Chapel Morte

Chapel Morte

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Name MeaningChapel: a private place of worship
Morte: death
Name OriginEnglish, French
Date of BirthSeptember 15, 2010
Date of DeathSeptember 29, 2011 MATURE
Age1 year
Subspecies50% Northeastern Coyote
50% Plains Coyote
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeOpeongo Lake
Current packInferni

'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Opeongo Lake

Joining dateSeptember 15, 2010
Previous RankPuppy

Chapel Morte is the child of Scion Morte and Sanguine Addiction. She was sent by her father to investigate the Massacre side of her family living in Inferni. Sanguine sent Chapel with an additional mission; however, this has not yet been revealed.

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1.  History

Chapel was born on the water's edge of Opeongo Lake. Her parents had journeyed there with their family years before her birth, but decided a few months after she was born to return to their native home of Nova Scotia. They set out as a five-man team, consisting of Scion, Sanguine, Chapel, and two other adult coyotes. Her four siblings did not make it to her five-month birthday, two of which Scion killed at birth for being too weak, and one who died after two months when it was attacked by a bear.

A few days after they set out for 'Souls, Scion realized she was pregnant. Two months later, the group found their way to New Brunswick and Chapel was sent out to scout ahead to find the route to Bleeding Souls. Chapel returned to their family unit to report back and Sanguine immediately left with Chapel to find Bleeding Souls. By this point, Chapel had forgotten about the birth of their new siblings and happily complied. Sanguine and Chapel set out on their own to find Inferni and re-unite with the Massacre side of the family. They journeyed to Bleeding Souls, unaware of the major pack shift to the south. Sanguine and Chapel were horribly disappointed to find the lands empty and barren. As they headed back southwest, the pair got caught in the snowpocalypse on February 5th and got horribly sidetracked searching for shelter. Once the worst of the snowstorm was over in February, they decided to return to Scion to report the bad news. Scion had heard of news of the pack's shift and sent them back again to investigate. Sanguine refused and instead remained with their family, for Sanguine no longer wished to gallivant about the countryside. However, Chapel knew she had to continue. She had been assigned a task and she would not stop until it was complete.

She eventually found her Nova Scotia, and soon, to Inferni. By this time, two weeks had passed.

1.1  The mission

Believing that the Massacre side of the family is weak and unworthy, Chapel's father, Sanguine, sent her to remove them — forcefully. Chapel came to Inferni with the intent to discover who carries the tainted blood of the two Massacre brothers: Naloxone and Venomous. However, she was careful not to reveal her mission to anyone else, for she knew the consequences of her actions.

  • July 2011: Chapel finds and finally joins Inferni.[1]
  • Chapel starts asking questions and asking around, somewhat suspiciously, but Inferni has little reason to suspect anything so she continues his investigative work.
  • August 2011: Chapel discovers that Hybrid Holocaust is in Inferni and has three children: Wraith Creed, Lucilla Key, and Nathaniel King.[2]
  • "Accidents" happen around the clan: maybe some meat is poisoned, or a tree falls on the mansion causing some damage. Maybe a den is mysteriously blocked off by a few rocks. Perhaps there are some sharp rocks buried into the ground where Infernians are known to patrol.
  • Inferni starts to become suspicious of Chapel. They try to question her, but cannot find her.
  • September 2011: Chapel is discovered bringing some of the puppies of Inferni, Nathaniel, Lucilla, and Wraith to Hades Beach in Inferni. It becomes clear that she intends to murder all of them. She is discovered by Kesho, Hybrid, and Alma. Alma sends for help while Kesho and Hybrid engage Chapel. Chapel kills Kesho and wounds Hybrid. Between Kesho and Hybrid, they are able to apprehend and kill Chapel.[3]

2.  Personality

Chapel is dark and a little twisted, but still maintains some of her innocence. Her parents taught her, at an early age, responsibility and infected her with their ways. Chapel follows the directions that her parents give her immediately, and will not give up. She is also extremely determined, hard-working and will fight 'till the end. Additionally, Chapel quickly makes judgements and biases against other canines, and because of this seems distant and is misunderstood. However, if you make her a good offer, she can't refuse.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Extended Family

Chapel has many half-nieces and nephews, all of which are the children of her half-brothers, Venomous and Naloxone. She is also related to their children's offspring and those lines continued.

4.  Appearance

Chapel has golden eyes and dusty brown fur, which ranges from her white chest to various flecks of black mixed in with the rest of her pelt colors. Her body is free from any kind of body modifications like tattoos and earrings, as her parents did not believe in this type of body adaptation.

As Chapel is a coyote, she is small and streamlined, though runs faster than most coyotes. Her strength, in her regular coyote form, is near to being nonexistent, therefore she relies on her speed and sneakiness.