Credit: Despi


  • Name: Margaux
    • Etymology: Variant of the French Margot, meaning "pearl"
    • Pronunciation: /maʁ.ɡo/
  • Date of Birth: 17th May 2014
  • Sex: Female
    • Pronouns: She/her
  • Species: Cougar (Puma concolor)


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Margaux is as formal and polite as she is sarcastic and blunt. She'd rather sit on the sidelines, not risking her pride nor her safety for another's lunacy. Always observing, always watching, she sometimes announces herself with dry commentary or scathing critique. Stereotypical as a cat can be, she feels she is above others, and loathes the undignified and foolish. Her company is hand-picked, selected by a mix of fussy expectations and sudden whim. She cultivates an aura of regality in every move and word she takes, both taught and preferring to be formal. Though there are exceptions, she is almost always the snooty, aloof watcher sitting in a tree.

Despite her cold and arrogant persona, Margaux does have a caring side. She also has a strong sense of honor, and holds others to the same high stands she herself does. She's vengeful when she or those important to her are wrong, and believes firmly "an eye for an eye". Debts and promises are something she hopes to either avoid or fulfil, as her loyalty is true when sworn. This said, she will only act so far out of her standards, and breaks deals if she finds they're immoral.


A sleek, short-furred wildcat with a well-muscled build, Margaux's most striking characteristic is her fur color. A leucistic (or albino) member of her species, her hair is a pale ecru white with an off-white underbelly. Her pale blue eyes are a shade lighter than a puma's standard; her nose, gums, paws and skin are light pink. As with all cougars, her forepaws are dewclawed and larger than her hind, and her square, thick jaws can snap bones in half. Long, grayish whiskers shoot out the sides of her face like thin whips.

Due to recent inbreeding in her bloodline - also the source of her light color - Margaux is on the smaller side of an average cougar. Female cougars are an average of 6.7 feet long and 121 lbs in weight, but Margaux is only 5 feet long and 76 lbs. At the shoulders she's only 24 inches high, making her slightly taller than a Canadian lynx.

 (Lineart by Heromachine)(Art by Despi)


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Born and bred as a Luperci novelty, Margaux's life began in the northern reaches of former Ontario. A pack of French Luperci had set up a trading post in the ruins of a private zoo, tending to a group of tame cougars there. The cougars were descendants of cats kept in the zoo by humans, now inbred and waning in numbers. Without more than a few stolen cubs to bolster their ranks, only six barely-fertile cats remained. Kept for intimidation and protection, a string of hard winters saw the traders giving away what animals remained. Margaux was one of those, hawked for a winter's worth of supplies to a wealthy caravan headed south. Some of her earliest memories are of her gray-walled home fading into the pines as she called for her mother.

Margaux was weaned, thankfully, when sold off. Her kittenhood consisted of learning to obey Luperci commands in English, French, Cree and Ojibwe. The traders taught her to hunt with horses and bring prey back, and attached a harness to her to pull small sleighs. The cougar passed hands several times in her short life, going from a menagerie to a hunting caravan and then traders again. From this last home Margaux was stolen, carted from the middle of New Brunswick to Nova Scotia. The bandits responsible made a game of mistreating her, poking her with sticks and threatening to feed captives to her.

Needless to say, Margaux was more than happy to maul three of them and run off when she had the chance. A night full of pilfered wine left the bandits sloppy and unthinking. Her cage's guard forgot to tie the door shut after feeding her, leading to Margaux pushing the cage open. After ripping out his throat and rampaging through camp - taking out a horse and the unfortunate souls mentioned - Margaux disappeared into Nova Scotia's wilderness.