Lila Jordans

Lila Jordans is the adoptive daughter of Chloé Moineau. She was found and rescued by Chloé and Taro of Vinátta when her previous caretaker dumped her into a river. Her biological parents are unknown, but her collie heritage is obvious.

Lila Jordans

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Date of Birth

8 September 2013




Birth place








Pack Vinátta
Rank Hollr


Vinátta (December 2013 - Present)
Ranks Aeska



  • Primarily Black Squeeze (#f8fbfc) with Woodsmoke (#111115) splotches over her back, eyes, ears, the tops of her shoulders and the top of her tail.
  • Eyes are Jambalaya (#4f2f0f).
  • Her paw-pads and nose are Woodsmoke (#111115).

Being somewhat young, Lila is almost completely out of proportion. Because she was neglected as a puppy (before coming into the care of Chloé), she is somewhat scrawnier than she should be at the moment, although will likely start to fill out as she gets healthier. She has the classic appearance of a border collie with white fur and black splotches which cover her back, ears, eyes, and also the top of her tail and the very tops of her shoulders. Her right ear is folded over somewhat at the top. Her muzzle is more rounded than a wolf's muzzle.

Her optime appearance will be up to the adopter!

Build and Species

Lila has the build of an average border collie puppy. As an adult, she will have somewhat long legs and long, thick fur. The fur on her tail gets longer, too, and the texture of her fur is fairly soft.





50 lbs (22.7 kg)
25 in (63.5 cm)

100 lbs (45.4 kg)
34 in (86.4 cm)

120 lbs (54.4 kg)
5ft 4in (64 in) (162.6 cm)

Lila is tall, but scrawny; most of her height is in her long legs. She appears to be a slightly bigger than average border collie owing to her half-wolf father.

Lila is more in-proportion in her Secui form than in either of the other forms. Instead of the added weight making her look burlier and more threatening, it simply evens her out. She gains little height in the form, but adds weight.

In her Optime form, Lila can best be described as having a dancer's or gymnast's body. Slight and short, with long legs and little chest, she returns to looking just within healthy weight.



  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • None currently.


  • Lila is always wearing her Frithr pendant on a black cord. Any runes she is awarded will be added to the cord.


  • For the most part, Lila goes naked. Being unclothed holds no stigma for her, though she might acquire a band to wrap around her torso and a short, loincloth-like skirt for special occasions.


Genki Girl · Moses in the Bullrushes · Happily Adopted · Why Did It Have To Be Snakes · Motor Mouth

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  • Likes: Horses, chasing the sheep, watching the lambs, splashing through the mud, exploring, being with Momma Chloé and Daddy Taro.
  • Dislikes: Baths, being made to take baths, being pulled away from the sheep, not being allowed to explore.


Bold, stubborn, unafraid

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted but not truly dominant or submissive yet.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • Doing what is good without bias for or against order.


  • Severely aquaphobic
    • Puddles and pools of no greater than shin depth water typically do not affect Lila negatively.
    • Suffers anxiety attacks if made to go too near the Great Lake or a river.
      • Such attacks generally result in shortness of breath and a heavy fight-or-flight response, lessening to a bad case of trembling when she's away.
    • Will work to lessen this fear as she gets older.


  • Power, control, progeny


  • Packs: Vinátta is home, but that doesn't mean all other packs are bad. She hasn't encountered enough individuals from other packs to form an opinion
  • Species: Vinátta is not species-biased; she has no reason to be biased against species.
  • Non-Luperci: At this point, she identifies more strongly with non-Luperci as she cannot shift, but she envies those around her who can shift.
  • Gender: No bias.
  • Color: May have some residual apprehension about canines the colors of her mother, but nothing overt.
  • Sexuality: She knows nothing of sexuality; she sees Mommy Chloé and Daddy Taro, but Anu and Tayui are there, too. She probably won't see anything wrong with same-sex relationships, but might not take part in them either.
  • Age: Adults are dumb, they don't know anything about her. (Obvs this will change as she gets older)


Lila is still young and has not explored sexuality yet.


Lila is young enough that she has not tried anything, but that doesn't mean she won't ever.


She will grow up learning and following the Viking faith of Vinátta.


Key Relations

Adoptive Family

  • Adoptive Mother: Chloé Moineau
  • Extended: The names of Lila's actual parents are unknown!

Minor Relations

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Former Relations

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  • Speech: What does your character sound like?
  • Scent:
    • Vinátta: Salt, Pine Needles, Wood Shavings
    • Personal: Barn smells -- Sheep, horses, manure, hay, grains. Grass. Possibly flowers.


  • Lila lives with her adoptive mother Chloé and Chloé's distant cousin Finch. Their house looks mainly like a long hill, hardly noticeable except from the front, where there is a small porch, a front door, and an oval window. The house is at a lower elevation that others and therefor remains rather cool all year. There is one main living room and kitchen area, with three rooms branching off from that. Two of the rooms are directly to the left of the door upon entering, and are equally sized. The third room is very small with a low ceiling and a small window. Lila occupies the same room as Chloé, one of the more spacious rooms, which has a few piles of books and other trinkets around the walls and a pile of furs that serve as a bed.



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  • Herding (Apprentice): While she is still young and has much to learn from her pack mates, Lila is half sheepdog and has inherent tendencies toward them that Chloé has been cultivating. Lila enjoys chasing the sheep around, as she sees it, and barely realizes that she's learning how to control the fuzzy beasts.


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Lila was born the product of rape between a non-shifter dog woman named Aderyn and an unknown Luperci wolf. The experience deeply affected Aderyn, and had she realized she was pregnant before her sixth week, she might have voluntarily terminated the pregnancy via shifting, as she had been changed to a Luperci Verto by the pups' father.

Aderyn gave birth to tiny Lila somewhere between Camp Gagetown and Cape Hopewell along with four other pups, all dead or nearly so. Even Lila was very weak; her mother had not taken care of herself well, and this had affected the well-being of her children. She began to steal from the camp, just bits here and there, while living in a burned out husk of a building not far to the south.

When Lila was three months old, and weaned, Aderyn decided to leave her daughter at a pack's border: any pack would do. She crept into Gagetown to steal a burlap bag and a bit of food, and wrapped Lila in the bag, unable to provide the heat the girl needed from her own gaunt body. However, the inhabitants of the camp had noticed her suspicious behavior and decided that this was enough. They chased after her to retrieve their goods.

Aderyn was chased as far as the St. Andrew's River before the merchants caught up to her. Desperate to spare her daughter a hard life and knowing hers would not continue much longer, Aderyn threw the bag with her daughter in it in the river with a splash. The merchants dragged her off where she spent several weeks "repaying her debt" before dying in her room.

Lila, on the other hand, happened to have a guardian angel watching her; Chloé Moineau and Taro Kurosoul happened to be visiting the same river and by a stroke of luck, heard the sound of the bag hitting the water and fished it and the chilled pup from the water. She took her back to Vinátta and raised her as her own.



  • September: Born to a young, reluctant mother.
  • December: While trying to make her way to a pack to leave Lila at its borders, her mother is waylaid by merchants from whom she stole goods. Lila is thrown in a river to spare her a slow death in the cold, but Chloé Moineau and Taro Kurosoul fished her from the water and took her home to Vinátta.12 Later that month, she meets Ascher Stormbringer and his children, Bel Tlu'gv and Orvar Stormbringer 3, as well as Fayne.4


  • January: Lila is a passive and momentary witness to an argument between Chloé and Taro, though she only hears a little of it and doesn't really comprehend that it is about her.5. At the very end of the month is the Ausa Vatni for Bel and Orvar, as well as Dagr Soul, Russano Stormbringer, Fionna vin Haki, and Ninian Stormbringer.6
  • February: Goes to The Outpost with Momma Chloé, Daddy Taro, and Aspen. The three adults pick out a llama apiece, after Lila informs her parents that llamas are not sheep.7 Later in the month, meets Iris Storm (sort of) before going out to chase the sheep around their pen.8
  • March: Is present for the stepping down of the old Sannindi, Colibri Haki and her appointment of the new Sannindi, her daughter Florina Soul9. She is intrigued by the discussion (and the new person! who she really doesn't meet) but has no opinion of the exchange.
  • April: Lila is beginning to get impatient to shift. She is over six months old, but she hasn't had her first shift yet and, like her mother, is beginning to wonder if she even can shift.