Tawny Wagner

Tawny Wagner

Tawny, by ??
Date of Birth2009
Age>1.3 years
Current packIchika no Ho-en

'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Ichika no Ho-enKusala
Dahlia de MaiSubordinate

Tawny Wagner was a former member of Dahlia de Mai and later, Ichika no Ho-en.

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Appearance
  4.   4.  Relationships
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    2.   4.2  Acquaintances
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1.  History

Tawny was born to a small family group consisting of about five wolves at any given time. Out of a litter of four, she was the only survivor and often blamed for her siblings death, for reasons unknown. For living in such a wildly unpopulated area, with wildlife all around, the small pack did very bad for itself. Within the first nine months of her life her father had died as well as the other male in the pack. With only two rather submissive females trying to look after and teach her how to live, Tawny never really learned much. She was "encouraged" (abused) not to shift by her mother, who was not a Luperci until being raped by her father, and did not appreciate being impregnated in the first place. When she was nearing her first birthday her mother passed away and the other female abandoned her, leaving her alone in the run down Dawson City just inside the Canadian border.

Traveling through Canada all alone was daunting, the young female had to learn and teach herself new things all the time. There was no one to call a friend or a parent, nobody to help or aid in hunting and finding shelter. She avoided contact with other wolves at all costs, knowing that they might hurt her because she was female, young, and rather weak. It was easy enough for her to survive off of small game like rabbits, lemmings and the occasional woodchuck. Every now and then she would stumble upon a chance opportunity and be able to take down a faun or calf caribou, but those chances were far and few between. Over a course of seven months she had to learn about plants and their uses, as well as her body's limitations when it came to shifting into her other forms. She still prefers to stay in lupus form most of the time, simply because it is familiar.

Tawny was extremely cautious when she came across Nova Scotia and the wide variety of creatures who inhabit it. Still unsure about this place, she has stumbled and crawled her way through the land, laying low and trying to bypass all detection. The desire to get by unknown still burning strong within her heart, she has taken herself to an area that smells primarily of wildlife and not of other wolves. -- Is now a member of Ichika no Ho-en.

Tawny was molested and beaten while on a scavenging trip into a small town outside of Ichika. Directly afterwards she was almost eaten by a cannibal coyote. Alaki saved her and took her to his now ex-mate, Matteo, in Anathema. They nursed her back to health and then she went back to Ichika. After a few days she realized that living in the pack wasn't working out anymore and decided to leave. On her way out she ran into Wretch. The two became very close and are now traveling together through out 'Souls.

She has been wandering for a few months now, since the beginning of December at least, and is looking for companionship/a new pack.

2.  Personality

She is very soft spoken and likes to blend into the background. Tawny does not like to be the center of attention or to even be noticed most of the time. Constantly caught up in a whirlwind of anxiety and insecurities about her abilities to care for herself. She does not care what other creatures think of her because of her nearly total lack of social skills. Though she fears contact with other canines, it is also one of her greatest cravings.

After being almost raped, beaten and then almost eaten alive by males, she is weary around the masculine gender. Females are a lot more comforting, but she knows that they can be just as vicious. Tawny tends to make friends with more dominant canines because of this, trying to seek out protection and love without really knowing or realizing what she is doing.

3.  Appearance

Template by Sie, coloured by Cait
  • Lupus: 38 lbs, 22" shoulder, 48" length.
  • Secui: 87 lbs, 26" shoulder, 45" length.
  • Optime: 102 lbs, 5ft, 3in.

Tawny is a mixture of shades of blacks, browns and grays in all three forms. Her eyes are a dark sapphire blue that sometimes change colors with the lighting. Her only stand out are the few scars littering her body. Slash marks over her muzzle, a large knotting of scar tissue on her right knee, and long slash marks over her belly. A few patches of fur might be missing due to scarring from her time in the Canadian wilderness.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Friends

4.2  Acquaintances

4.3  Enemies

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