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  • Adoptable #3: Rising out of the ashes of their past, this character seeks to bring order, good and justice to the world after witnessing what happens without it. Like the brightness of a lantern or the glow of morning light, this character seeks to fill the lives of others with warmth and an escape from the world's shadows.
  • Adoptable #4: An individualist seeking to remain authentic, this character has is a seeker of knowledge that lets few others get close to their truest self.
  • Adoptable #5: A bold soul capable of heroic feats and courage, this character struggles to balance protecting the innocent with a need for control over chaos in the world.
  • Adoptable #6: A reluctant hero in the making, this character has a softer side they don't like to reveal. Though concerned with their own life and survival, they can't help but feel a weary sympathy for their world and those suffering in it.
  • Adoptable #7: A natural scholar with an open mind, this character has a moral code as strong as their need to answer the question, "Why?" Seeking to see and learn much, they try to understand everything about the world around them, applying whatever they can to any situation they come across.
  • Adoptable #8: This character has decided to turn their backs on all things lawful and live as freely and selfishly as they wish. They are borderline feral (if not feral already), surrendering to a world of tooth and claw, on the verge of losing themselves to their vices and own flaws. Can they pulled back from the brink, or will they reach that one last slope to jump from? (Character comes with restrictions - see page for details)
  • Adoptable #11: This character, raised in a low-tech, sheltered and suspicious society, walks a narrow tightrope above the jaws of Fortune. They lie, steal and cheat to get ahead, taking care of themselves first and foremost. A flicker of kindness stirs beneath their selfishness, waiting to be nurtured or snuffed out entirely.
  • Adoptable #12: A thinker and a daydreamer who lives in a world of their own, this character drifts into the unknown and unexpected like a leaf on the wind. They are open to all sorts of new ideas, approaching life with an experimental, artistic, and curiosity-driven outlook.
  • Adoptable #13: A stern and justice-driven character, this soul seeks to be a pillar that upholds an orderly and lawful society. They are devoted and punctual, having potential as some kind of guardian or lawbringer, but hide a more wrathful side that turns them into an oath-breaker's worst nightmare.
  • Adoptable #14: A brash vigilante who hates to see the innocent wronged, this character acts first and apologizes later. When they're not being a whirling force of justice with claws and fangs or words and wits, they spend time trying to better their community and seeking a free society for all.
  • Adoptable #15: A people-oriented philanthropist, this character donates as much time as they can to helping others and bringing out the best in people. At the cost of their own health or sanity, they would do almost anything to lend a hand to those who need it.
  • Adoptable #16: A charmer who loves attention a bit too much, this character indulges in being free and having little responsibility. They don't feel as if they have to answer to anyone, and likes to find new places to go and new ways of doing things. Of course, their selfish attitude means they've probably soured more than a few relationships in their life.
  • Adoptable #18: This kind soul hides a bitter streak due to a life of difficulty and loss. They try their best to be kind to everyone, but are distant due to unsaid fears and keep most at arm's length. They dislike being in the spotlight, doing best in doing good as someone's right hand or helper.
  • Adoptable #19: A ruthless mercenary-type, this character calmly gets the job done no matter how dirty the work is. Emotion and hesitation are weaknesses to be exploited, and their unflinching, stoic front carries them through a harsh, unrelenting world. Everything is done with cold precision and Darwinian logic at its core.
  • Adoptable #20: A monstrous and selfish radical, this character values their freedom and desires over consequence and care for others. They foam at the mouth for the chance to act as they will, tearing apart anything or anyone in their path that might stand in their way.


  • Character Quickstart Generator - A WIP random character generator that uses dice to create quick and easy character inspirations.
  • Dale's Free Character Designs - Free character designs I put up for others to claim and use.
  • The Open Territories' Category - A category I made on the Wiki to list all open territories, player-made and in the default 'Souls canon, for people to look at. They're a great starting point if you want to find a place with an established backstory for your character to come from.
  • World Territories (Large Cities Without Significant Luperci Population) - I've removed redlinks on this page so that all the large cities without a significant Luperci presence have a template. I've filled in climate and geographic information from Wikipedia, and put lore in some of the cities for others to play around or get started with. If you want to go and edit something I've started, please feel free.
  • World Template (Basic) - An even more stripped-down version of the World Template page, adapted from the existing open World Territories for the game.