Shikoba Whiplash

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  1. 1. Appearance
    1. 1.1 Basics
    2. 1.2 Miscellaneous
  2. 2. Personality
    1. 2.1 Ideals
  3. 3. Relationships
    1. 3.1 Family
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  4. 4. Skills and Inventory
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  5. 5. Residence
  6. 6. History
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Shikoba Whiplash is the son of Zitkala Calidio and Nanuq Whiplash, and younger brother to Wasabe Calidio. He was born and raised in the Sun Dust tribe of Nizhoni in the southwestern United States. Shikoba remained with the pack up until his childhood friend, Dorado Whiplash, was forcibly sent on his Journey. Wanting to support his friend, stick-it to the crotchety elders, and experience life outside of the tribe, Shikoba left with Dorado. The pair eventually made their way northeast to Nova Scotia.

Shikoba is currently a member of Inferni ranked as a Tirones.







  • Date of Birth: 09 May 2014
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Underneath the stars
  • Mate: --
  • Pack: Inferni (15 Jun 2016)
  • Rank: Tirones
  • Nickname: Koba
  • Pronunciation: SHEH-co-bah
  • Meaning: "feather"
  • Origin: Choctaw
  • Epithet: Sky-scout
  • cNPC: Bronx
  • yNPC: None
  • NPCs: His “girls”



  • Help Shikoba feel more at home in Inferni or show dislike for his obviously wolf heritage

Inferni members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Shikoba and Dorado hanging out a lot, arguing, or fighting about something trivial
  • Seeing him interacting with any one of his companions
  • Patrolling the borders

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Predominantly coyote in general shape, though it's clear that he has wolf in him. His dog ancestry is only seen in his knuckles and brow spots.
  • Fur: Medium-short with a double-coat. Thicker than one would expect for a desert-dweller thanks to his father's genes.
    • Optime Hair: Short, feral-like aside from two long, braided strands near his left ear. They end in two colorful beads each, as well as with a white flight-feather taken from his leusistic hawk.
  • Facial Features: Ears are larger than a wolf's, but shorter than an average coyote's. His snout shares a similar mix between the two species; being thinner than a wolf's but rounder than a coyote's slim one. Cheeks are not as fluffy, hinting at his desert-dwelling ancestry.
  • Build and Size: Stands on the larger side in both height and build as far as coyotes go. For a wolf, he'd be considered on the smaller side of "average." He sports a lean body overall and is evenly muscled throughout, depicting a lifestyle equally suited for all walks of life.
    • Lupus: Tall for a coyote and thicker in build.
    • Optime: Average in height, lean and muscled. He has a roguishly handsome appeal to him with a cowboy sort of build to him.
  • Humanization: Highly humanized. Shikoba may not always dress the part, but, it's clear from his inventory and skill set that he is very familiar with a two-legged lifestyle. He is deeply fascinated with old-western style clothing.


  • Fur:
    • Primarily Barley Corn (#a98d64)
  • Markings:
    • Cafe Royale (#61340b) blankets his dorsal side, beginning from his forehead, covering his ears, and making its way down his back before ending just past the base of his tail. It also covers the top of his snout, stopping between his eyes. The color also lightly dusts the tops of his knuckles on both his hands and his feet.
    • Kumera (#945b28) drips down from the darker top color. It forms a sort of mask on his face, spilling down from the center of his skull to the start of his ears, down and around his eyes, and cutting in just beneath Grain Brown (#e3d9b2). It continues to bleed from the darker top layer down the rest of his body, following the same path as Cafe Royale (#61340b).
    • His underside is dipped in Grain Brown (#e3d9b2), beginning from his snout before moving down his throat, chest, and forearms, across his belly and thighs, and finally ending along the bottom of his tail. Just behind his shoulders, the lighter hue slinks up across the sides of his chest, following the contours of his shoulder blades before fading out near his spine. Two brow spots are painted this hue as well.
  • Eyes: Sushi (#80a131)
  • Optime Hair: Cafe Royale (#61340b)
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Mine Shaft (#202020)
  • Scars: Sandrift (#b19a83)


Grain Brown (#e3d9b2)
Barley Corn (#a98d64)
Kumera (#945b28)
Cafe Royale (#61340b)
Sushi (#80a131)
Mine Shaft (#202020)
Sandrift (#b19a83)

1.2  Miscellaneous


28 in (71 cm)
63 lbs (29 kg)


Used for tracking and long distance travel (in the absence of his horse).

44 in (112 cm)
135 lbs (61 kg)


Used mostly for hunting or for an old-fashion wrestle.

5ft 11in (71 in / 180 cm)
170 lbs (77 kg)

Optime (Preferred)

Due to a highly humanized upbringing and lifestyle, Shikoba heavily uses this form and is seldom found out of it.


  • Notched right ear, earned from a fight with Dorado Whiplash over something stupid
  • Cut on the left side of his muzzle, received from a knife in a border skirmish
  • Four rows of winding scars on his left arm from when he tried to wrestle a javelina and got dragged through barbwire
  • Three parallel scores that go from either thigh and meet at his spine, received when he was a pup and was almost an eagle’s meal


  • Four colorful beads and two white feathers attached to the two long, braided strands of his hair
  • Tomahawk
  • Bola
  • Knife


  • Brown-leather belt with a leg holster attachment and bag attachment for his tomahawk and bola. His knife and its sheath are also attached to this belt by a durable clip for easy attachment/detachment.


  • Speech: Youthful, confident, slow/unhurried, uses a few Southern words/phrases
    • Bilingual, fluent in Spanish, but doesn’t like to let others know he can speak/understand it
  • Unique Scent: Evergreens, minerals, field grasses, rain water, dust/dirt, horses, fox
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Grins and smirks a lot; speech becomes heavily accented and fast-paced when fired up; tendency to pick up and use words and expressions from other cultures
  • General Posture and Body Language: Confident, tall and poised (out of habit), but occasionally slouched/lazy (but often in an arrogant sort of way)


2.  Personality

Confident/Arrogant || Stubborn || Outspoken || Mr. False Bravado

Shikoba is a confident, borderline-cocky individual. He knows where he firmly stands in the world, and is not about to let someone put him any lower than what he thinks is due. He is not someone to shy away from something or be quiet if he finds something unjust. He speaks his opinions and is not above telling someone they’re wrong, even if they’re of higher rank. Shikoba is a man that, if he were shackled, he would wear them proudly and still mock his oppressors openly. The hybrid seldom shows fear, and, when he does experience it, he often covers it up with confidence and false bravado.

Immature || Competitive || Off-handedly caring || Pseudo-Lazy

He has yet to actually mature, and there’s no sign that he ever will. The Whiplash enjoys having fun, be it games, pranks, teasing, or simply enjoying life. He’s a firm believer in, “You only have one life, enjoy it,” and tries to make the best out of even the worst situation. Like most males, Shikoba is very competitive, though, there are some things he takes more seriously than others. He’s also not extremely affectionate either, and any signs of affection are usually done in a teasing light. To get out of boring things, Shikoba often pretends to be very lazy and will often drag his feet if it’s a particularly tedious job. This doesn’t mean that the male is sloppy though unless it’s to get a rise out of someone or out of an act of rebelling.

Sadistic || Vengeful || Protective

While known for his louder traits, Shikoba is not as innocent or without malice as he might seem. He is cruel to those that have wronged him or someone he cares for, and, since leaving his tribe, has come to be very protective of those he holds close to his heart. He is not a man above seeking justice, even if it means taking matters behind the scenes and carrying it out himself. Raised to be a warrior first and a tribesman second, Shikoba is not afraid of enforcing harsh punishment for a foreseen wrong.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Freedom, food, challenges/games, horseback riding, birds, stars, having fun, fighting/wrestling, discovering new things
  • Dislikes: Being contained/restrained, hunger, religion, serious folk, boring activities/boredom, commitment


  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, Dominate
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


  • Freedom
  • His stomach
  • Pride
  • Those he cares for


  • Lameness, illness
  • Permanent loss of his freedom
  • Losing his companions
  • Disappointing his family


  • Packs: None
  • Species: Coyotes are the best, but he equally discriminates against all species
  • Non-Luperci: None
  • Gender: Most women are weak or overly emotional
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: The Tribe would say that homosexual relationships are taboo and detrimental to procreation, but, Shikoba doesn't really care (but he will use it as a teasing option)
  • Age: Elders can be dicks and enforce outdated rules and traditions


Due to his upbringing, Shikoba is heterosexual. Males just aren't for him and never have been. Ladies, however, he has a keen eye for. While he may not be one to act on his bodily urges (he was taught to be polite and frown upon heavy shows of public affection), he does appreciate a pretty woman when he sees one.


Despite his home tribe being very religious, Shikoba never found much interest in it. He believes in spirits, and will occasionally pray to a god when it suites his needs, but, overall, Shikoba is a non-believer. Lady Luck is all he needs.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Zitkala Calidio
  • Father: Nanuq Whiplash
  • Siblings: Wasabe Calidio (older brother)
  • Extended: Whiplash, Calidio, Silvereye, Nakai
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Dorado Whiplash has been Shikoba's friend since childhood. Though only very distantly related by blood, Shikoba sees Dorado as something akin to a brother. Though he may pretend otherwise, he is loyal to Dorado and trusts him completely. They fight occasionally, but they always find a way to be on speaking terms again. Shikoba generally follows Dorado's lead, and enjoys engaging in nefarious and immature antics with Dorado as his partner in crime.
  • Daeva Lykoi is scary as hell. She very quickly earned Shikoba’s respect and the hybrid does well to heed her command or consider her advice. Even so, that doesn’t mean Shikoba won’t push every button he can along the way just to see how far he can get.
  • Shikoba's Family is something of a sore spot for him. Shikoba wants nothing more than to make them proud of him, and while he won't admit it, he misses them. Though there was a bit of a disagreement with letting Shikoba go along with Dorado, they eventually relented and supported his decision to go with his friend. As such, Shikoba tries not to talk or dwell too much about them or the decision he made.

Positive Relations

  • Vicira Tears is an intriguing woman. Pretty, smart, and quick with her tongue, Shikoba respects her and feels a sort of loyalty to her due to having met her before joining the clan. He’s sour about losing a race against her, and, when he can, will attempt to try to one-up her to win back his lost pride.
  • Diego del Bosque is a good sport and fun to tease. Being that they both came from the South, Shikoba feels a sort of comradery with the fire dancer. He enjoys the male’s company and is always ready to laugh at Diego’s unfortunate misery.

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

  • Sex: None
  • Friendly: Inferni
  • Fights:
    • Won: None
    • Spar: None
    • Draw: None
    • Lost: None

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: When it became clear that Shikoba carried the redder Whiplash blood, his parents began teaching him the basics of fighting and defending the tribe from a very young age. The teachings are still strong in Shikoba, even if he’s a little rusty in actually performing some of the movements.
  • Speed, Mobility (Master): He’s very quick and agile, something desired in a scout. He needed to be able to move fast from location to location, as well as be able to out maneuver any would-be pursuers.
  • Rope, Whip, Bolo (Master): His favorite weapon and tool, Shikoba is an expert at handling anything with a rope really. He’s lassoed many horses, cattle, animals, and other Luperci, and his experience in the rope has spread to similar items like the whip and bolo. His weapon of choice would be the bolo.
  • Ranged (Master): Shikoba is pretty decent with ranged combat and is particularly deadly with his tomahawk and throwing sharp bladed weaponry.
  • Wrestling (Journeyman): He has a farm-boy strength to him that generally allows him to hold his own well enough against someone smaller or roughly his size. He knows how to throw his weight around and has been known to favor twisting arms and putting another in a headlock to subdue them.
  • Tomahawk, Knives (Journeyman): He’s not afraid to fillet someone. Being that the tomahawk and knife were items that were heavily used in his old home, Shikoba is naturally very skilled at wielding them.
  • He's small-medium in height and though he has the body to hold his own should things get physical, he’s not as powerful as a wolf/large dog.
  • Though he has a pretty good eye for ranged attacks, Shikoba noticeably excels more at throwing weapons than shooting an arrow. This does not mean he’s a poor shot, only that, his arrows are less likely to hit a deadly mark than his knives or tomahawk are
  • While he can wrestle pretty good, he's better suited tying someone up/distance fighting rather than getting physical.


  • Education and Learning: Every member of the Sun Dust tribe is taught basic survival techniques. Shikoba was no different.
  • Hunting, Tracking (Master): As a rite of passage, Shikoba had to know how to hunt, and, with his dual training to be a scout, he learned how to track as well. He’s very good at following a trail, be it by scent or signs of travel. Once Shikoba is on the trail, it’s rare that he loses his mark.
  • Stealth, Ambush (Master): Paired with the above skill, Shikoba had to be very good at making sure he went undetected until he wished for his presence to be known—if at all. Shikoba is very aware of the movements of his body, and learned great patience in stalking his quarry. He knows how to hide his own trail and also knows how to disguise his scent.
  • Skinning, Tanning, Leather-making (Journeyman): A hobby for relaxation and for providing other services to the tribe other than being used for defensive purposes. Shikoba is pretty decent with a knife and turning animal hides into something useful in the wake of their death.
  • Ingenuity (Journeyman): Shikoba may have some crazy, backwards-thinking ideas, but, they generally work. He’s good at problem solving, and lives by the adage, “Work smarter not harder.” If there’s an easier way to do something or fix something, Shikoba will find it.
  • Shikoba can’t make anything fancy from his leathers (i.e. very personalized and intricate clothing/armor)
  • Sometimes his ingenuity is only a temporary fix, and the project or task may need a more thought-out solution.


  • Education and Learning: Shikoba has always been more in tune with his primitive spirit. His parents both hailed from prestigious horse and bird-handling families, so, it’s no wonder that Shikoba inherited the skills that he did. He’s lived around livestock, horses, and birds his whole life, so, he’s no stranger to them or their ways.
  • Cowboy (Master): If it can be done from a horse's back, he can probably do it. Particularly when paired with his personal mount, Shikoba is an excellent horseman. He can ride bareback if needed, and can expertly coax a horse to do his bidding so that his hands can remain free. He’s partial to his western-style saddle, as he enjoys the benefits of that the horn provides for every-day tasks. He knows how to read a horse, and can usually judge what they might be about to do.
  • Falconry (Master): Given his flying companion at a young age, Shikoba works well with birds. Like with horses, he can judge their thoughts fairly accurately, and knows how to work with them in order to get what he wants from them.
  • Low Speech (Journeyman): Another must-have for a tribesman, Shikoba obtained this skill when he was fairly young. He’s decent enough to understand what a bird, horse, or lesser predator might be saying, but his skills are not perfect. He often left the heavy-talking to a more spiritual Nakai clansman.
  • Though Shikoba is good with horses and birds, he’s does not know everything, nor can he predict everything. He mostly goes off of familiar cues shown and expressed by his own two companions. Larger horses are unfamiliar territory, as are birds that aren’t raptors or ravens.
  • Shikoba’s Low Speech is very course and jagged and he should not be expected to be an expert translator by any means. He understands enough to get what he wants or to get by, but, not so much that he could carry a smooth, coherent conversation.

4.2  Inventory



  • Offering: Feathers, animal skins, leather pouches/bags
  • Accepting: TBA



  • Bola:
    • Made of a durable, woven chord; 3 chords branch out from a thick knot at one end of it. At the end of each “branch” is a weighted wooden ball. The two heaver weights lie at the end of the two shorter “branches”, the lightest ball of the three is at the end of one longer cord. “The heavier weights fly at the front parallel to each other, hit either side of the legs, and the lighter weight goes around, wrapping up the legs.” [1]
  • Tomahawk and sheath
  • Knife and sheath


  • Flint stone x2
  • Cow-leather, brown pouches/bags x4
  • Deer-leather, waterskin x3
  • Western-style horse tack
  • Rope
  • Colorful wool blanket x2

5.  Residence

Grimwell Caverns; CV02
Also occupied by Dorado Whiplash and the groups’ lesser companions, Kore and Ashkii. Eidolon may sometimes be found here or in the outer lying areas.

A medium-sized cave that has direct access to the outside world. It is dry and spacious, with a raised flat area for sleeping. A small alcove in the rear area provides for an excellent storage space. There is a pile of wood stacked and routinely rotated in the middle of the cave to provide the warmth and light of a fire. The cave itself is rather bare. A few deer hides and a small stock of leather work are stored in the alcove in the back from a previous owner. As well, a bear pelt is currently laid down on the raised flat area for bedding.

6.  History

Before ‘Souls

Shikoba was born into the Sun Dust tribe located in Nizhoni (Mesa Verde National Park), Colorado, USA. The tribe consisted mostly of coyote or coyote-dominant hybrids living in a primitively human-like lifestyle influenced by Native American beliefs in the American Southwest. Within the protection of the park and mesa lived three ruling clans; the small and religious Nakai, the domestic and horse-riding Calidio, and the large and warrior-like Whiplash. Shikoba’s mother, Zitkala, was a high-content coywolf of the Calidio clan, his father, Nanuq, a relatively new-blood to the tribe as a Whiplash. The two family figureheads had agreed on their union, believing there to be good blood between the joining of a horse-rider and a sky-scout.

The couple bore their first son, Wasabe, who showed great promise as a herdsman and had great skill in horsemanship. The boy took the Calidio family name. Shikoba was born a year later, and given the Whiplash name for his tendency to wander and fight, a hint that he might grow to be a great warrior or scout in his maturity. From birth, Shikoba was a scrappy thing, a complete opposite of his poised and disciplined older brother. This personality trait is what caused the pup to nearly get eaten by a feral eagle, and his near-death experience was what became a lesson for generations to come within the tribe.

The family did their best to curve the pup’s bold and confident ways, but his tenacity and stubbornness often won out. He was disciplined, but there was a rebellious streak that constantly lurked beneath the surface. It wasn’t that Shikoba lived off chaos however. Rather, the boy merely saw flaws and discrepancies in how things were traditionally done, as well, he always questioned why things were done the way they were. He thrived on logic and lived off of freedom, and this often either won him praises or caused him to be under great scrutiny from the elders.

As a coming of age gifts, he was given a horse of his own from his mother’s clan, and, from his father’s, the boy received a rare gift from one of his father’s hawks, a leucistic chick to raise as an extension of his own eyes, ears, and reconnaissance range. He greatly cherished both and earned their trust completely through long hard hours of day-to-day exposure and handling. His group of companion animals expanded when Shikoba took in a fox kit he’d found on the far reaches of the territory.

Despite his caustic tendencies with regular tradition, his parents were right in naming Shikoba a Whiplash. He grew up to be strong, courageous, and skilled in scouting. He would serve the tribe well when the day came to welcome him into adulthood. Shikoba would never be able to go through such a prestigious ceremony though.

In his youth, Shikoba befriended an unwanted, high-born bastard of Nakai-Whiplash blood named Dorado Whiplash. They became fast friends even with regular bouts of fighting and competitions to one-up the other. When news came that Dorado’s high-born father was forcing him out of the clan, Shikoba was forced to make a personal decision. A Journey was something a tribesman was normally allowed to take willingly. Dorado was not being given the choice on whether he wanted it or not.

Deciding to support his childhood friend—and to stick it to the traditionalist and religious elders that had forced Dorado’s father’s hand—Shikoba left on his Journey as well. His decision was cause for argument with his family, but, they eventually relented when they realized Shikoba’s loyalty to his friend. The pair set off, initially just wandering from place to place before they caught wind of a prosperous land in the northeast, Nova Scotia. Curious and with nothing to lose, the two made a new course.

At ‘Souls


6.1  Timeline

Year 2016


6.2  Threads


MAY 2016

  1. Black and bay, sorrel and gray (05 May)
    Sunflower Sunsets, with Vicira Tears, pNPC Diego del Bosque.
    While out exploring, Shikoba finds a couple of locals and participates in a horse race.
  2. Gamble away all my gold and silver (8 May) (Dropped)
    Drifter Bay, with Bluethroat Versailles.
    Shikoba comes across a fellow coyote after failing to find food, and they engage in a friendly wrestle.
  3. A forest full of fallen trees (10 May)
    Drifter Bay, with Axelle Napier.
    Shikoba finds a wolf and pushed all the wrong buttons.

JUNE 2016

  1. No one's ever been given a road map (9 Jun)
    Camp Gagetown, with Tansy Brier.
    Scared by the thought of joining a pack again, Shikoba backtracks and runs into a fellow Loner.
  2. New to this side of the tracks (15 Jun)
    Inferni (Borders), with Vesper, Vicira Tears, cNPC Dorado Whiplash.
    The Nizhoni boys finally decide to make Nova Scotia home, and join the resident coyote clan.
  3. Show me everything and tell me how (29 Jun)
    Greenhouse, with Crucifix de le Poer, NPC Kore.
    Shikoba and Kore do a bit of exploring and come across a strange building made of glass and housing plants.

JULY 2016

  1. Let's end your time to lay low (01 Jul)
    Forest of Nod (Inferni), with Beckett Moineau.
    Shikoba comes across Beckett and the two engage in a spar.
  2. Stubborn as a mule (25 Jul)
    D’Neville Mansion (Hospital House), with Fang Espinoza, NPC Kore.
    While tanning a rabbit hide, Shikoba accidentally cuts himself and decides to see a medic.


  1. Every sentiment hangs around no longer than a minute or two (02 Aug)
    Great Village, with Vicira Tears.
    Shikoba is bored, so he decides to go bother a certain woman.
  2. Bringing darkness from above (15 Aug)
    Inferni (Forest of Nod), with Antioch de le Poer.
    Shikoba goes on a night patrol with one of the pack’s Bellator, Antioch.
  3. Honey and Vinegar (17 Aug)
    Inferni (Ravenwrest), with Vesper.
    Wanting to make friends with the pack’s birds, Shikoba decides to entice them through their stomachs.
  4. I collect your scales but you don't have to know (19 Aug)
    Inferni (Forest of Nod), with Belle de le Poer.
    Shikoba and a packmate gossip about one of the pack’s elderly.

MONTH 2016

    AREA, with WIKI.
    AREA, with WIKI.

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