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Art by Songbird!

Clover is a member of Del Cenere.






  • Date of Birth: 10 December 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Del Cenere
  • Rank: Las Brasas


Del Cenere members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • General conversations (e.g., greetings, chats about interests).
  • Seeing Clover around Del Cenere patrolling the borders, training, hunting, etc.
  • Clover treating your character's simple ailments, such as soreness or colds.
  • Clover giving your character an ash marking (like a pawprint).

DM me to discuss:

  • Specific conversations, especially conversations which may later affect RP (e.g., arguments, revelations).
  • Anything else that might be plot-intensive, even if minor.
    For example, referencing your character hunting alongside Clover sometimes is fine; referencing a specific hunting misadventure or stating they're hunting buddies is not.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

  • Species: Clover is a mongrel mountain sheepdog landrace and looks the part -- particularly resembling a Carpathian Shepherd though she claims a mixed heritage.
  • Fur: Double-coated, rough, and thick; longer on the ears and tail.
    • Optime Hair: Thick, unruly, chopped to jaw length.
  • Facial Features: Wolflike in muzzle shape, with lank ears and almond-shaped eyes.
  • Build and Size: Large and strong -- vigorous and deep-chested, bushy-tailed. She is not brutish and muscular, tending toward an average and athletic build, but she definitely appears bulky and big alongside her coyote companions. Much of her size is fur.
    • Lupus: 26 in (66 cm) — 69 lb (31 kg)
    • Secui: 42 in (107 cm) — 140 lb (63.5 kg)
    • Optime: 6 ft 6 in (78 in) (198 cm) — 220 lb (100 kg)
  • Coloration: Agouti greys, with traces of browns and a white underbelly. Dark muzzle with white stripe.
  • Humanization: Low -- mostly feral, but carries herself a little neater on two legs (provided she isn't fighting). Shirks clothes, dabbles in accessories.

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Speech: Clover has a low, soft voice and sounds like a normal young woman -- who happens to swear a lot. She is casual and rough in her speech, though she watches her tongue around the clan.
  • Scent: Inferni, forest and riverlands, soot and smoke, fresh kills, herbs, old pelts.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
  • General Posture and Body Language: Clover's posture tends to be on the defensive side, either self-conscious or protective.


  • Streaked with ash markings: usually smudges, but often the communal pawprint and stripes around her nose.
  • Her scars are few and largely hidden by her fur, but include old bite marks and scratches from mishaps.
    • Large mass of fresh scar tissue between neck and shoulder; from spear wound by Beth, reopened by Amariah.


2.  Personality

2.1  Summary

A cynical and withdrawn girl made defensive by her rough start in life, Clover is nonetheless an altruistic individual who looks out for the unfortunate. She's slow to trust others, but she protects her loved ones with her life -- and this includes Inferni, the clan that gave her purpose. Though an Outsider, she acts as one of Inferni's fiercest defenders.

  • Outlook: Pessimistic but determined
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good

2.2  Traits

2.3  Ideals


  • Likes: Her "family," sparring, hunting, healing, superstitious rituals, luck charms
  • Dislikes: Cities, dog prejudice, bullies, strange men, alcohol


  • Jehan & Cartier
  • Vesper & Inferni Remnants: defending them, being accepted
  • Skills: developing her fighting and healing abilities


  • Death or injury to her loved ones, failing to protect them
  • Assault, strange men, demons or violent spirits
  • Abandonment, ostracization


  • Packs: Distrustful of most packs, especially Salsola. Friendly toward former Infernians.
  • Species: Familiar and comfortable with dogs and coyotes; slight bias against wolves.
  • Gender: General distrust and fear of dominant men.
  • Age: Puppies and the elderly are precious and to be protected.


  • Demisexual, does not experience sexual attraction until a strong emotional connection has formed
  • Clover appreciates aesthetics and is captivated by personalities; gender seems to have little bearing on this, though she is somewhat fearful of men's advances.
  • An extremely shy romancer with a poor self-esteem, Clover rarely approaches others and would need to form a strong friendship before entertaining any romantic notion.


  • Her mother's addiction ruined her life, and Clover detests any sort of drug -- including alcohol.
  • She fears that she might have an addictive personality, and abstains from even watered-down beer or wine in celebrations.


  • Agnostic, believes that if there is a god they can't be a loving one
  • Believes in and practices superstitions, some taught by Jehan and some from Ceniza Valley
    • Regularly marks herself with ash for good luck
    • Believes in ghosts, spirits, and demons; believes that one can ward against them with rituals or charms

3.  Key Relationships

  • Vesper is the single most important female figure in Clover's life, almost like a surrogate mother to her. Vesper gladly mentored her in scouting and fighting when she first joined Inferni, and later became a confidant and adviser in personal matters, too. Following Vesper's own fall from grace and Inferni's disbandment, Clover stuck loyally by her side, refusing to abandon her since Ves never had. Now elderly, Vesper remains Clover's number-one priority.
  • Jehan de l'Or rescued Clover when she was a small puppy, slowly earning her trust. Coming from a similar background, Jehan had insight into Clover that no one else quite did. He nurtured her until both dogs joined Inferni; while Clover adapted well to the coyote clan, Jehan did not, and his doubts always lingered just beneath the surface. Cartier's death brought these forward, and Jehan left -- abandoning Clover. She resents him for this.
  • Cartier Inferni helped take care of Clover when she was small, providing warmth and shelter and comfort where Jehan could not quite manage. Clover adored Cartier unconditionally, though he was a troubled man, and rooted for his and Jehan's relationship. His death struck a terrible blow, but Clover is secretly glad he is not suffering anymore.
  • Harosheth Kimaris was Clover's mentor in herbalism and healing, taking her on as an apprentice despite her dog heritage. In turn, Clover supported her through the arthritis and dementia that afflicted her in her last few seasons, and buried her according to her spiritual wishes when the old shaman passed.
  • Antioch de le Poer was a comrade in arms, frequently patrolling and sparring with her. He did not look down on her for her heritage, and she did not begrudge him his stoic nature.
  • Otilie Novak stuck around after Inferni's disbandment with Clover and Vesper, and as such, they became fast friends bonded for survival. Friendship turned into tender flirtation and uncertain, unspoken escalating feelings -- but Otilie was brutally murdered before their relationship turned unquestionably romantic.

4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities

  • Combat (Feral): Clover utilizes a brutish style of fighting and is most adept on four legs. She fights with ferocity, her style a blend between the darting agile coyote and the vicious lunging dog.
  • Hunting (Feral): Clover prefers to hunt medium to large prey, either alone or in a group. She often goes after animals like raccoons, muskrats, and groundhogs when alone, while lending her strength to group hunts when pursuing elk or deer.
  • Herbalism (Healing, Preparation): Taught by Harosheth Kimaris, Clover specializes in using native herbs to treat illnesses and physical symptoms such as minor aches.
  • First Aid: Clover can perform rudimentary first aid, such as washing dirt from wounds, applying bandages, and monitoring patients.

5.  History

Born in Concrete Jungle and neglected by an addict mother, Clover was found and adopted by Jehan de l'Or, a wandering loner whose past mirrored hers. Defensive and foul-mouthed as a necessity, Clover was reluctant to trust her "big brother" at first, but their wandering led to a deeper bond, and soon Clover found stability in Jehan's friend, Cartier Inferni, who helped provide for them.

After the Inferni and Cour des Miracles War, Clover and Jehan decided to remain with Cartier in Inferni -- a decision that not everyone agreed with. Clover was poisoned by Osprey Fleurine after a few months, though the man's treachery was punished and Clover slowly began her recovery. She acted as a defender of Inferni, tutored by Vesper, and helped to raise her "nieces and nephews," Jehan and Cartier's children.

During the Second Boreas Conflict, Clover participated in several fights. When the Inferni-Salsola War broke out, however, Clover could not protect her entire family. Cartier perished in the mansion burning, and -- disconnected, wracked with grief -- Jehan abandoned Clover and his children soon after. In spite of this Clover remained loyal to Inferni during its move. She served loyally as warrior and healer even through starvation and territory scuffles, until terrible storms and subsequent illness darkened the clan.

When Inferni disbanded and the remaining members parted ways, Clover opted to remain behind with her longtime tutor, Vesper. However, their suffering continued; following the death of friend Otilie Novak and recurring starvation, they traveled south then west. After being attacked by a pair of wolves, they were rescued and taken into The Cartel.

Clover became one of the founding members of the Del Cenere Gang, although she soon felt overly burdened by expectations -- both for herself, and how the clan should operate. She began to reconsider her place in the pack, feeling lonely despite being surrounded by others.