Scion Addiction

Scion Addiction

Scion by stuckincustoms


Name MeaningScion: a descendent of a notable family
Name OriginEnglish


Date of BirthFebruary 26, 2011
Age> 7 months
GenderMale or Female


Birth placeNew Brunswick, Canada
Subspecies50% Northeastern Coyote
50% Plains Coyote
LuperciYes (Ortus)

'Souls Profile

Scion Addiction is the younger sibling to Chapel Morte and littermate of Dusk Rephaim. Scion would join Inferni with his/her sibling after Chapel joins Inferni. Scion is a very open character and can be moulded to the player's liking; however, note that Scion would have been raised believing in the Addiction family's culture, which emphasizes strength, violence, and brutality.

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  2.   2.  Possible Plotline
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Relationships
    1.   4.1  Family
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Colouration

1.  History

Scion was born alongside Dusk in New Brunswick, Canada during a trek to Nova Scotia. Scion and Dusk had two other littermates; a fox killed one littermate and Scion Morte killed the other puppy when it became clear that it was too weak to make the journey. Scion grew up mostly with his/her mother and two other adult coyotes, both of whom assisted for the first few months' of Scion's life. About a month after Scion was born, Sanguine returned and they lived more or less as a family. Scion did not grow up knowing his/her older sister, Chapel very well and sees Chapel as something of an enigma.

When Scion was six months old, their brother, Dusk, began acting out. Dusk started looking to learning new skills not encouraged by their parents, including crafting.

When Scion was ten months old, Dusk left the family for a week to travel. When he returned, he got into a big argument with their parents.

In July 2012, Dusk asked Scion to join him and leave the family, but Scion refused. Scion was still loyal to their family. Dusk left and Scion decided to remain with their parents and their small family unit.

2.  Possible Plotline

Chapel attempted to murder three puppies of Inferni (her distant cousins), but was killed in her attempt. Should Scion return to Inferni, s/he would likely be treated with suspicion for her connection to Chapel (if it got out). That being said, there isn't anyone alive who knows of Scion's connection to Chapel, but his/her scent might give it away. Alternatively, the adopter doesn't have to join Inferni at all, and can join any pack that will accept them!

3.  Personality

Scion could be designed to the player's preference. S/he could either rebel against his/her cultural prescriptions, believe in them a bit, or follow them completely. The player is more than welcome to expand on the culture of the Addiction family as it is not completely fleshed out to allow maximum creativity! :)

4.  Relationships

4.1  Family

5.  Appearance

The player is free to determine Scion's appearance. Information listed below is merely a suggestion!

Scion is quite beautiful, exhibiting many of the traits attributable to a full-blooded coyote. Scion's muzzle tapers into a fine point and their ears are large and constantly in motion. Scion inherits both their larger size and their dark coat colouration from their northeastern coyote heritage. Despite this, there is an obvious plains coyote influence, as Scion's appearance is more coyote-like and less wolf-like, as many northeastern coyotes tend to be. Scion has long, thick fur, which prepares them well for cold winters.

5.1  Colouration

  • Waterloo (#868593), Cadet Blue (#A7ACC0), and Silver Rust (#C7BBBB): main coat colour. These two colours are heavily mixed to create a flecked appearance.
  • Salt Box (#625765): lowlights, which extend from Scions' muzzle and crest under their eyes. This colour is also present as small flecks above the eyes.
  • Tobacco Brown (#6E513F): medium lowlights, covering the top of Scion's head and the back of their ears.
  • Mid Grey (#565967): extends from Scion's neck to his rump as a saddle-like pattern.
  • Mischka (#DBD5DF): underbelly, inside of legs, and inside of ears.
  • Sorrell Brown (#C5A17D): two patches just in front of Scion's shoulders.