuki
    3.   1.3  March - Vida
    4.   1.4  April - Amanda
    5.   1.5  May - Dale
    6.   1.6  June - None.
    7.   1.7  July - Raze
    8.   1.8  August - None.
    9.   1.9  September - Jace
    10.   1.10  October - None.
    11.   1.11  November - Ray
    12.   1.12  December - None.

1.  Winners

1.1  January - Mandi

January's Community Soul is Mandi (Milos Parhelion, Thyri Dawnbringer, etc.)! Mandi's been all over the place this past month - she opened a Yearbook Studio to help others crop and prettify their character images for the 'Souls Yearbook, helped with the Yearbook by posting the polls and picking up slack, and has been voting consistently nearly every single day! She's an excellent mod, and we're glad to have her. :) <3

1.2  February - Ketsuki

February's Community Soul is Ketsuki (Everett Moreau, Sebastien Stone), who since rejoining in December of 2016, has been a really solid and awesome member! Ketsuki takes care to vote for 'Souls a bunch, posts consistently between all (interesting!) characters, spreads welcome positivity, and makes sure to get involved in the community. :) Hooray for Ketsuki! <3

1.3  March - Vida

The Community Soul for March is Vida (Saga D'Angelo, Mads Ibsen)! Vida's been really involved with the foundation of Mistfell Vale and is an excellent member of the pack, from helping others get co-ranks and completing thread prompts to being a friendly, lovely presence in the chat. Vida's second character is adopted, and he's really working well to get involved with both his characters and is a great, engaging person who's friendly in pack chats. Yay, Vida!

1.4  April - Amanda

This month's Community Soul is Amanda (Odalis, Brocade Valentine, etc.)! Since her return to 'Souls, Amanda has brought tonnes of energy and life into her characters and all those they interact with, taking part in engaging plots across multiple packs. She's a regular presence in the 'Souls Discord chat, and her warm and friendly attitude means that she is always uplifting, complimenting and having fun with other players. Keep it up!

1.5  May - Dale

This month's Community Soul is Dale (Dogmeat)! They really stood out this month with their free designs -- not only is it a generous gesture, but the focus on realistic patterns and colorations is outstanding! In addition, Dale has been quite active with their character Dogmeat, who, in addition to not being a Luperci, cannot speak High Speech either! This is definitely a hurdle that many other players would likely struggle with to maintain muse for, and Dale has shown quite a bit of drive to have made such headway on a Creature!

1.6  June - None.

There is no Community Soul this month.

1.7  July - Raze

Raze (Vicira Tears, Skoll Haskel, etc.) is the Community Soul of July, and it is well deserved! Raze has consistently been a very active presence on ‘Souls: on the forum, through roleplay, and on Discord. She’s offered plots for members (new, old, returning) no matter how simple or complex the thread. All of her characters are unique and wonderful, displaying her ability to effectively juggle a multitude of character type. She’s done a fantastic job of handling Inferni for all these years, in addition to being a long standing member of staff and an all around amazing person!

1.8  August - None.

There is no Community Soul this month.

1.9  September - Jace

Jace (Jace Wolfe, Helena Troy Lykoi, etc.) is this month's Community Soul! Jace has always demonstrated overwhelming support and compassion to her fellow 'Soulsters, even when dealing with rough situations herself. She is often in the 'Souls Discord offering encouragement, advice, and sometimes simply an ear to listen. We feel she deserves recognition as Community Soul! Keep being awesome, Jace!

1.10  October - None.

There is no Community Soul this month.

1.11  November - Ray

Our Community Soul for this month is Ray (Ceridwen Armistice)! Ray has been a wonderful part of CdM's chat and is always happy to talk to everyone, as well as participating in tons of cool threads and plots. They've been offering ideas to nearly everyone who asks, and have done a great job contributing to both the IC and OOC culture of the Court so far. They're extremely active and friendly in the 'Soulschat as well, and Ray shares a lot of wonderful, hilarious thread ideas, which are very fun to see!

1.12  December - None.

There is no Community Soul this month.