Hi, I'm Dale. I'm a roleplayer on 'Souls with projects on the side, which you can read about below.

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Active Characters

Future Characters


  • Adoptable #1: Once a kind soul that wanted to do good, something has broken this character and driven them down a darker path. Though a spark of kindness still remains, their heart is clouded as selfishness and sadness threatens to consume them.
  • Adoptable #2: Cold, vicious and unflinching, this character is nonetheless steadfastly loyal to their family. They would do anything under the sun and moon - perhaps even at the cost of their own life, sanity, or rank - to protect and care for their kin.
  • Adoptable #3: Rising out of the ashes of their past, this character seeks to bring order, good and justice to the world after witnessing what happens without it. Like the brightness of a lantern or the glow of morning light, this character seeks to fill the lives of others with warmth and an escape from the world's shadows.
  • Adoptable #4: An individualist seeking to remain authentic, this character has is a seeker of knowledge that lets few others get close to their truest self.
  • Adoptable #5: A bold soul capable of heroic feats and courage, this character struggles to balance protecting the innocent with a need for control over chaos in the world.
  • Adoptable #6: A reluctant hero in the making, this character has a softer side they don't like to reveal. Though concerned with their own life and survival, they can't help but feel a weary sympathy for their world and those suffering in it.
  • Adoptable #7: A natural scholar with an open mind, this character has a moral code as strong as their need to answer the question, "Why?" Seeking to see and learn much, they try to understand everything about the world around them, applying whatever they can to any situation they come across.
  • Adoptable #10: A family-oriented "good child" that seeks to be more independent, this character struggles with the anxiety of doing something new and going off on their own versus the love and duty they dedicate to their kin. Can this character find peace with themselves, or will they sink into scorn and disillusion on opportunities lost and missed?
  • Adoptable #11: This character, raised in a low-tech, sheltered and suspicious society, walks a narrow tightrope above the jaws of Fortune. They lie, steal and cheat to get ahead, taking care of themselves first and foremost. A flicker of kindness stirs beneath their selfishness, waiting to be nurtured or snuffed out entirely.