Mizu Kuin

Mizu Kuin

Mizu Kuin, by Sky
Name MeaningGraduate Water
Name OriginJapanese
Date of BirthJuly 4, 2009
Age> 2 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupas
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeSutekina Basho
Previous packAniWaya

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateApril 30, 2011[1]
Previous Rank(s)N/A

Previous Pack

Sutekina Basho

Joining dateJuly 4, 2009

Significance ||Birthpack

Mizu Kuin was a member of AniWaya, where she was mates with J'adore Austral and bore his children, Iskander Austral and Ferrari Austral.


Mizu was born from a medium ranking wolfess and wolf. She had one sister and a two brothers. Amai was her sister and they were close as two wolves could be. Her and her brother Aki got along great but Shurui and Mizu fought constantly and often ended up hurting one another.

When she was four months old her father died from an illness that is still unknown to her today. Her and her father were not very close, but Amai was and she grieved a lot. Amai didn’t feel like doing anything anymore and grew ill. Just two weeks after Mizu’s father’s death Amai passed away. Mizu tried to stay strong but in just her first four months of life she had lost two of her family members.

At five months old Mizu was taught to swim. She loved the water and learned quickly. Before her father died he had showed her how to fish. After he died and was taught to swim she practiced by herself and became very good at it. It was from then on that she began to fish for the pack. She didn’t mind, in fact she looked forward to the Alpha requesting fish from her. Mizu and Shurui continued to fight and grew even more apart from each other.

When Mizu was six months old she was in the pack’s food shed and it caught on fire. She was trapped in the shed for a long time and she passed out. She woke up three days later with a bad burn on her back left leg. Mizu had no idea what had happened to her until someone explained that Shurui had dragged her out of the shed, saving her life. She knew immediately what had happened. Shurui lit the shed on fire and dragged her out, trying to look heroic. Months worth of hunting’s food was burned to a crisp. Unfortunately for Shurui the Alpha had seen him light it on fire and his rank was immediately knocked down to Omega. Mizu felt bad and often visited him. They started to grow slightly close but this was not the only time he would betray her.

At seven months old Mizu was in another fire. This one was a forest fire and was started by no one. She re-burned the same spot on her leg and had to be immobilized for over a month. After that she was deathly afraid of fire unless it was one to keep her warm. Her leg healed slowly but surely.

At eight months old Mizu went on a pack hunt but somehow got lost. She could not find her way back by any means so she just ventured farther and farther away. She missed her brothers and mother but still after two months could not find her way back. The day she turned nine months old Shurui found her. She was happy to see him but he was not happy to see her. He lunged at her, and broke open a big wound on her muzzle. She was confused and tried to follow him when he began to run away but he turned and chased her away for miles. When she looked back he was gone. She grew very sad, how could her brother betray he yet again? She continued traveling until her gash on her muzzle became infected. Mizu stumbled across another pack where she stayed for three months. She met an elderly wolf named Sensei who taught Mizu about remedies and medical information the whole time she was there. Mizu now carries around a book with notes from her teachings. Sensei created a powerful remedy that quickly healed Mizu's infected wound. Mizu still carries around the left overs in a jar. When the wound was finally healed she left the pack and continued traveling. Over her travels she used the knowledge she had learned from Sensei and perfected various remedies for many different things. She carries another book with all the recipeis and tidbits of information to help small things.

On her 1 year 9 month old birthday she finally stumbled on the ‘Souls land after four excruciating months of traveling and becoming injured and tiered. She had perfected many remedies that she now knew how to make by heart over the four months, including the one to get rid of infections. When she arrived she added the surname Kuin as her representation. Now she travels across the lands of ‘Souls, searching for a pack.. maybe only a friend? Just someone to stay with…

In 2011- Mizu Kuin became mates with J'adore Austral and became pregnant. Her brother Shurui came to the 'Souls' lands as well and they met up. They got into a fight and Mizu's wrist was crushed. On July 23, 2011 she was walking in the forest when Shurui met with her. He tried to kill her with a sword, but ended up slashing her arm and scaring her into early labour. Mizu suffered many wounds, her nearly healed broken wrist was re-broken along with her other wrist too. She recieved gashes on her rips and Shurui severed many muscles.Two puppies were born and Shurui killed both of them. Mizu had two other pups after Shurui left her, she managed to stop her labour.


Mizu is a sweet wolf. She doesn’t really like to see people hurt and will often work at healing them. She has many ointments that she has perfected over her travels from various wounds she has received. She is shy and normally doesn’t really open up to people. Once you get past her shell she is a happy-go-lucky playful pup. She hates when people yell at her though. She normally acts her rank and will stand her ground most of the time. Even for the small wolf she is, she is quite feisty and can hold her own in a fight. She loves pups and loves to watch or care for them. When hunting, she never takes more than she needs and is very careful to be quick and make the death as painless as possible. She is absolutely terrified of fire, unless it is in a fireplace, keeping a cabin warm. She doesn’t quite like the idea of being a Luperci but believes it comes in handy a lot. She believes that humans went extinct for a reason and doesn’t quite feel comfortable following in their footsteps.




Matteo Trovato , Ayasha, Shiloh?, Ralla


Jace Wolfe.




by Nat!


Mizu has a milky-white pelt that spreads over her body. She is smaller than the average wolf. Her eyes are a deep blue and her nose is coal black. Around her nose she has pink fur and the same coloration is around her paws. Her old pack experimented quite a bit with dyes and she spent a long time trying to figure out what her mark should be. Finally she got it. She has light blue swirls by her eyes and a shade darker swirls on her shoulders. She has swirls another shade darker of blue on her haunches and the darkest blue on the tip of her tail. She has the same shade of blue that is on her tail on the tip of her left ear. Mizu also has a light blue around her scruff, not the whole thing, just a maybe two inch thick that wraps all the way around her neck. She has a skinny and sleek body that has muscled packed onto it. Her fur is silky-smooth. Mizu prefers this form out of the three. Mizu really only has two visible scars. A giant one on her back left leg. It is a burn scar. She has another one on the top of her muzzle. It's about an inch and a half think and in about three inches in length.


In her Secui form, Mizu’s coat color gets a little more brownish, kind of a beige color, her eyes lighten up a bit, a sort of aqua color. Her pink fur around her nose and paws becomes more distinct. The dye’s markings of course stay the same, except the blue wrap-around marking on her neck is more spread out and frilly because the fur around her neck is shaggier and thicker than her Lupas form. The muscle is more defined, but her body still remains sleek. Her fur still has the same silky feeling to it, but underneath her top coat is a shaggy and wiry fur that keeps her warm, her tail is very noticeably bushier than both her Lupas and Optime form.


In her optime form she stands at a 5 foot 8 inches, still very small. Her coat remains the same color but her eyes are a very light blue, they almost seem translucent. Her swirls still stay in the same place of course, since they are dye. Her muscle is less defined in this form but is still seen. She doesn’t wear her hair long, instead leaves it normal. Her tail is bushier than her Lupas form but not as much as her Secui form. Mizu generally hates this form and the only time she uses it is when she absolutely needs too or if she is redoing her dye, she often practices shifting forms though, just so if in an emergency she can be quick and efficient. Although since joining AniWaya she has used this form a lot more, becuase she has been healing more people and her mate also uses this form often.