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This page belonged to a former pack and is now defunct, but it is being kept for posterity and future reference. Please contact the former pack leader(s) prior to editing or deleting this page.

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    3.   1.3  IC Animal Procedures
    4.   1.4  Horses
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1.  Rules/Procedures

1.1  Updates

Updating the Wiki? Awesome!

  1. When adding a communal animal to Inferni you must either add the character here or let us know in the Inferni Maintenance Thread.
  2. Remember, animals listed here are communal and shared (i.e., meant to be used by all of Inferni). Your personal animals don't go here.
  3. Please keep the total word count of your description in the list below 150 words. If you have more information about an NPC (e.g., it was your personal NPC and you wrote a bit about it) put the information below the list table.
  4. If your new communal animal needs a pixel, let us know.

1.2  General Rules

Rules about the communal, shared animals of Inferni!

  1. Ownership
    Communal animals belong to all of Inferni. Feel free to add animals, but please remember: once an animal is given to Inferni, it's kinda like our pNPC and belongs to us as if formally adopted. We might kill it, we might give it to another character, etc.
  2. Use
    Communal animals may be used for any purpose by a member of the coyote clan. E.g., borrowing a communal horse to ride south for purely persons is absolutely fine. Permanently taking a communal horse as your character's isn't so fine! ;)
  3. Trading
    Look out for the [NT!] and [RT!] tags -- they indicate an animal should be returned and not traded. In some cases, trading is encouraged -- look for the [FT!] tag for Free Trade. IC consequences may occur if permission is not sought from the leadership before a certain trade.
  4. Death and Injury
    Injury or death of a communal animal may result in consequences. We're flexible, but please ask first!

1.3  IC Animal Procedures

These rules are enforced by the leadership, and told to every member once they enter the clan with an animal! This information stands for BOTH communal and privately owned animals.

  1. Animals may be kept in various areas, either in private residences or as free-roaming animals allowed to simply meander around Inferni.
  2. Free-roam is not acceptable where the animal is overly aggressive or dangerous. Animals which are dangerous or aggressive must be kept quartered. No, your character's attack-badger can't run around the territory biting coyote toes off! :(
  3. Large predators (e.g., bobcats, bears) are not permitted in Inferni territory for safety and realism reasons. Exceptions can be sought for those hand-raised in Inferni, but would most likely be restricted (i.e., still no mountain lions or bears).
  4. Horses have special rules -- keep reading if you own a horse within Inferni.

1.4  Horses

Keeping a Horse in Inferni

In Character Rules

Again, these rules are enforced by the leadership, and told to every member once they enter the clan with a horse! This information stands for BOTH communal and privately owned horses.

  1. The herd allowed free roam of the D'Neville Mansion gardens consists exclusively of mares, geldings, and adolescents. Mares not confined to the D'Neville Gardens are the responsibilities of their owners (e.g., if they get knocked up, your character is responsible).
  2. Stallions must be kept stalled or otherwise separate from the D'Neville Garden free-roaming mares. Stallions can wander around outside of the fenced gardens, so long as they are friendly and not likely to fight with other horses.
  3. Some maintenance is assumed to be done by pNPCs. However, those who own horses within the clan should contribute to the general upkeep. E.g., if your horse is a free-roamer in the garden, you might reference your character filling the food of the garden horses' open stable. If your horse is kept in the garage stables, references to the the addition of loft supplies such as fodder and treats, and so forth might be made.

Horse Residences (Communal & Personal)

Inferni Free Roaming

Horses are allowed to roam freely. The largest band of horses keeps to the center of the territory, preferring the Riparian Moors area. As Inferni's horses are domesticated and seem understand their relations with the coyotes, one is generally safe walking up to the herd.

Map of the mansion prior to its destruction

D'Neville Garden Free-Roaming (Restricted)

The Garden herd is exclusively mares, geldings, and adolescents. This allows Inferni to restrict breeding. Both communal and privately owned horses may be found in the herd -- any friendly horse of gender/age is welcome.

2.  Communal Animal Directory

2.1  Horses

Stallions and Geldings

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Red roan Quarter grade stallion, b. 2009

  • Abilities: Speedy in short bursts, but better suited to a slower, enduring pace. Bairre is a decent horse for a beginner -- his nature makes him ideal for a rider who may make mistakes.
  • Personality: Obedient, eager-to-please. Bairre is an easy stallion to handle; he has an almost submissive nature and seems to enjoy his life with Luperci.
  • Description: His body is a pale Vanilla, dotted with Quincy -- his legs and noes especially, but freckled throughout his fur as well. Bairre's mane and tail are Russet in coloration. He is small and compact, though not without strength.


Buckskin grade stallion, b. Jan 2013



  • Abilities: Riding horse, warhorse.
  • Personality: A focused, hard-working horse able to be ridden into battle, though he rarely attacks opponents unless cornered. He is occasionally stubborn and requires a firm hand.
  • Description: Large and sturdy in build. He is primarily light tan with dark brown stockings, mane and tail. A white star between his eyes is his only unique feature.


Bay mustang grade gelding, b. 2004



  • Abilities: Unshakable warhorse, with rigid focus.
  • Personality: Jecamiah is an intelligent, experienced, calm horse. He is more or less apathetic to his handlers, though he refuses to let himself be put into danger with someone he does not trust -- he should be worked with individually if he's to run into battle.
  • Description: Rugged, muscular horse with old (and new!) scarring from past conflicts. A plain bay horse with one white sock.


Perlino grade stallion, b. 2002

  • Abilities: --
  • Personality: --
  • Description: --


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Grullo Paso Fino grade mare, b. 2008



  • Abilities: Very quick, long-legged -- easy riding gaited amble.
  • Personality: Despite her good traits, Maelysa is aggressive and will attempt to dominate a rider unable to control her. She can be ridden -- if the rider is experienced.
  • Description: Cement body with lighter Donkey Brown underside. Her legs and most of her head are Eternity; she also exhibits very faint striping marks along her legs and a dorsal stripe in this same color. Her mane and tail are very dark Cod Gray. She is very sleek and of medium-large size. Her high-stepping gait suggests her heritage.
  • 2013: Obtained via the Boreas Conflict.
  • 2014: Bore Pollyanna, sired by Tobias.


Flaxen chestnut Percheron mare, b. 2009



  • Abilities: Granya excels at the cart -- her body and her temperament make her very well-suited to the task.
  • Personality: She has a delicate temperament and willingness to obey. Granya is a submissive and skittish horse, and may spook (especially if unaccustomed to her rider). She does far better under the cart.
  • Description: Tussock body with pale Sissal mane and tail. She has pangaré markings, resulting in a paler underside and muzzle-tip. Her face is white-blazed; around her mouth delicate pink skin is visible. She is large, with flowing mane, tail, and feathering along her hooves.
  • 2013: Obtained via the Boreas Conflict.
  • 2016: Bore Kallai, sired by Tobias.


Roan Appaloosa / Draft mare, b. 2005

  • Abilities: Capable of carrying small-medium loads, Hiba excels at a pack horse. She is an easy rider, well-suited for most beginners.
  • Personality: A docile mare with an even temperament; Hiba is not easily spooked. She is very sweet and often seeks attention from those tending to the pastures.
  • Description: Nobel body, splotches of Mid Gray with Woodsmoke mane and tail, Cod Gray lower legs. Stocky and thick-legged, though not especially large.
  • 2013: Kadar Ibn-Tariq gifted her to Inferni.
  • 2017: Bore [bay roan foal] by Ares.


Dark Bay Svantevit palfrey mare, b. 2008

  • Abilities: This bay mare is a Palfrey type Svantevit horse. She has an easy gait and an excellent riding horse, though perhaps unsuited for a brand new rider: she requires a firm hand.
  • Personality: Nain is a sweet -- there is no meanness in her -- but she is very spirited and energetic. This energy makes her difficult to control for an inexperienced rider.
  • Description: Redwood in coloration, with long, silky mane and tail in Cod Gray. She has feathering on each hoof, and is branded with the Svantevit mark.


Classic Champane grade mare, b. 2004



  • Abilities: Oblak is a decent cart-puller, and can also bear a rider. Her better talents include being a broodmare: she has carried several foals and adopted another.
  • Personality: Mild, tractable, and generally hard-working around Luperci, Oblak tends to dominate other horses -- though she is by no means aggressive or excessively overbearing. Simply by virtue of her age, Oblak rules whichever band she happens to be in.
  • Description: Oblak's base coat is Soya Bean and Armadillo. Whisper colors her blaze and rear socks. Woodsmoke runs up to her knees to form stockings. Her forehooves are Zeus, while her hindhooves are Donkey Brown. Cocoa Brown and Moccachino intertwine in her mane and tail. Her eyes are Cedar.
  • 2013: Gifted by Rémy Lebeau.
  • 2016: Bore Rhoda, sired by Chamerion.


Buckskin grade mare, b. Sept. 2013

  • Abilities: Trained to pull carts, very strong. Not riding-trained, but can carry packs and "pony on" with another horse.
  • Personality: Bossy and stubborn, she will attempt to dominate horse and Luperci alike. She does somewhat better under the cart.
  • Description: Tall and muscular in build. She is primarily light tan with dark brown stockings on all but her back left leg, which has a white stocking. Her mane and tail are dark brown, as well. She has a white bald-face marking that covers the majority of her face.


Light red dun grade filly, b. October 2014

  • Abilities: In training.
  • Personality: Bold and friendly, steadfast.
  • Description: Red dun filly with a white mane. She is sturdy in build with long legs.
  • October 2014: Born to Maelysa by Tobias.


Grey grade mare, b. 2001

  • Abilities: Light riding only.
  • Personality: Despite what her name suggests, Peabrain is not particularly unintelligent; she is merely an extremely docile creature, at times apathetic. She doesn't seem to mind whether her rider is inexperienced or not and tends to "go with the flow," though she does not like "hard" riding (e.g., galloping or jumping) and will roll to remove a rider abusing her.
  • Description: Stout, a little ugly, and white all over -- with a stray fleck of a reddish color here and there.
  • January 2017: Taken into Infenri custody after Tweed's death.


Chestnut mustang mare, b. 2007



  • Abilities: Warhorse.
  • Personality: Defensive and high-strung, she is a reactive horse when under the saddle and needs a firm hand. Tends to be more comfortable around wolf hybrids than purebred coyotes.
  • Description: Plain chestnut mare with a thick coat and mane.


Dapple gray mare, b. 2007



  • Abilities: --
  • Personality: --
  • Description: --


Palomino grade mare, b. 2012

  • Abilities: Though she needs retrained, she excels at long-distance travel and is capable of hauling incredibly heavy loads over shorter distances.
  • Personality: She is friendly and easy-going, and completely fearless of canines. Her size makes her difficult to control as a rider, but she is an excellent cart horse and extremely willing to work.
  • Description: Oriana stands at an impressive 17 hands and is massive. She has a broad head and body, with thick legs and heavy feathering.
  • Born in Inferni to Viggo and Oblak. When previous owners left or disappeared, fell into Rémy Lebeau's care.
  • Released into the Drifter Bay herd; goes feral. Births two foals.
  • Rounded up by Inferni shortly after the Inferni-Salsola War.


Flaxen chestnut grade mare, b. 2006

  • Abilities: --
  • Personality: --
  • Description: --

Foals and Adolescents

Note: These horses are too young to be ridden!

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Chestnut Draft colt, b. September 2016

  • Abilities: None yet!
  • Personality: Friendly and eager, but prone to spook.
  • Description: Dark fiery-colored chestnut colt with a white blaze. He will grow into a tall, muscular draft horse.
  • September 2016: Born to Granya by Tobias.


Red roan grade filly, b. September 2016

  • Abilities: None yet!
  • Personality: Spirited and stubborn.
  • Description: Imrah is a lean red roan filly with a silky mane. Her face and two of her dark legs bear white markings.
  • September 2016: Born to Nain by Bairre.


Amber champagne grade filly, b. September 2016

  • Abilities: Inherited an ambling gait.
  • Personality: Mild and self-confident.
  • Description: Rhoda is a pale, glossy amber champagne filly with hazel eyes. She will grow to be a strong, muscular horse.
  • September 2016: Born to Oblak by Chamerion.


Bay roan grade filly, b. September 2017

  • Abilities: None yet!
  • Personality: Sweet and hard-working.
  • Description: Pretty bay roan, with a white snip and hind socks. Large and stocky, with thick fur and a long mane.
  • September 2017: Born to Hiba by Ares.


Silver bay grade filly, b. September 2017

  • Abilities: None yet!
  • Personality: She has inherited her father's friendly demeanor -- mostly. She is a little "spooky" and will bite if frightened, requiring a little extra attention than the other foals.
  • Description: Silver bay, she has a ruddy coat with darker legs and a silver mane and tail. She has one white sock.
  • September 2017: Born to Taja by Tobias.


Gray buckskin grade colt, b. 2017

  • Abilities: None yet!
  • Personality: More mature and grumpier than the other foals. He tends to pin his ears and complain about tasks, but he complies without being mean.
  • Description: A large, refined colt with silky mane and tail. Already a pale buckskin (whose dark points stand out starkly), he has the grey gene and will turn pure white after several years. His muzzle already shows some sign of greying.


Perlino grade filly, b. 2017

  • Abilities: None yet!
  • Personality: Prissy princess, hypochondriac extraordinaire -- she demands to be fussed over and doesn't like to do much work. She's adapted very well to Inferni life.
  • Description: Quite large, like her mother, with the rugged look of a wild horse. She has a lovely cream pelt with slightly darker legs, mane, and tail (which are an orange cream).


Red dun roan pinto colt, b. 2018

  • Abilities: None yet!
  • Personality: ???
  • Description: ???
  • Born to Peabrain by the deceased Badhorse.

Horse Gear

2.2  Livestock (Groups)

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2 Roosters — 6 Hens — 7 Chicks



  • Use & Trade: Hens are FREE TRADE. Roosters can be traded off, as long as four are left for breeding.
  • Residence: Great Village / D'Neville Mansion (two separate broods)
  • Abilities: Eggs, food (especially for the ravens), feathers, etc.


2 Boars — 2 Sows — 5 piglets

  • Use & Trade: Animals are FREE TRADE as long as one boar and two sows are left for breeding.
  • Residence: The pigs live in a pen near the D'Neville Mansion garden's pond. A small shelter keeps them out of the elements.
  • Abilities: Food, leather, trading.
  • 2013: Rémy Lebeau traded with Salsola for the pigs.
  • 2013: One of the sows whelped a litter.
  • 2014: Three of the sows whelped litters.


2 Toms — 4 Hens — 2 Poults

  • Use & Trade: Not for trade yet, flock too small.
  • Residence: Great Village / D'Neville Mansion (Currently kept with the chickens)
  • Abilities: Eggs, food, feathers, etc.

2.3  Livestock (Sheep and Goat Herd)

  • About: Inferni allows sheep and goats to wander in a loose, free-roaming herd. Inferni enjoys an advantage in this way, as the goats and sheep graze differently (even down to their preferred fodder) and exhibit very different group behaviors that are advantageous to one another (e.g., goats spreading more out when grazing -- calming the sheep as it seemingly increases herd protection).
  • Pasture Areas: The herd is allowed to roam wherever they please in Inferni, much like the horses -- though they generally choose to remain between the Grimwell Caverns and the Great Village, closer to the latter. Occasionally, the herd is pent up in the Great Village corral or D'Neville Mansion gardens.
  • Chime Collars: Each goat and sheep is affixed with a collar that has a few bits of metal or coin looped together to make noise as the animal walks. This is thought to prevent any new coyotes from mistaking livestock for supper, as well as helping Farai keep track of everyone.


  • Sheep Uses: Wool and fiber, primarily. Although sheep can be used for milk, goat's milk is strongly preferrable.
  • Goat Uses: Milk (individual goats produce differently). All of the goats clear brush and other undesirable plant species from pasture for the horses. When slaughtered, they can provide hide, horn, intestine, and all manner of other animal products. However, Inferni's goats are milk goats -- their breeds were not typically used for meat in the time of humanity. They are most useful as milk producers to Luperci.


  • 2011: Founding sheep captured summer.
  • 2012: Rams separated winter 2012 due to over-abundance of sheep.
  • 2012: Four goats traded for by Ana Fabregas i Reus.
  • 2013: Ditzy bears twins to Padre.
  • 2014: Madre and Ditzy bear kids to Padre.
  • 2017: Several sheep fell ill due to the Spring Sickness; many were culled.
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2 Rams — 5 Ewes — 5 Lambs

  • Trade: Rams are NO USE. Ewes can be traded (for a good price) or used as necessary.
  • Residence: Great Village
  • Abilities: Shorn for wool each spring. Sometimes slaughtered for food.


Male Alpine goat mix, b. 2011

  • Abilities: Padre's primary use is to mack it to the ladies!
  • Appearance: Padre is smaller than Ditzy or Madre, but he is well-formed. He bears his weight on dainty legs and is the most avid climber of the Infernian goats, often found halfway up a tilted tree.
  • Personality: Padre is very even tempered and puts up with even more than the female goats do. He can be trusted around the youngest of Luperci, tolerating all manner of ear and tail nibbling even from puppies.


Female Anglo-Nubian mix, b. 2006

  • Abilities: Though Madre produces less milk due to her breeding, she also has high butterfat content thanks to it. She is extremely well-accustomed to the milking process, and when yielding, will stand quietly to be milked.
  • Appearance: Madre is cream-and-tawny colored, with a few splotches of darker, flat brown along her shoulders. She is long and "lop-eared" with a convex head typical to an Anglo-Nubian goat. Madre's horns were removed when she was young. She weighs about 150 pounds.
  • Personality: Docile, intelligent, and quite sweet -- though very vocal and talkative. She is often seen braying at nothing and everything in particular, and is happy to bleat and bray with Luperci howling, too.


Female Saanen goat, b. 2011

  • Abilities: Saanen goats are excellent milk producers, providing a higher yield than many breeds. Ditzy is no exception. She is an easy keeper, though a somewhat picky eater.
  • Appearance: In keeping with her breeding, Ditzy is pale white. She was not de-horned as a kid, and her horns curve wickedly over her head, with erect ears. She is a large but not huge, weighing only about 130 pounds. She is heavy and carries her weight in her thick middle thanks to her Saanen heritage, and appears larger than she is.
  • Personality: A very friendly young goat. She tends to knock things over -- hence her name. Despite her friendliness, Ditzy can be obstinate at times -- if mishandled, she will lash out readily with hoof and even horn.


Female Saanen goat x Alpine goat, b. 2013

  • Abilities: Mero is a prodigious milk producer, yielding large quantities and generally for some time even after kidding.
  • Appearance: Mero is more like her mother than her father. She is big and big-boned, threatening to overtop her mother when fully grown. Her fur is a mottled tawny color, interspersed with splotches of white and gray. Her horns are large and curving.
  • Personality: Mero is more tolerant than her mother, though not so much as Padre. She shies away from loud noises... though she is prone to bleating extremely loudly when displeased, herself.


Female Anglo-Nubian x Alpine goat, b. 2014

  • Abilities: Milk with high butterfat content.
  • Appearance: Dia is a ticked white with a brown head. She has the lop ears typical of her mother's breed, though smaller.
  • Personality: Tolerant and affectionate, Dia is sweet to Luperci and also very much attached to her mother despite her age, usually following Madre around.


2.4  Other Animals

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Female Burro, b. 2008

  • Abilities: Pack animal (very sturdy, surefooted, and capable of bearing very heavy loads on her back)
  • Appearance: A medium-large donkey at 11.2 hands (3.73 feet / 1.3 feet). Given to Inferni by Stigmata de le Poer.
  • Personality: Sweet and affectionate, though stubborn and generally avoidant of work -- except when she's tempted with treats and goodies.
  • 2014: Given to Inferni by Stigmata de le Poer.
  • 2017: Named Lao in 2017 by Basilio Lykoi after he tried using her to pull a stump and she wouldn't work with him till he got treats.


Male Domesticated_cat mix, b. 2009

  • Abilities: Keeps the D'Neville totally free of mice and rats.
  • Appearance: Morcant is a scrawny, small cat. There is a small white star on his chest, and his left ear is knotted. He has all the appearance of a feral cat -- dirty and unkempt fur, slightly rounded belly from some form of parasite, and thousand-yard stare. Morcant is Mineshaft (#1F1F1F) in coloration, with Conifer (#96D954) eyes.
  • Personality: Morcant isn't much of a cuddler -- he actively avoids most Luperci, and will hiss, spit, and bite if cornered. His primary function is as pest control.
  • Name: mor ("sea") + cant ("circle") — Welsh
  • 2013: After the Boreas Conflict, Morcant was found beneath a wagon. He lived in the Village thereafter.
  • 2014: Morcant disappeared from the village, only to show back up in the D'Neville.


Mixed genders Domesticated_cat x Maine Coon mix, b. 2013/17

  • Abilities: Keeps the D'Neville totally free of mice and rats.
  • Appearance: Longhaired and shorthaired kittens, black or grey -- no tabbies. Some of them have white markings -- chest, paws, bellies. Most are large like their mother, but there are a couple runts.
  • Personality: Varies!
  • 2013: Born to Morcant and Laish.
  • 2017: Another litter was born to Morcant and Laish.


Paired rabbits

[NT!] Gifted early 2014 by Drystan Ulrich.
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