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  • Discord communication is preferred. I'm a forgetful bean, so it helps to have something to refer back to.
  • If I haven't responded to a PM within ~3 days, please give me a poke on Discord or PM me again.

Discord — Ketsuki #1806

  • Discord is strongly preferred for chatting, quick questions, reminders, and plotting.
  • I am usually set to "idle" but this does not necessarily mean I'm away from the computer; feel free to poke me.

Hi, I'm Ketsuki! A tea-fuelled geek from the British Isles who loves myths, legends and fairytales! I've been roleplaying for a while now, stumbling around various forum play-by-post RPGs before finding my forever home. :3 I can be a shy sprout, but also incredibly chatty once I get to know you. If you like plotting and bouncing ideas around, however, I'm up for that. Always looking for advice to improve my writing and art. Thanks for stopping by and signing my guestbook. <3

I adore animals and have been lucky enough to have a lot of different pets over my lifetime. Currently, I have two ginger tabby brothers and a mixed breed dog; I love sharing pics and stories about them and your pets! I have a weak spot for anything cute or kawaii and it never ceases to lift my mood.

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Las Brasas of Del Cenere Gang
♀ Coydog
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RP Info

Plot & Thread Requests

  • Feel free to request threads through Private Message. Highly prefer if you have a plot in mind, but I am open to quick threads if you would just like our characters to meet or do trade.
  • Please remind me if we discussed a thread for me to start and it has not been done in a timely manner.
  • Open to doing LASKY.

Reply Times

  • Anywhere from a day to two weeks, depending on my schedule. I'm not typically available for sprees, but it never hurts to ask. :3
  • I prioritise threads that progress plots.
  • Please contact me on Discord if I take longer than a week to reply, I may have forgotten.


  • OOC endings are usually fine if it is near the end of our thread, or if there needs to be a clean-up.
  • I will probably remove inactive threads from my post log after a month of no reply. Please message me if you want to revive a thread or think that you may take longer to reply.

Other preferences

  • I write somewhere between 200-500 words.
  • Light powerplay is usually always accepted, check with me on Discord.
  • I'm fine with mature threads and plots. For sexual threads, I'd prefer to fade to black. I'm not interested in rape plots.


  • hi ketsuki! :> <3 - Sunny
  • AHOY SHIPMATE! Ketsuki is the sweetest person ever and rad to plot with, plot with her!!! - Raze
  • This is my Ketsu. <3 - Jmonster
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