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The Arena family originated in Onuba, Spain, and they are one of six of the main ruling families. They are primarily dog in blood. The family operates with relative autonomy, but is overseen by a council formed by the richest members of the family. For appearances with the rest of Onuba, they elect a figurehead (a celebrity) who has no real authority and mainly deals with social matters.

For the sake of simplicity, the family tree will start with Plata Arena and her generation.


PLEASE NOTE: The parent that contributes the Arena genes is bolded. Italics indicates adoption. Strikethrough denotes deceased. This tree was coded by the loveliest Alaine!

First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

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Background and Bloodlines


Onuba, formerly Huelva in the Human Era, was created by a large group of dogs who contracted the Luperci virus from their owners and took over the city once their human masters perished or fled. The Arena family has origins tracing back to these dogs, and their ancestors are part of the packs that helped established Onuba and divide the Onuban territories.

Non-Blood "Family"

Patron Families (Outer Court)

Patron Families are the smaller families that make up the majority of Onuba. By offering support to an Inner Court Family, patrons are granted protection, services and deals by that family. It is customary that Inner Court families select their spouses from one of their Patron families.

  • Batista
  • Acuñar
  • Montanha
  • Castillo

Related Bloodlines (Souls Only)

  • Families: Related bloodline description


  • Laevisa Arena was adopted by Plata Arena and Enrique Acuñar. She was secretly raised by Thalia Amaranthe before being sent to the Arena family disguised as an orphan.

Defining Features

The Arena family is known for its cunning, resourcefulness, wealth and trade.

Most notable of the Arena family is their wild mane which is an influence from their Garafian Shepherd, Estrela Mountain Dog, and Tervuren heritage.

Both genders prefer to adorn themselves with jewelry and wear clothes that are loose-fitting, robe-like and made of cotton, linen or leather. Their fashion is most practical for warm climates, as many Arena traders do business in and around Africa and the Mediterranean. Arena traders would be familiar to anyone running a trade route through the ports of Lisbon, Algiers, Tripoli, Cairo, Jerusalem, Beirut.

They have a reputation for trading pelts (horns, bones, other animal product), exotic species, leather, jewelry, spices and potions, and for the right price will peddle other more insidious wares.

Physical Appearances

Men: Description of Men
Women: Women of the Arena family are curvaceous, cultured and incredibly alluring. One would be hard-pressed to find an Arena woman who was not quick-witted and confident. Arena women do not usually appear in the Onuban Courts until they are well into their adulthood due to their strict apprentice-mentor culture. They are always found in pairs. Unlike other families, Arena women do not have a debut, celebrate days of birth, or participate in most frivolities; thus, many Arena women are viewed by Inner Court families as both aloof and an anomaly, should they make an appearance at an event. On the other hand, Arena women are frequently spotted among commoners and patrons, and are well known outside of Inner Court territory. They are often compared to the Amaranthes, who most see as their rival family, and there follows a crude saying in Onuba: an Amaranthe to wed and an Arena to bed.



Tea Green (#c7f0cc)
Green Smoke (#92a36d)
Limed Oak (#9e9f4d)
Spring Leaves (#529072)

Typical eye colors for the Arena family range across a spectrum of gentle greens to deeper yellows. Most Arena dogs have instances of lighter hued flecking in their iris, and some have completely hazel eyes or yellow rimming around their pupils. The shapes of their eyes generally follow a more narrow design, with doe-eyed features being the exception rather than the norm.

Peach (#ffe6af)
Hampton (#e3d9b1)
Twine (#c49560)
Copper (#bf7340)
Shadow (#7f6b4c)
Nandor (#555958)
Bistre (#38251c)

Ranging from light creams to deep coppers, frequently speckled by cool browns and greys (like deep shadows in the sand), the Arena dogs look as warm as the Onuban coast. Their coats vary in heaviness, with some inheriting the thickness of their Mountain Dog breeds, while others have thinner coats owing to their Hierran Wolfdog heritage. Frequently, Arena dogs have a thick ruff or mane, which in their Optime form is expressed as a great deal of hair. Arena dogs are the only Onubans known to groom by shaving or cutting down their coats.

Culture and Homeland

See Onuba for more details on the general culture.

Arena Name

Unlike other Onuban families, the Arena dogs are unique in that the Arena name is considered to be a highly prized property, much like a brand or trademark. They will "sell" this name to very wealthy and willing individuals, and under a very specific and binding contract. There are a handful of non-blood Arena dogs, most that operate outside of Onuba, who pass on their Arena name to their children. These non-blood Arenas are required to send their offspring back to Onuba for at least one year to train under other merchants and learn Onuban culture. These children are considered to be property as well, and should the individual break their contract, payment will be sought. Often the children are a part of the collection.


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The family officially worships the Lantern (see Onuba: Moreno family).


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Brief overview of Arena history with other Onuban families.

Credits and Out of Character Information

Onuba and the Arena Family was created by San. If you are interested in creating an Arena character or adopting one, please contact San.

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