Panda Behr-Trombetta

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Panda Behr-Trombetta

Panda, by Chris

Name Meaning"Black and white Cat-foot"
Name OriginLatin
Date of Birth17May2008
Subspecies50% Canis lupus ligoni
50% Canis lupus nubilus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeFlorida
Current packAnathema
SoundtrackSoundtrack of Doom

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Current Pack


Joining dateMarch 27th 2011
Previous Rank(s)Zepar, Furcas, Corson
SignificanceUpper Council

Panda is a high ranking wolf who is one of the oldest and most knowledgeable of the pack of Anathema, where she and her mate Venom Trombetta have been living since about the same time Anathema was formed. She is ranked Malpas in Anathema and is related to many of the Anathemans because of her poly-amorous relationship between herself, Venom Trombetta, Charm Sawtooth and Aeron Ganesa. She is biological mother to Lillith Trombetta and Jakobii Alix Trombetta and step mother to Isolde Sawtooth, Kentaro Lykoi, Toshiro Ganesa, Viper Arsenic Trombetta and Pythius Absinthe Trombetta. After Venom Trombetta's fourth birthday with her, she takes the hyphenated name of Behr-Trombetta to further label her as Venom's one and only true mate.


Not too much is known about her, she was born and raised in Florida, and for a short time she was in New York, and then after that she wandered, but that is all that is really known. Well, other than the fact that she runs around with one of her friends that she met one day when she was just living her life.

She has lived in Anathema in Nova Scotia for about 2 years now, joining the outcast pack around the time of it's formation. She and Venom later conceive a child by the name of Lillith Alexandria Trombetta who is later disowned from the Behr family (but somehow still part of the Trombetta family) and 'outcasted' from the pack she was born into. Panda and Venom currently are mates to the Angela of Anathema, Aeron Ganesa, and her mate Charm Sawtooth to form a polygamist relationship between the four canines.



  • Satin Linen(#e6e4d9) face, neck, inside of ears, belly and spine, groin.
  • Cod Gray(#101010) ears, eye circles, arms, chest, shoulder blades, rump, legs and tail.
  • Honey Flower(#4c1979) dyed Hair, dreads
    • Brown Pod(#3b1700) eyes.

Art by J

By design, the woman is very simple, but very unique. She has not met one that looks like she, ever, and this is probably because she is pretty uniquely marked for a wolf. It's arguable about which color is her base, whether it's black or white, but for simplicities sake the woman is based in a Satin Linen(#e6e4d9) and her markings are a Cod Gray(#101010). The Cod Gray(#101010) markings correspond to the markings of a Giant Panda Bear. She did not dye her pelt like this, she was simply born these patterns. She has Brown Pod(#3b1700) eyes that are expressive. If you note her ears and tail, both are cropped. He ears are rounded and cropped into halves. They are fluffy still though and the insides of her ears are the Satin Linen(#e6e4d9) rather than the Cod Gray(#272120) that takes over the back of her ears. Panda's tail is cropped halfway as well and it is also very fluffy. In her Optime form the woman has dreadlocks that now reach past her shoulder blades and they are dyed a Honey Flower(#4c1979) and the other ones continue to be the same Cod Gray(#101010).

Panda also has a total of six piercings. She has an industrial bar in her right ear (this counts as two, because there are two holes), the woman also has 4 gauge purple glass plugs in each of her cropped ears on the "lobe". The other two piercings are twin lip rings in the form of snake bites on her bottom lip. Panda's tattoos include a red glyph on her right wrist that was done by Aeron Ganesa.

For a female she is extraordinarily tall and thickly built not only of fur but also of muscle. Even in spring and summer the female has a thick coat that has grown in since her arrival in Nova Scotia. He body weight makes her slower than smaller females, but she still has some speed on her, though mostly this comes to her in her lower forms, as well as in short bursts rather than long runs. Physically she is more fit for overpowering someone rather than outrunning them. She always wears a Silver Triad Necklace on a blue string, and recently she has had two runes (Kennaz and Mannez) added to a Silver Italian Chain that was given to her by her friend, Kyle. Mannez is carved on the inside of a seashell, and Kennaz is carved on a small rectangle piece of driftwood. She has only two predominant scars. One in the shape of a small wishbone on the back of her right ankle (the scar has been there for years, and is unnoticeable unless you are walking behind her.) and the other is cut into her right palm, giving her the mark of being part of the Anathema pack.

Her normal clothing consists of a studded skirt that was modified by her, she sewed a checkerboard pattern on the bottom of the normally black skirt, a black belt with a metal "punisher" belt buckle, and a human-made plaid button up shirt that is made from cotton. She also carries a Blue Snake skin gris-gris made by Ouija D'Angelo with the Laguz rune reddened with blood on the front of it. She mostly has this attached to her belt, but sometimes she'll wear it across her chest. She carries Zera'im's scythe.

In optime form unless otherwise stated.





90 lbs (xx kg)
34 in (xx cm)

150 lbs (xx kg)
40 in (xx cm)

230 lbs (xx kg)
7ft 9in (xx in) (xx cm)

Rarely visted form, but is very wolfish and tall. She is very much like a normal wolf. Her tail and ears are short, and rounded, and her tail is only a little bit more than a nub.

Her halfling form is very bear-like with her arms growing to be slightly taller than her legs, and her back angled to where it looks like her back curves in a slope. Her dreads become dreadlings and they hang from her long mane and neck hair. Her tail and ears are their longest in this form.

She is taller than other females mostly and has a great deal of muscle and fat on her. She is squishy to touch but very strong. She is pear-shaped and she has strong legs and a full chest. Her hair is long purple and black dreadlocks with loose bangs that sometimes hang over her eyes. Her ears and tail are rounded and in between the size of her Lupus and Secui.


Families: Behr, and Trombetta


Panda (Left) and Venom (Left)by Nat

To easily put it, this woman is odd. Her mannerisms and actions are weird, but this adds a certain charm to her. Though she had matured early on in life, she still has a tendency to act or do things that are childish if only to get a reaction out of someone or because she is trying to be silly. While generally good-spirited, she can be persuaded to take a lesser path of dishonesty and evil if she feels that she is threatened in some way. Panda can be funny, and easy to talk to, but it has been reported that often times, when first approached, others seemed to be intimidated. This could either be because of her very active energy that others can easily pick up on, or it could be that soulless glare that sometimes found itself plastered on her face. She's a daydreamer, so when this look appears on her face, she more than likely is not present in mind at that time. This makes her seem even more odd to some of her peers.

Extremely intuitive and rather intelligent, she is more prone to her fits of silence, and often she strikes others as somewhat anti-social. She does enjoy her alone time but she is social with a select few others, and believes that she has a psychic/soul connection with Venom which causes her to hear his thoughts and sometimes feel his emotions. She believes that they are soulmates, and that they are really just one soul that has been split into two, and where Panda lacks, Venom is sure to excel. They make an almost unstoppable team.

Panda often is known to be a quiet woman. She often thinks too hard about things, and she listens to others very well because of her easy bouts of silence. Sometimes, it has been said that Panda is her most happy when she is silent. Circumstantially, this would be true.

Panda is a cuddly person. She likes to be cuddles and to cuddle others. When she feels touchy-feely (mostly when she is drunk) she often clings to someone. To go along with her cuddly nature, she is also a sleepy woman. She tends to sleep a lot and primarily function in late evening to early hours of the morning (but always in bed by sunrise). Since she does sleep a lot, and is considered a Shaman, she often feels that she astral projects from her body and roams the skies when she is sleeping.

Panda is generally a friendly person. She often makes lots of friends in different places, which goes along with her love to travel. When she has emotions she tends to feel them deeply, which causes her to love to the point where it hurts her physically and mentally. She is rather good about hiding this pain behind a convincing smile. At other times, she can be a straight up bitch. She has issues with slutty females, and often will fight a woman for looking at her or Venom wrong. She is a Shamanic Witch. She enjoys partaking in mind altering drugs such as Mushrooms and Marijuana.

  • Skills list:
    • Fluent in Low Speech
    • Writer / Poet / Lyricist
    • Tattoo Artist(Apprentice) / Drawing
    • Drummer
    • Making bongs and pipes out of random objects
    • Staff carving
    • Shampoo/Soap making
    • Hair dying/bleaching
    • Smoking pot
    • Log Rolling(walking on logs)
    • Stealth
    • Throwing runes
    • Reading and writing in English
    • Speaks German and some Italian
    • Meditation / Shamanism / Witchcraft
    • Tarot card reading
    • Cloud watching
    • Star gazing / charting / Astrology


Anathema's Spider Catacombs

Dark IC Catacombs

Hesperus: Sinner
Committed a total of three major crimes and got away with all three! 1 2 3
Mactans: Addicted
Took some form of substance in a large quantity OR gave a large quantity of a substance to another. Ex: alcohol, drugs, poison. 1
Variolus: Black Mail & Bribery
Extorted a valuable 'item' from a canine by threatening to expose criminal acts or discreditable information, and offering a bribe. 1
Antheratus: Punishment
Caught comitting a crime that was against pack rules, and submitted to punishment. 1
Apicalus: Polygamy
Became a part of an official polygamous relationship between Venom, Aeron, Charm

Pure IC Catacombs

Artonis: Contributor
Contributed to Anathema's pack stores! Proof!
Colphepeira: Savior
Received five (5) or more serious injuries in the defense of the pack. Proof!
Enacrosoma: Educator
Taught another pack member a new skill or trade. 1
Melychiopharis: Alliance Builder
Completed 2 threads where your character either befriends, trades with, or generally shows a foreign pack member good will and helps form a friendship between both Anathema and the pack. 1 2
Sedasta: Shield
Defended Anathema's territory, whether from trespassers(Tyko Amini). Proof!

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Artoria: Specialization
Currently holding a Co-Rank/Specialization in Anathema. (Co-Rank Name here)
Lycosella: Master
Reach the top of your rank tier. (Current rank)
Notocosa: Mateship Ceremony
Acquired a mate and held a Mateship Ceremony! 1
Evippinae: Meetings
Attended five (5) pack meetings or pack events.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Stygnidae: Pack-wide Plot
Participated in a pack-wide plot. Proof!

Membership Catacombs

Cyphophthalmi: 6 Months
CHARACTER has been an Anatheman for 6 months. [27 March 2011–27 Sept 2011]
Stylocelloidea: 1 Year
CHARACTER has been an Anatheman for 1 year. [27 March 2012]
Pettalidae: 2 Years
CHARACTER has been an Anatheman for 2 years. [27 March 2013]
Troglosironidae: 3 Years
CHARACTER has been an Anatheman for 3 years. [DD Month YYYY–DD Month YYYY]
Eotrogulidae: Concil
Panda held a Council Rank of Malpas.


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Had children with Characters on DD Month YYYY.
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