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Tletica Lykoi is a member of Inferni, specialized in scouting and archery.

She was born in Ceniza Valley as part of her father Sosthenes Lykoi's ehecatl -- a spiritual journey to spread his seed and word of Eterne. As the tiacapan, or first-born, she was especially doted upon by her father, and expected to return to her ancestral homeland. However, when she came of age to travel she went against her family's wishes and wandered north for the unknown. Here she learned that her surname, Lykoi, was recognized in these lands, and she expressed a desire to learn about her non-Eterne heritage.

Refusing to heed her brother Atlan's omens about death, Tletica joined Inferni. That autumn, war began, and Tletica fought in defense of her new clan. However, her brother's prophecy came true when Tletica, not recognizing her sibling, fatally shot him.

After a grieving period, during which Inferni returned to their ancestral homeland, Tletica renewed her relationship with her shamanism. However, when a series of disasters led to Inferni's disbandment, Tletica recognized that her brother's prophecies of an ill fate in the clan were still true. She opted to leave the remaining coyotes behind, following Diego del Bosque back south to Ceniza Valley -- with intentions of possibly traveling to Eterne as her father had wished.




OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: 17 August 2015
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Inferni
  • Immunes: Sciens
  • Family: Lykoi, Kimaris, Rivera
  • Name Meaning:
    • Tletica: at the fire (Nahuatl)
    • Lykoi: wolf (Greek)
  • Player: You??
  • Creator: Raze





1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

Tletica is a small russet coyote. She is slender with narrow, sharp angles -- appearing coyote through and through, despite her hybrid blood. She has big ears and a tail that looks skinny due to her short fur. Her limbs are thin but proportionally long for her body. While she looks underfed and scraggly due to her desert blood, however, she has considerable arm strength thanks to her practice with the bow.

In her Optime form, she could be described as "boyish" due to her lack of curves, a descriptor that she finds less than flattering. Her short, spiky, messy hair does nothing to combat her boyish look, however.

1.2  Colors

  • Paarl (#9A6229) -- base coat
  • Russet (#80471A) -- head and shoulders, muzzle
  • Mondo (#4C3A30) -- accents
  • Akaroa (#CEBF9E) -- underbelly, legs, accents
  • Zeus (#27221C) -- nose, skin, paw pads
  • Sangria (#940505) -- eyes

1.3  Miscellaneous

  • Tletica has quite a few scars here and there -- the largest, a wound on her thigh, she has turned into a snake scarification darkened with ash.
  • She commonly wears raven feathers in her hair, and sometimes wears a small bone in her septum or ears. She does not wear clothing, but can often be seen wearing practical belts, wrist-protectors, and other things.
  • Tletica boasts ash markings on a daily basis: most commonly eye stripes and bands around her wrists, each meant to complement the dark markings she already has in these areas.
  • She has no form preference, but she is most commonly seen in Optime.
  • Tletica smells strongly of smoke, wood and bone, horses, birds, and sun-warmed stone.

1.4  References

Lineart by Sie, colored by Raze

2.  Personality

2.1  Details

  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant, friendly.
  • Values: Strength, wit, tradition, heritage, self-sufficience, community.
  • Vices: Arrogance, recklessness, pettiness, cruelty.
  • Motivations: Adventure, family and tradition, competition, recognition.
  • Fears: Humiliation, insignificance, permanent injury, drowning.
  • Biases: Pro-coyote, prejudiced against wolves.
  • Sexuality: Bisexual with male preference, fliratious and prone to flings.
  • Spirituality: Belief in old Eternian religion and Ceniza Valley traditions, including divination (pyromancy).

3.  Assets

3.1  Skills

  • Scouting (Journeyman): Tletica is an adept scout. She is observant, quick and stealthy, and a good tracker. She can often be found up a tree, looking out for trouble, or pacing along in the shadows after danger. Long months on the road have taught her how to be quick-acting and attentive to trouble.
  • Horseback Riding (Journeyman): She knows how to ride horses, both bareback and in primitive saddles, thanks to her mother’s teachings. She can control an ornery horse fairly well thanks to her confidence and stubbornness. However, Tletica’s skills do not necessarily extend to horse care; she knows little other than the very basics of brushing and cleaning hooves.
  • Archery (Journeyman): Tletica has trained in archery as her main method of hunting and combat, and as such is quite adept with a bow and arrow -- though not immune to mistakes.
  • Falconry (Apprentice): She has passing knowledge of falconry from others in Ceniza Valley; she has handled large birds before and is unafraid of them. Tletica admires the ravens of Inferni and hopes to partner with one.
  • Shamanism (Apprentice): Divination is practiced in both Ceniza Valley and Eterne, and Tletica practices a specific type called osteomancy, or bone reading—interpreting the cracks formed in bones when held over fire. She can speak about the gods, wild and named, of both cultures.

3.2  Residence

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3.3  NPCs

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4.  History

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