Ferrari Austral

Ferrari Austral



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23 July 2011






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75% Common Gray Wolf
25% Iberian Wolf




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23 July 2011 - ??

Ferrari Austral is the daughter of J'adore Austral and Mizu Kuin, born into AniWaya on July 23, 2011.

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1.  Appearance

For the majority of her appearance Ferrari is a solid chocolate brown only a dash of cream, stretching from her chest through her stomach and ending half way down her tail, breaks that. Her eyes are a bright dodger blue colour, always very expressive with a tendency to cloud over when her emotions turn negative. Her body is thin and willowly, Ferrari could easily be mistaken for a coyote hybrid due to her body shape and while she does have impressive strength her muscles aren't all that visible. In Optime form, her hair is darker than the chocolate covering her body.

2.  Personality

Ferrari is a tomboy at heart, favouring climbing and generally adventuring rather than dressing up and playing princesses. She wants to be a warrior just like her father and when her father goes out on his patrols she is always eager to join him. Ferrari adores horses, always keen to help care for her father's steeds. There are some instances where she finds herself getting upset over the fact that she doesn't feel like a girl, this may escalate to something more serious as she approaches adulthood. Ferrari detests sexism and is always out to prove that she can do anything.

3.  Family: Austral

She also sees Ralla, Ayasha, Aleu, Ahiga and Alaster as her family, along with most of AniWaya.

4.  History

Ferrari Austral was born alongside her brothers Iskander and Subaru and her sister Acallar, to J'adore Austral and Mizu Kuin. Subaru and Acallar were murdered by her mother's brother, her uncle Shurui, as soon as they were born. He also assaulted her mother to the point that she needed help to care for her children.

She grew up in AniWaya, considering all of its members her family. At the time of her childhood (during the AniWaya Conflict) the pack's leadership had been usurped by Maska Ahote and his guardians, she never considered him nor his goons family though. She, even as a pup, was very anti war and while her brother stayed at home to learn their mother's healing trade, she often ventured out alongside her father, interested in his warrior ways.

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