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  • I'm in the UK so I'm most likely asleep when most of you are up and about! Check here to compare times!
  • Currently, I'm busy on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! That being said I am still available to chat, I just probably won't be posting! This will likely change as I'm going to be a working man soon :D So stay tuned!

PM — Ankh D'Aabt

  • PM me if you'd rather not DM me on Discord!
  • I'm available on either platform tbh!
  • It's really up to you an your preferred method!

Discord — Vida#6386

  • Discord is preferred I guess, mostly because I love instant messages lmao.
  • I'm literally always online!
  • Honestly, I'm always "available" because I never both to log out when I go to bed, but I check Discord first thing in the morning!

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cat tax lmao

Hey, I'm Vida! I'm a twenty year old guy who still lives with him Mammy and who is probably a little too in love with his cat. Honestly I love Seth, I will shower you with pictures and gush about him all day if you ask.

I'm currently studying Spanish (school leavers level? Online) and I've just finished a subsidiary diploma in Business Studies (basically a third of my uni entry requirements I guess???). I'm aiming to become a translator or interpreter, or basically anything to do with languages. I'll be picking up French and German (again) next year and then hopefully moving on to do language courses at A levels after that. My school didn't offer languages when I was 16 so that's why I'm pretty far behind I'm my journey to uni. That and the fact I've have shitty mental health :D

I work occasionally as a bar tender at the bar my Mum works at, usually on Sundays and event nights when it gets really busy. I'm currently hunting for apprenticeships which is p daunting for me tbh! I'm hoping to pick up more bar shifts because I really do enjoy working there.

Aside from languages and cats my interest are things like travel, football (soccer for you heathens over the pond <3), music (Muse, Rammstein, Die Toten Hosen, 80's stuff, god awful Schlager music, tbh I have such a wide array of music tastes it's insane), films and video games (mostly Minecraft, Planet Coaster, Cities Skylines, Sims ect). I also really love beer, my weekends basically consist of me dragging my Dad and my dog around to bars and trying EVERYTHING.

I'm also a big weeb for Bavaria (and Germany as a whole), Austria and Catalonia, They're honestly my favourite places in the world!

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Ankh D'Aabt
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2.1  Plot & Thread Requests

  • Hit me up if you want to thread, even if I don't have a thread request up! I'll try my best to accommodate you!
  • PM me or DM me on Discord, I don't mind which!
  • I don't tend to date my threads unless it's a special occasions or my thread partner wants to!

2.2  Assumptions

  • I rarely have any problems with OCC, pre thread or long term assumptions! Hit me up to discuss these!

2.3  Replies and Speeds

  • I'm a slow bum usually, but sometimes I fire out replies quickly! Who knows!?
  • If you want me to prioritise a thread, tell me!
  • Feel free to poke me whenever you like!
  • I'm usually too lazy/in the wrong timezone to spree but occasionally I'll be up for it!

2.4  Archival

  • I'm cool with wrapping up threads whenever!
  • I'll usually let them be archived by the staff because I'm lazy >.<
  • I'll gravedig posts if you want!

2.5  Other Preferences

  • I write short posts usually and I'm totally fine with any length response! Write a novel or a short text, I'll cope!
  • Minor powerplay to move a thread along is fine, for anything more than that contact me and I can advise you on what's realistic to assume!
  • I use whatever tables you want! If I can't read it I'll just copy and paste it into a Word Document or something!
  • I'm totally down for mature and explicit threads!
  • I can play Preybot if you want!
  • I can LASKY too if you want!

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Featuring; my cat, Seth.

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