About Me

  • Gender: Female
  • Location New Hampshire
  • Birthday: 28 February 1993
  • Better Half: Cheshire
  • Son: Titmouse

PM — Osrath Eternity

  • AIM — how does time fly
  • Discord — Lorraine #4502
  • Feel free to IM me to discuss almost anything your heart desires.


  • I'm Lorraine—my nicknames range from Lorr to Law and everything in between—and I've been a member here for about a year now, though I have an extensive history reaching back over eight years. My interests include reading, writing, medicine, world travel, television, and you. Er, I have one cat, I have treatment-resistant depression, dermatographia (allergic to touch) and a number of other things that make my life interesting.
  • I consider myself extremely approachable, so if you're ever having a hard time or just need someone to vent to, don't be afraid to prod me.
    • That being said, I have a hard time 'reading between the lines', so if we're discussing potential character interactions I would ask only that you are blunt and honest with me—I will do you the same courtesy!

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RP Information

Reply Times

  • My average response time ranges from fifteen minutes to ten days, depending on time, availability, and need.
  • If our thread has gone untouched for more than a week-and-a-half, do not be afraid to politely PM me about it.
  • I tend to prioritize plot-related threads, and don't always reply oldest-to-newest because of this.

Ending Threads

  • Though I strive for IC conclusions, OOC endings are always okay with me. Just shoot me a PM letting me know what's going on.
  • I subscribe to active threads, but won't request archival at any point; once the thread has died, I likely won't revive it unless it's pivotal to character development.

Requesting Threads

  • Feel free to request threads through private message or AIM, keeping in mind that I greatly prefer you have a direction in mind, if not an actual plot.
  • Remind me if we discussed a thread and it has not been started, please!
  • Even if I'm not taking new threads, I will make room for important plots regarding the respective packmates of my characters.

Mature Themes

  • As a general rule, sex, drugs, and violence do not bother me, however! Unless it is absolutely essential to character development I will not write out sexually explicit themes.
    • In addition to this, I will not write out non-consensual sex regardless of how important it is.
  • If you're unsure, just ask me! I don't bite.