Dale's Adoptable #20

This character is open to adoption under a Permanent Contract With Certain Conditions. You have free reign to choose, edit and modify any of the traits listed here, or even the design of the character itself. Once you claim the character as yours, it's yours, and you are free to put them up for adoption to someone else at any time. If not, you may drop, kill them off, or NPC them as you please. With this said, there are some additional rules to this adoptable's contract, compared to some of my others:

  • This character requires an RPer of a higher writing level than most if they are to use the personality provided. Chaotic Evil characters can be highly disruptive to a game in the wrong hands, so there will be discussion beforehand to see if interested RPers understand what playing this character entails. Experience with prior 'Souls characters is suggested.
  • The character will not be used in a way that violates anyone's personal boundaries or triggers another RPer knowingly or is disruptive to the game or a board. Anyone who abuses this character in play will be blocked and banned from claiming any more adoptables or designs by Dale.

If the character's personality is to be changed from Chaotic Evil before playing, then the above terms will not apply and the adoptable will be under a Relaxed Permanent Contract instead. This adoptable currently has no design. One may be added in the future, but this isn't for certain. You are free to adopt solely the template provided her and instead slot in a character design of your own or adopted from another.

This adoptable currently has no design. Instead, a "placeholder" or "possible face claim" has been provided for inspiration, but you are free to keep it if you wish. You are free to adopt solely the template provided here and instead slot in a character design of your own or adopted from another. The image was sourced from Pexels.

If interested, please contact Dale via PM on their OOC Dale account.

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  1.   1.  Possible Character Names
  2.   2.  Appearance
    1.   2.1  Forms
    2.   2.2  Modifications and Accessories
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Talents and Faults
  5.   5.  Relationships
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1.  Possible Character Names

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. They're simply ideas for an adopter to look at if they can't think of a name they like for this character.


  • Drausus: A name of possibly-Celtic origin meaning "strong".
  • Feóndóm: An Old English-derived name meaning "foe's doom", which was used as a basis for the language spoken by JRR Tolkien's Rohirrim.
  • Uhtric: A hypothetical Anglo-Saxon name roughly meaning "ruler of the time before dawn".


  • Eoforhild: A Germanic-based name that roughly means "battle-boar".
  • Naica A word meaning "dagger" from JRR Tolkien's Sindarin language.
  • Shyntana: A name meaning "unseen in darkness" that was made with a D&D drow name generator.


  • Angadin A name that means "savage beast" and created using a D&D Surface Drow name generator.
  • Carach: A word meaning "jaws" and coming from JRR Tolkien's Sindarin language, which was invented for his Lord of the Rings mythos.
  • Cýrawn: A word in JRR Tolkien's Sindarin language that means "new moon".

2.  Appearance


2.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Weight and height, accessories, other scars, et al are up to the adopter.
  • Secui: Weight and height, accessories, other scars, et al are up to the adopter.
  • Optime: Weight and height, accessories, other scars, et al are up to the adopter.

2.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Up to the adopter.

3.  Personality

This character - whether it be pride, immaturity, or insecurity or some other reason - doesn't take failure and mockery well. They are spiteful and vengeful if they feel slighted or insulted, and have no qualms about picking fights or causing serious injury to the offending party. They routinely belittle and bully others, and when faced with the consequences, feel no shame in kissing up to authority figures to get their way or escape justice. They enjoy being destructive and throwing their weight around, and often boast about how they are or might be superior to others. It's very clear they have some sort of bias towards others, whether it be looking down on others for strength or life circumstances or other such things. They are cynical and cold, and believe in the survival of the fittest (or at least, their own continued survival) over all others.

This character, if they had a D&D alignment, would be Chaotic Evil. From most to least importantly, they believe that they:

  • Shall not honor anyone before themselves, because their survival is first, foremost and paramount
  • Shall not aid the weak, since the weak are weak for a reason and it's not the character's problem
  • Shall seek unlimited power over others and unlimited freedom for themselves, but will trade power for freedom every time
  • Shall lie whenever convenient, but isn't stupid enough to lie all the time and will answer to certain truths to maintain a cover
  • Shall break the law whenever convenient, though recognizes the wisdom in manipulating authority and "playing nice"

In regards to their alignment and their behavior, they are, from most to least likely, to:

  • Betray friends if profitable, as friendships are temporary and are useful for getting a leg up
  • Believes rulers are inherently corrupt, as they feel anyone with enough power and influence can make up a law that is listened to
  • Will use wealth to destroy others, as wealth is good for knocking out the competition
  • Use any means necessary to avoid justice, but isn't above working with the law in order to get the best results for themselves
  • Believe luck determines wealth, but isn't above working a secure job for long-term gains

Adopters are free to retcon, completely rewrite, or disregard any of this in favor of their own ideas.

4.  Talents and Faults

To help flesh out a potential path for this character, a selection of randomized strengths and weaknesses has been made using Joe Larsen's Character Faults and Talents system. These are only suggestions for this character, and you are free to use, retcon, modify, or disregard these ideas as you please.


  • Articulate: This character has a good grasp on the language and grammar of their mother tongue. They understand a large range of vocabulary and are careful in their words and choice of wording. They may show a talent for grammatical jokes, wordplay and poetry, and may come off sounding educated and distinguished. They may also pick up on subtleties and patterns in someone's speaking or writing that point to a bias, lie, poor argument, or lack of understanding.
  • High Pitch: Even if the character isn't a talented singer, they're still able to sing and pick up on the higher end of the pitch scale. They have an ear for high notes and, with practice, are able to hit and match them.
  • Voice Manipulation: This character is good at manipulating their voice to a wide variety of degrees and pitches. Their impressions and voice-acting can be spot on, and they may be able to dupe others into believing they're someone else if unseen. They also have a knack for proper pronunciation and getting an accent right, even if they don't speak the language or dialect the accent comes from.


  • Annoying Voice: Something about this character's natural voice or way of speaking is off-putting. Whether it's because they mumble too much, they sound snotty or arrogant, they whine, the pitch is off-putting or something else, people don't want to listen to them. They may try to train themselves to speak in another voice, use a different form of communication, or rely on a talent or skill revolving around voice manipulation to get around this problem.
  • Easily Charmed: This character is a sucker for compliments and a good story. Someone with the right amount of charisma could easily dupe this character into believing them or following their command. Their ego can get wrapped around something blatantly false, stupid or dangerous with the right argument behind it.
  • Stubborn: This character is set in their ways. They refuse to listen to anyone or anything they believe is inferior or not right. It's hard to change their mind, and they will often argue or fight against anything they're not comfortable with or don't believe in.

5.  Relationships

This character has been disowned or chased away by too many others to count. Their relationships are usually temporary, born of forced cooperation, desperation, or manipulation. The exception is anyone who can promise a lucrative gain they can't find anywhere else, or who can provide life-changing aid or assistance in the moment. Needless to say, any friendships and relationships are usually for this character's gain, though may gain some sort of strange affection for someone willing to "spoil" them. They get along the best with those who give them lots of freedom and don't care about collateral, so anyone who provides a short-term fling and/or business opportunities are the most likely to interact with or know them. Packs with looser morals and little cares about collateral damage may also catch their interest.

There are a number of open territories you can use as a place of origin for this character, or create backstory and ties to. Good examples for this particular character include Dublin, Liverpool, London, and Portland. The on-board settlement of Amherst may also be a good option.

6.  Family

Up to the player that adopts this character.

Immediate Family

7.  History

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7.1  Timeline



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7.2  Threads