Naloxone Massacre

Naloxone Massacre

Name OriginEnglish
Date of BirthDecember 25, 2003
Age> 7 years
Subspecies100% Canis latrans ortus
Birth placeBleeding Souls
'Souls Profile

Naloxone Massacre is the brother of Venomous Massacre, son of Bittersweet Massacre and Sanguine Addiction, and previous mate to Asphyxia Holocaust. He also fathered Asphyxia's second litter.

His name is the common name of C19H21NO4, an anti-depressant. Naloxone is used to counter the effects of heroin or morphine overdose, and is used to treat life-threatening depression of the central nervous system.


Naloxone was born to a litter of two, grew up a fairly normal life. Carried a special gene that flowed through his father, his white coat and red eyes. He is 100% coyote and has always had a problem with wolves, if they even knew he was a coyote. Half the time they thought he was a small and scraggly wolf. Grew up fairly normal, Naloxone and Venomous shot out on their own at one year, fell into a "gang" and got into alcohol and drugs. A couple years later his brother became "leader" and he was left to be the second in command. This was where he had first met Asphyxia, but she had barely paid attention to him back then. She had fallen for his brother and he was heartbroken. After Asphyxia left, Venomous went into a rage and ran off, leaving him the leader of the group. Naloxone disbanded the small group of hybrids and coyotes and had left to find Asphyxia back with his brother, no puppies in sight, considering that was partially the reason she had left. He stuck around unnoticed for a few weeks until Venomous started beating her again and in the middle of the night lifted Asphyxia's broken body from her resting place and took her away on horse back and found a place where he would never find them. He tried sobering her up, but she had been too addicted to the substance. Then they both fell into drinking until she became pregnant, now all he does is smoke and everyone once in a while he will get high or drink. He takes care of the kids for the most part, more so than Asphyxia, but the kids don't really notice yet.


For more information, see the Massacre and Addiction families

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Naloxone is lean and solidly built. He has long legs and is really big for a coyote. He has solid white fur with hints of silver throughout and deep blood red eyes. All that is left of his tail is a stub, and he has many piercings a couple silver hoops and studs in both ears and his tongue and right eyebrow.

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