Hydrostone District

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Landmarks
    1.   2.1  St. Paul's Church
    2.   2.2  Old Burying Ground
    3.   2.3  Halifax Shipyard
    4.   2.4  Lady Hammond House
    5.   2.5  Rio's Row House
  3.   3.  Waterways
    1.   3.1  Sable River
  4.   4.  Sources
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Region Seabreeze Brink
Territory Halifax
Major Waterways
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

This affluent, sprawling district of Halifax was constructed in the early 20th century after a large fire destroyed parts of Halifax. Many buildings found in this area are unique for their construction; row-houses in sturdy groups are constructed of hydrostone, a non-combustible granite concrete. Small shops and boutiques dominate the lower floors of these short multi-stories, while the upper floors were converted to apartments. Much of this area stands in good condition due to strong construction; however, the streets were lined with trees, and the Hydrostone's overgrowth is quite severe.

Part of the Hydrostone is comprised of thin, glacially-deposited soil, dotted with outcroppings of a dark sedimentary shale known as ironstone. This part of the peninsula has no significant surface water, unlike other areas surrounding the harbor. Overlooking the rest of the Hydrostone and Halifax, this is among the highest-elevated districts around the metropolitan area, topped with an impressive mansion predating the Hydrostone houses.

2.  Landmarks

2.1  St. Paul's Church

St. Paul's Church is the oldest building in Halifax, constructed in 1749. During the Explosion of Halifax in 1917, a piece of wooden window frame from another building was lodged into the wall of St. Paul's Church, where it remains today. Saint Paul's has a royal pew, elaborately decorated and cushioned for the royal visitors that it had during humanity's time. Its Georgian architectural features include its simple single story, box shape, with strict symmetry arrangements between the rear rooms for priests and its main hall. Its two-panel door is centered in the front of the church. There is a small crypt below the church, housing twenty important humans.

2.2  Old Burying Ground

The cemetery stands behind the church, as well, occupying several acres in the midst of the otherwise residential Hydrostone. The cemetery was closed for internment in 1843. The site steadily declined throughout the years, and continues to do so. Restoration plans that might have begun in the 1980s were halted for obvious reasons. Many of the monuments and graves are in terrible disrepair, giving credence to the name of the cemetery. The most prominent structure is the Welsford-Parker Monument, a triumphal arch -- a monumental structure in the shape of an archway with one or more arched passageways -- standing at the entrance to the cemetery commemorating a British war victory.

2.3  Halifax Shipyard

Several long docks mark the ship-building yard, as well as high support bays for dry building. A cluster of ugly gray buildings, some corrugated steel, hunker near the shipyard, including a long and mean-looking warehouse. The houses pull back from the shipyard, leaving a thin strip of grassy field spotted with shrubbery between residential areas and this commercial anomaly in its midst. Several ships still remain, half-grounded near the shipyard or half-finished in some of the many repair and building bays. The steel wrecks are an altogether eerie sight, lined up along the shore in orderly fashion and decaying despite their clear organization.

2.4  Lady Hammond House

The highest hill in the district is topped with a mansion, older than its surroundings. Formerly the only home on this part of the peninsula, the three-winged house still sits on expansive grounds, long overgrown. With many rooms and several small outbuildings, as well as red brick construction in comparison with the surround grey houses -- the house draws attention to itself on the hill. Tall wrought iron fences surround the entirety of the mansion's grounds, though the gate opens easily enough. Inside, there are a dizzying number of rooms, with no fewer than ten on each wing of the house.

2.5  Rio's Row House

Ground Floor


The kitchen is pretty small, and is basically shoved in the corner. You enter in a spot where there is supposed to be a dining table, but there isn't, and the kitchen continues to your right and there's the small downstairs bathroom (with the tub) to your left. The kitchen has many white cabinets that now only contain bowls, plates, and some of the thicker cups - everything is clean. The refrigerator and stove are condemned, never to be opened, but they are also clean (to an extent). There are a few pots and pans that Rio left over underneath the sink for cooking. There is a lot of left over cabinet space to store food and that.

Living Room

Has a wrap around couch and two foot rests that can either be used to store things in, put things on, or rest your feet on. There are two windows facing the front of the house. The walls are a calming yellow, and most of the trim is a dark cherry wood. There is a large mirror hanging behind the couch to give the room some accent.

Downstairs Bathroom

There's a small full bathroom on the ground floor, next to the first windowless bedroom. The bathroom has white painted walls and is equipped with a sink, cabinet, medicine cabinet, tub/shower, and toilet. None of the faucets work, but the tub does have a plug in case someone wants to fill it with water and soak in it.

Downstairs Bedroom

This bedroom lies sandwiched between the outside wall and the wall next to the stairs. This bedroom doesn't have any windows, but the room is spacey. The bed has a pink bedspread along with knickknacks on the shelves and a curtained doorway- there is an actual door and a curtain covers it. There is an armoir in the room perfect for someone's collection of clothing and accessories.


The backyard is fenced off to hold someone's horse or animals. It also has a small shack thing in which gives shelter when it rains or is cold for the animals. Most of the yard is covered with hay for the horses, and there's a large tub that can be filled with water. The backyard isn't huge, but it isn't tiny either. It's big enough for a horse to roam around comfortably, and for a part of the yard to be sectioned off for a fire pit for cooking.

Second Floor


As soon as you walk up the stairs, there is a small room with a brown, stained loveseat, and it holds three doors each leading to the different bedrooms.

Upstairs Bedroom

The upstairs bedroom also has no windows - there is evidence that it may have had one once, but it was sealed off by bricks and cement for unknown reasons. The walls are white, this room is spacious. It has a bed with an orange bedspread, a rather girly looking interior. The walls are painted orange cream, and the room has a curtained off doorway just like the other one had, and a normal doorway with a working door. There's a mirror leaning against a small dresser and there are a few knickknacks hanging on the walls. There's a disabled bathroom attached to this room - it seemed to be under renovation when the virus hit. It was never finished. The door to the bathroom stays closed at all times because it's literally a mess in there.

Master Bedroom

his room is the only room with a window overlooking the street of Hydrostone. The walls are painted a rich blue with decorative stickers. The bed has white sheets and a fluffy white bedspread. A large part of the spacious room is taken by the large walk in closet that it has, plus it has a master bathroom attached to it. She has one dresser and a nightstand, and cream colored curtains cover the window. There is also a door that leads to the terrace, however the terrace isn't sturdy enough to accommodate weight, the doors that lead out there are locked.

Master Bathroom

This bathroom is the biggest bathroom in the whole house. It has a lot of room, a glass stand-up shower, toilet, and a antique-looking sink. Even though its a beautiful bathroom, it doesn't hold much use. None of the plumbing works, and so the bathroom is rarely used. the door is kept closed, but medicine and other similar objects can be stored in there.

3.  Waterways

3.1  Sable River

This long river drains from the Sable Lake. Most of its long course bends northward to its mouth in the Minas Basin in Whisper Beach, but its meandering course brings it through the outskirts of Greater Halifax to collect the waters of the aforementioned lake, as well as several small streams and rivulets running through the suburban and rural areas of Greater Halifax.

4.  Sources