Itou Hikaru (糸光)

Hikaru is the son of Aphrodite Itou and Akihiro Tsukino, and a distant relative of the on-board portion of the Itou family.

Hikaru Itou

by Requiem



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Date of Birth

1st January 2010




Birth place



Wolf-dominant hybrid

75% Eastern Timber Wolf
12.5% Variegated Jackal
12.5% Irish Wolfhound





  • Optime Hair: Zeus (#211A14), highlighted with Oil (#2C1F15)
  • Eyes: Cutty Sark (#466A6C).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Zeus (#211A14) on back tail neck and head.
    • Secondary Shingle Fawn (#735136) on cheeks, legs and tail.
    • Tertiary White (#FEFEFE) on lower legs, face and neck.

by Kitty

In his youth, he carried excess weight even past the stage where he should've lost his puppy fat. This was lost after his first shift when he became more active through animal care. Now Hikaru's body is very feminine, he's thin with washboard abs and with visible collarbones. With a brief glance, it's possible he could be mistaken for a woman, until some on saw him closer up. He's athletic, with lean, compact muscles. He's got a doggish colour to him, stemming from a sliver of domestic heritage of various breeds.

Build and Species

Hikaru is obviously an almost full-blooded wolf. There is no real dog or jackal influence in him from his hybrid heritage.





50 lbs
28 in

130 lbs
35 in

160 lbs
6'2 ft

Second most used form. 30%

Hardly ever used. 10%

Most used form. 60%



  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • None.


Hikaru tends towards wearing items that he likes the look of. Usually, they are the colour red. Below are the one permanent items he has.

  • Red bandanna.


  • Hikaru tends to wear casual clothes. Short sleeved t shirts, skinny jeans and jackets for when the weather is colder.


Hikaru is a smart individual. He's a gentleman however, raised to be polite and respectful. He tends to steer away from trouble and aims to engage in activities that will either be useful to him or others. He believes in undertaking tasks to their ending and undertaking them as skilfully as he can. Understandably, as an Itou, he is not all he looks to be. While he remains calm on the outside and for the vast majority of the time, he has a dangerous streak. It's hard to provoke him into it, but he gets insanely angry and violent. Hikaru has the ability to be cunning and evil, but this usually follows an episode of rage. On the whole he is a placid, hard-working man.


  • Tends to bow slightly when greeting, along with seemingly overly enthusiastic.
  • He'll usually receive items by hand by using both hands, signifying the item it's important whatever it is.
  • Tends to slurp his food (if given by a host) as a sign of gratefulness.
  • Even if he dislikes a certain food, if offer it he will accept it and eat it 'to the last grain'.
  • Calls elder males in his family 'Oji' and those around his own 'Itoko'.


Smart, stoic, friendly, respectful.



  • Likes: Books, animals, gardening, writing, sound of rain, tea, combat training.
  • Dislikes: Rude people, noise.


Smart, polite, respectful, kind, talented.

  • Outlook: Optimistic, realist
  • Expression: Extroverted
  • Alignment: Neutral good


  • Conflict, inability to deliver aid, falling out of favour, being disowned, shame.


  • Knowledge, safety, gaining high standing.


  • Packs: He has little knowledge of them.
  • Species: Means little to him.
  • Non-Luperci: Doesn't care, but he wonders why on earth they choose to be feral.
  • Gender: Had a huge amount of respect for everyone, but he can come off as sexist because he believes that women should stay at home, though he's learnt to suppress this to silent thoughts.
  • Color: He finds colouring interesting, but he doesn't judge.
  • Sexuality: He's unsettled by anything other than a straight relationship, but is too polite to say anything.
  • Age: Elders should be respected, youngers should be educated and tolerated.


Hikaru is straight and very meek about sexual relationships. He's mildly experienced with it, but finds it a personal subject. He has also experienced with homosexual relationships, but finds them far less enjoyable so regards himself as straight and will aim for females.


Hikaru is well versed in alcohol and has studies how to make it. His inventory usually includes some sort of alcohol, as well as cigarettes and occasionally other drugs.


Hikaru is a semi Shintoist. He believes in 'kami' or nature spirits and the ritual of water purification, but he does not hold religion closely. Merely, he believes there are 'other things' out there that control the world too.


  • Voice: Despite being Japanese, Hikaru has worked to gain a typical American accent in order to stand out less. Link.
  • Speech: Hikaru speaks casually and politely, both in English and Japanese. He rarely uses slang, and he usually only swears in Japanese when he injures himself or something goes pear shaped.
  • Scent: Incense (agarwood, cloves, sandalwood), animals, cherry blossoms.


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Family: Itou


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  • Species: Domestic Cat
  • Age and DOB: Unknown.
  • Description: A male cat gifted to Hikaru by his mother. A lithe grey tabby, with fresh golden eyes.
  • Personality: Aiko is independent, but enjoys being fussed over. He regularly sleeps curled up with Hikaru.


  • Species: Kiso horse cross
  • Age and DOB: Five (est)
  • Description: A bay dun stallion, Hikaru's first horse. He was unwilling to leave him in Japan so took him by boat to Canada. Though he suffered while aboard, he's fixing up well.
  • Personality: Satu is cheeky, but mild mannered and obedient.


  • Species: Black Vulture
  • Age and DOB: Young.
  • Description: One of the first things Hikaru traded for on his own.
  • Personality: Brutish and excitable, usually very clumsy and physical. But well meaning and friendly.



  • Sword (Katana) Fighting (Master): His father taught him as soon as possible.
  • Hand to Hand combat (Master): His father taught him as soon as possible.
  • Horse care (Journeyman): Taught to him by his mother, and refined as he aged.
  • Writing (Master): Learnt over time, mostly by books.
  • Languages (Journeyman): Can speak fluent Japanese and English as first languages.
  • Falconry (Apprentice): Began to learn it after being traded a vulture.


  • Character is irritated by rudeness. He struggles to hold his tongue when people other than his family are rude.
  • Character is irritated by noise. If someone being noisy while he' trying to work, he's not happy.
  • Character hates the feel of rain. While he enjoys the sound, getting soaked is not a good thing.



Hikaru is a fair, but smart trader.

  • Offering: Writings, books, paper.
  • Accepting: Clothing, books, alcohol.



  • Black skinny jeans.
  • Brown jacket.
  • White T-shirt.
  • Red bandana.
  • Belt.


  • Satchel.
  • Japanese flag (wall hanging)
  • Incense.
  • Flint set.
  • Matches.
  • Candles.
  • Katana.
  • Army Knife.
  • Cigarettes.
  • Various alcohol.
  • Various books and journals.
  • Writing material.



  • January: Born in Japan.
  • March: Begins being introduced to animal care.
  • July: Shifts for the first time.
  • August: Starts his sword training under the tutelage of his father.
  • August: Begins to learn how to ride.


  • January: Is given Satu as a present.
  • August: Asuka has pups.
  • October: The family heads to Quebec.
  • November: Is given Felix by his mother.
  • November: They arrive in Quebec. Asuka establishes the family home? upon their mothers direction, whilst Aphrodite joins Anathema under Alaki's leadership.
  • December: Trades for Sho.


  • Not much happens in this space of time. Specifically, Hikaru spends time training at both sword fighting and animal care.


  • January: Hikaru considers leaving for Nova Scotia for the first time.
  • February: Hikaru gains more information about Anathema and Nova Scotia in general, solidly deciding to leave.
  • May: In March he makes further preparations, tidying up his belongings, packing and trading for what he needs.
  • June: Hikaru finally leaves for Nova Scotia.
  • July: In early July he arrives.
  • July: In mid July, he joins Salsola?????