Drygrass Posse

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Drygrass Posse
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  • Player Count: 9/10
  • NPCs: 3
  • Total Characters: 12/15

The Drygrass Posse was a coyote and dog-hybrid dominated group of hucksters and rustlers . Hailing originally from the Sand Wash Basin region of Colorado, the Posse was a far greater number of ne'er-do-well coyotes until one too many run ins spelled their ultimate undoing. With severely dwindled numbers, they only began to recuperate their losses once they hit the far-north regions of New Brunswick.

  • Location: Burnt Church Mountains
  • Icon: Wheel
  • Scent: Coyote, dog, horse, pine, sage, smoke
  • Languages Spoken: English, Spanish
  • Dates Active: 4 Apr 2019 - 12 Jun 2019

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Venerate Savagery, Die Savagely

Drygrass Posse was a loner band with ambiguous origins, linked back to a group from the Sand Wash Basin region of Colorado. Originally headed by a gruff coydog named Isaac Abershawe and his immediate family, they sought out and took in stragglers, survivors, or otherwise displaced peoples into his nomadic gang. Together they roved the high deserts of the western slope of the Rockies, rustling livestock from settlers or otherwise ransacking wolf-dominated homesteads and bands, provided the opportunity proved beneficial and advantageous to the group of outlaws.

Eastward bound, the Posse followed long-defunct interstate highways along the Colorado River and continued to collect fledgling members on its path. An established member, Santiago Tejada, was charged with the wrangling of a splinter of fresh-faced and young members, all eager to prove themselves and cause trouble in the vicinities they passed through. This put them in direct conflict with a small cluster of wolf-run homesteads in Eagle, Colorado - unofficially guided by the devout hand of the local preacher, Solomon James. The situation quickly turned violent - and, to rid themselves of the evidence of a needlessly bloody attack, Santiago ordered the homesteads razed to the earth in hopes that it would tie up loose ends. Unfortunately, survivors endured the raiding, and were able to direct Solomon in the direction the coyotes had fled, leading the wolf down a warpath of utter obsession for vengeance.

With a posse of their own, the wolves gave chase to the Drygrass Posse, which splintered as they fled, or were otherwise plucked off and killed for their transgressions.

1.  Positions

The Drygrass Posse had no formal sense of hierarchy or titling amongst its members, more or less falling into unofficial labels to suit tasks or traits of each individual member.

2.  History

Following directions and hopes alike northward-bound, Santiago Tejada, Evelyn Escuella and Calhoun Escuella brought their wagon through the rugged terrain and bitter cold of a New Brunswick winter, where they ultimately got stuck with a busted wheel. Exhausted and down on their luck, they considered ultimately cutting their losses, only to be surprised by a fortuitous meeting with fellow coyote-dominant band, The Cartel. With their future, for the time, secured, the little group relocated to the eastern side of Moosehead Lake and within the Burnt Church Mountains, where they bolstered in numbers with like-minded individuals seeking safety that inherently came with population. Thankful for the reprieve and the fresh start, the original trio did not disclose the trouble they were in for fear of chasing off the fresh faces and the other friendly band.

As spring emerged, the Drygrass Posse and their newfound sister band attempted to put together something of a feast to get to know one another. Members collected, snacks[1] [2] and prepared for a party - [3] [4] [5] though during the dinner, members of the two groups realize that strange occurrences have been popping up throughout nearby territories.[6]

A series of strange happenings started to unfold throughout the following week while members of the two groups investigate. Members discovered a horse, still in full-tack, wandering through the woods,M [7], a camp was discovered, and evidence of fighting in the newly-discovered camp were uncovered,M [8], a dead coyote-looking woman was found hanging from a tree,M [9], a loner was chased off in a rainstorm,M [10], and a wolf was interrogated.M [11] These uncomfortable events all preceded the final horrifying message: Calhoun Escuella's body was lashed to a horse, beheaded, and his head placed in the saddle and sent to The Cartel and the Posse as a warning.M [12] The two groups came together to host a funeral[13], and made further discussion as to what needed done with these unprecedented threats.

Aggressors from Solomon James' band made efforts in the dead of night to sow conflict and chaos, cutting the Posse's horses loose and stirring them into a frenzy to trample their camp. Driven to act, the duo of bands faced off against their attackers and came to the decision to come together and form Del Cenere for mutual protection against future threats.

2.1  Thread Log