Greater Halifax

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  2.   2.  Landmarks
    1.   2.1  Queen of Piety Cemetery
    2.   2.2  Dalhousie University
    3.   2.3  Hubbards
    4.   2.4  Prospect
    5.   2.5  Stillwater Town
    6.   2.6  Chebucto Peninsula
    7.   2.7  Estrelas Praias
  3.   3.  Waterways
    1.   3.1  Sable River
    2.   3.2  Sable Lake
  4.   4.  History
    1.   4.1  Claimed Land
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Region Seabreeze Brink
Territory Halifax
Major Waterways
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The areas outside of Halifax range from suburban to rural, the sprawl of the city extending far beyond the relatively small metropolitan area. Primarily comprised of farmlands and housing developments, the Greater Halifax area also boasts its own landmarks, including the large Chebucto Peninsula, a wildlife preserve prior to the apocalypse, and the Halifax Airport. Clusters of houses, shops, and storefronts make up smaller communities and villages in the Greater Halifax area, though few are of any note. This area is dominated by a plethora of formerly-domesticated animals, and predators (Luperci included) are well-known to frequent the area.

2.  Landmarks

2.1  Queen of Piety Cemetery

Deep within the city lies the cemetery where hundreds of humans still rest. Founded in 1844, Queen of Piety Cemetery still bears the marks of time, home to Southern Confederate and World War II soldiers, as well as many Norwegian, Dutch and British sailors. Although the cemetery is small, the memories it holds are ancient, and there is a silent tranquility that sets it apart from the ordinary burial grounds. Although many of the headstones have since been broken or worn down by the weather, there is still evidence that it was once cared for. Now, the trees have taken over and some headstones can be found beneath the roots. Park benches sit silently, a testament to all that have passed through and eventually passed away as well.

2.2  Dalhousie University

Characterized by a towering building covered in ivy, the Dalhousie University is home to many buildings long since abandoned. The ivy, Allegheny Vine, has come to take over many of the buildings situated in the university's complex, growing through cracks in the stone to wind inside some of the rooms. Most of the campus has since been overrun by plant life, making it appear surreal, a bridge between man and nature.

Otherwise, the campus features many lecture halls, an athletic facility, the Killam Library, the Life Sciences Centre, a student union building, as well as one on-campus dormitory building. Strong brick construction has led to relatively good survival of the area's structure. Nevertheless, many of the human arifacts, such as the books in the library, have suffered some damage of the years, whether by exposure or Luperci looting. There are still treasures to be found amongst the university's halls, though it may be harder to find.

2.3  Hubbards

This rural village, north along the shore from metropolitan Halifax, boasts numerous cottages, inns, campgrounds, restaurants and a huge dance hall. A popular summer destination for those who could afford it during the time of humanity, Hubbards is now home to a small, thriving community of Sheep, which have thrived in the campgrounds surrounding Hubbards. Raccoons frequent the cottages, using their abandoned insides as densites.

2.4  Prospect

This tiny town hunkered to the east of Halifax and the Chebucto Peninsula, nearly in the Shattered Coast. In 2003, the town was hit by the eye of a Category 2 hurricane. Substantial wind damage occurred, and the storm's surge washed away many wharfs and stages. Though no homes were lost, there was significant damage to most of this area, whereas surrounding areas fared much better. More importantly, Prospect suffered significant land erosion due to the impact of the hurricane -- and has since been steadily sinking into the sea. Its barrier island was destroyed with the hurricane, and as no humans were there to work restoration, the bay has been slowly filling in, taking Prospect's homes with it. Roughly half the town still remains standing, the other half is in the bay. The dry homes that do remain are rickety and close to collapse themselves -- having flooded several times with later storms, including the 2012 Hurricane.

2.5  Stillwater Town

In the beginnings of the Tobeatic Wilderness Area, Stillwater Town crouches along a bend of the Sable River. This small town, once a logging township, turned to agriculture and farmland during the course of its history. Sprawling farms spread about the small main street that marks the town's center; following the road brings one to the center of Halifax and the metropolitan areas therein. In the center of the region, with many canines surrounding the area -- Stillwater Town has been well-searched by Luperci; canines would be hard-pressed to find anyting of value here. More interesting are the few domesticated animals roaming here -- hardy descendents of the animals once kept by humans. Sheep, surely kin to those in distant Hubbards, as well as Cows can be found here, along with the occasional Pig.

2.6  Chebucto Peninsula

Once a land protected by the government, the Chebucto Peninsula has continued to grow wild following the apocalypse, much as it had before. Located just southwest of the city of Halifax, the land stretches on for miles and is home to many species of plants and animals. Although human interference was minimal in the past, some of its remnants include some old hiking trails that cut through the lands, since turned to Deer paths and Elk trails. On the edge of the peninsula, where it meets Halifax, is a golf course, much of it long since reclaimed by nature and turned to wild meadows where Rabbits can be found in abundance. The buildings still remain, some of them in more disrepair than others, but the golf course is overgrown and unrecognizable from its former state of trimmed green lawns and landscaped hedges.

2.7  Estrelas Praias

On the outskirts of Halifax lies an old nightclub, tucked underneath a retail shopping outlet. The walls and floors are both carpeted, and the basement naturally has no windows. Only one door leads in or out of the basement; thus, it was sealed for many years before Luperci entered it. A number of furnishings are still strewn about -- tables and chairs, some lamps and wall decorations. Some alcoves with padded booths still sit, though much of the padding has been burrowed through by mice and other Rodents. Old glasses, some filled with a film that might have been alcohol at one time, still sit here and there, though some are broken. Cobwebs, dust, and a partially rotted floor in one corner of the room are all the well-sealed building has to show for its many years of emptiness.

3.  Waterways

3.1  Sable River

This long river drains from the Sable Lake. Most of its long course bends northward to its mouth in the Minas Basin in Whisper Beach, but its meandering course brings it through the outskirts of Greater Halifax to collect the waters of the aforementioned lake, as well as several small streams and rivulets running through the suburban and rural areas of Greater Halifax.

3.2  Sable Lake

This large lake sits in Greater Halifax, close to the harbor and in an area well-trafficked by humans prior to the apocalypse. The lake is drained by the Sable River via a small connecting stream. Its sandy shores are picturesque, and it is surrounded by what was once a sprawling recreational park. The lake now supports a large population of Songbirds as well as Birds of Prey. The surrounding forest and small patch of wilderness have an impressive array of small prey animals for being situated in the midst of suburbia.

4.  History

  • 18 October 2009: Kaena Lykoi was raped by Haku Soul in the Dalhousie University, in an act of revenge for nearly killing him four months earlier. MATURE: [1]
  • 6 August 2010: Element lives in the library of Dalhousie University. MATURE: [2]

4.1  Claimed Land

5.  Sources

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